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Literary Theme A WordPress Blog Theme With A Twist


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Literary: A WordPress Blog Theme with a twist

So what’s the twist?

Not only is Literary a beautifully crafted blog theme, it also comes with a post type for showcasing your books and a post type for your portfolio.

So whether you are a blogger, a writer, an author, an illustrator, designer or in fact anyone Literary is for you.

Built for the future

Literary is compatible with the latest WordPress versions, we have actually updated the entire theme to work with the new Gutenberg editor introduced in WP 5.0.

We have built this theme “mobile first” for speed and flexibility, Literary looks great from mobile all the way up to large desktops.

If you purchase, thank you and don’t forget to rate the theme

Full of features…


Add all of your books and link them to Amazon, iTunes wherever you sell them in fact.


Got other projects you want to talk about, no problem we’ve got a Portfolio post type for that too


We’ve got a simple announcement post type, based on the standard WordPress post. You can schedule announcements to appear, the most recent one is always shown at the top (if you enable via theme options). Great for an upcoming book launch campaign!

All post formats supported

Aside, audio, video, gallery, image, status, chat, link, quote, standard we support them all in this theme.

Unlimited Color Options

You can control colours for the entire theme using our easy to use options panel.

More fonts than you can shake a stick at

Google fonts, Typekit fonts, Adobe Edge fonts, standard fonts these are all built in and easy to setup, just follow the inline help.

You can even change the road colour on your Google Map

We Love Support

We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase, if you have a question about how to do something or think you have found a bug, head over to our support system and we’ll get back in touch.


Full feature list

  • Gutenberg editor support
  • New real-time theme options preview in Appearance > Customize
  • Twitter oAuth API support
  • Fully fluid design, which goes up to 1440px wide!
  • Built mobile first, for speed with IE fallback
  • 11 Page/Single/Custom post type templates
  • Unlimited Portfolios
  • Unlimited Blogs
  • Built on WordPress 3.6 (backwards compatible to 3.5)
  • All templates are HTML5 compliant
  • Child theme supplied
  • Announcements custom post type full content editor support. Setup announcements for the future and they won’t appear until that date.
  • Books custom post type. Showcase your books and have full control over content + we’ve got a separate content editor to add meta information like Publish dates and as many buttons as you want.
  • Portfolio custom post type with gallery functionality built in for video + images. You also don’t have to use the flexslider, turn this off per portfolio item for a stacked layout.
  • Show/Hide Sidebar on ANY page individually (Books, Homepage and Portfolio excluded)
  • Change the background colour per post or page. We’ve used transparencies across the whole theme which will work with almost any colour.
  • Full control of colours and font sizes and fonts
  • General template text translatable via Theme Options
  • Minified JavaScript files for increased performance, we provide un-compressed versions of the 2 core files if you want to tweak functionality.
  • Google Analytics
  • On/off sidebar for whole site
  • Show/hide tagline
  • Show/hide header search
  • Show/hide author information
  • Show/Hide social icons in footer
  • Show/Hide social icons in the header
  • Turn sharing on/off across posts, pages, portfolio or books
  • Share via twitter including your username
  • On/off truncation for long links in comments
  • Excerpt + read more support for blog posts
  • Turn off “archives” text block
  • On/off widgets in footer
  • White/Black social icons
  • Show/Hide footer credit
  • Set width for mobile menu to kick in
  • Hide/show page menu
  • Widget areas for Archive & Single, Page, Contact & Blog templates
  • Custom Video widget
  • Custom Books Slider widget
  • Custom Twitter oAuth API 1.1 Widget
  • Disable featured images on gallery posts
  • Disable featured images on all posts
  • Hide read more on blog
  • Plain text logo option
  • Logo upload
  • Retina logo upload
  • Apple touch icon upload
  • Favicon upload
  • Tiled background
  • Full size cover background
  • Turn on slideshow for blog galleries
  • Set interval for blog galleries
  • Show portfolio details on single page
  • Set amount of portfolio items for portfolio template to show before pagination
  • Set amount of books for books template to show before pagination
  • Contact form email address
  • Google API v3 Maps support (you’ll need to sign up for a key)
  • Google pin upload
  • Built-in contact form
  • Localisation support with provided .mo and .po files
  • Custom Menu
  • Featured image support
  • Drop down menus
  • Shortcodes
  • Shortcodes for social icons including: Twitter,, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, Zerply, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Dribbble, Github, Instagram, Flickr, Behance, RSS
  • Shortcode for quotes including quote source and ratings
  • Fully responsive (optimised for iPad and iPhone with retina graphics)
  • Extensive documentation

