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Shadower Pro Theme A Responsive WordPress Theme for Bloggers


Shadower Pro is a beautiful and full responsive blog WordPress theme for displaying topics and artworks. It is easy to use and customize, with a clean, simple, and modern design, perfect for bloggers. Theme has many other customisation options too, including changing the typography, layout, widgets, advertising, slides and so on. To suit you and your audience.

+ Optional Plug-ins Even if not activated does not affect the theme.

+ Video Tutorials & Getting Started The documentation provides a complete video tutorial.

+ Simple Page Builder It is not complicated and provide some auxiliary templates. (Only for custom Home Page or One Page, other pages do not need to use.)

Video Tutorials Getting Started:

Note: The videos may not be up-to-date, with the following screenshot as the latest reference.
  • 01. How to install theme manually?
  • 02. How to create primary & footer navigation menu?
  • 03. How to turn standard drop-down menus into mega menus in your theme?
  • 04. How to add social media icons to your website?
  • 05. How to upload your own LOGO?
  • 06. How to set your WordPress home page?
  • 07. How to only specify the homepage logo?
  • 08. How to add images to slides?
  • 09. How to add portfolio items?
  • 10. How to create a list of portfolio page in your site?
  • 11. How to create a list of blog page in your site?
  • 12. How to create a contact page in your site?
  • 13. How to customize your portfolio or blog layout?
  • 14. How to change the default color scheme?
  • 15. How to create a “Team”, “Pricing”, “Feaures” or “Clients” page?

Feature List:

  • Support Gutenberg WordPress Editor (v2.5)
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile Ready
  • RTL(right to left) language support
  • Multi-language Support
    • a) German. The theme is available in Deutsch. (v1.7)
  • Drag & Drop Visual Page BuilderVery easy to create pages, and quickly choose and edit from our premade 10+ templates. (Only for custom home page or single page, other pages do not need to use.) (v2.0)
  • Custom Color Schemes

    • Unlimited Color Optionsfor primary color and hover color (v1.3)
    • 7+ Predefined Color SchemesFast and easy switching simply by clicking a mouse
  • Scroll AnimationsAllows you to customize the scroll animations for post list (v1.2)
  • Loader StyleAllows you to customize the loader style (v1.1)
  • W3C Markup Validation
  • Theme Demo ContentImport the XML file (.xml), you should now have both the theme content and the theme settings set up just like our demo.

    Once you have installed all theme Plugins you can import the Demo Content. By installing the demo content, your theme will look like the one you see on our demo. Restroe available content more than 95%. This action will let you understand how the theme works by allowing you to modify a content that is already there rather than creating it from scratch.

  • Translation Ready
  • 28+ Social Media Iconsin header & footer menu. It contains almost all major social icons: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Medium, Product Hunt,, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Dribbble, Pinterest, Behance, Deviantart, Flickr, Github, Instagram, Linkedin, Digg, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Stack Overflow (v1.4), WordPress (v1.4), Codepen (v1.4), Amazon (v1.4), 500px (v1.4), Vk (v1.4), Weibo.
  • Page Transitions Effect
  • Featured Slideshow Support
  • Parallax Layersfor featured