Update History

## Version 1.3.1 - Fix homepage post content default layout for lists and tables. - Fix article/footer tags display in posts. - Fix gallery block caption overflow.  ## Version 1.3.0 - Moved theme options to Customizer. **Please go to Appearance > Customize. All your previous settings should be automatically imported ;)** - Updates for WP 5.1. - Added Gutenberg support. - Updated TGM Plugin Activation class. - Updated footer copyright year to display current year automatically. - Fix for WP Widgets overflow in sidebar. - Add MeanThemes Tools plugin (please install MeanThemes Tools plugin - you will be prompted to install once the Theme Update completes). - Removal of custom post types as they are now in the MeanThemes Tools plugin. - Removal of post format custom metaboxes as they are now in the MeanThemes Tools plugin. - Removal of Google Analytics settings as they are now in the MeanThemes Tools plugin. - Improved content escaping. - Improved Google font loading. - Small tweaks. - Updated documentation.  ## Version 1.2.0 - Fix for WP caption width. - Updated documentation. - Fixed XSS vulnerability in Multiposts thumbnail plugin include. - Removed WP updates plugin due to lack of third party developer support and potential XSS vulnerability. [Read more on this blog post about the new update process](  ## Version 1.1.9 - Fix for pagination when using a static page and the template "Page - Books" or "Page - Portfolio". Go to Settings > Permalinks, then click Save and clear any cache you may have running if you are still seeing the pagination issue.  ## Version 1.1.8 **Massive Update!**. - **NEW:** Book Categories and Book Tags (check documentation page 17). - **NEW:** Good Reads & Amazon Social icons added to Theme Options > Social Settings. - Updated plugin JS files. - Updated core JS file. - Fixed bug for oEmbed not displaying properly. - Updates for WP 4.1. - Updated documentation. - Updated translation. - Updated Demo XML & Child Theme (Re-download from ThemeForest if you need it).  ## Version 1.1.7 - Update for additional content editor in Book post type for WP 3.9. - HTML5 shim now only loaded in IE conditional.  ## Version 1.1.6 - Fixed flexslider load bug on index/archive page. - Updated screenshot for WordPress 3.8.  ## Version 1.1.5 - Bug fixed on Blog layout template pagination not corresponding with filtered categories. - Now also only loading comments reply JS on comment enabled posts.  ## Version 1.1.5 - Added translatable strings for rewrite on portfolio and books. - Fixed error for some people not being able to show content on the main books page. - Updated documentation.  ## Version 1.1.3 - Teeny tiny fix for single-portfolio.php when featured image is disabled.  ## Version 1.1.2 - Added in book order option to theme options. - Fixed hover over bug on Archives titles. - Fixed comments white box still showing when comments were disabled. - Fixed text indent issue on header search button for Samsung Galaxy 3. - Added option in theme options for standard WordPress read more functionality. - Fix for WP 3.7 not saving paragraph tags on book description field. - Updated MeanMenu JS. - Fixed content height on really long toggle content. - Optimised jQuery for faster loading and faster loading flexslider powered galleries.  ## Version 1.1.1 - Added option to open link format post links in a new tab/window. - Fixed IE9 layout bug on twitter widget. - Fixed pagination issue when using blog layout page as a static homepage. - Updated documentation.  ## Version 1.1.0 - Updates for MeanMenu jQuery plugin and WordPress 3.6 custom meta nonce field checks.  ## Version 1.0.9 - Updates for WordPress 3.6 (Removed the beta code for post formats as the WordPress core team removed this in the official release).  ## Version 1.0.8 - Added in Homepage Widget Area for use with sidebar on homepage only option. - Fixed draft posts showing on Archive template.  ## Version 1.0.7 - Updated Multi-post thumbnails to latest version to fix Portfolio sizing issues. - Fixed Book Widget button title. - Fixed Book Widget confusing queries. - Fixed Blog layout pagination when used a static homepage.  ## Version 1.0.6 - Fix for choosing categories on portfolio template. - Updated translation for searchform.php. - Clear divs added for books template to keep 1, 2 and 3 formats throughout the responsive layers. - Fix added to centre continue reading in static homepage using blog layout. - Added option to show/hide categories in meta. - Added option to show/hide tags in meta.  ## Version 1.0.5 - CSS updates for jp audio player play button position and minor tweaks to sidebar positioning. - IE CSS updates for social header.  ## Version 1.0.4 - Updated comments system to remove class inheritance on status post type. - Updated documentation. - Updated required fields for comments on functions.php. - Fixed video post type error pulling in 3.6 post format rather than 3.5 post format.  ## Version 1.0.3 - Added option to toggle on the old 3.5 Post format meta whilst using 3.6. - Updated blog template to fix dispaly issue when a static page was in use.  ## Version 1.0.2 - Tweak to functions file to remove home class for setting a static page.  ## Version 1.0.1 - Some minor CSS tweaks for mobile layout.  ## Version 1.0.0 - Initial release.

Photo Credits

All photography in the theme demo has been kindly provided by Benjamin Reid just for this theme. The photos are not in the Theme Files as part of the ThemeForest download.

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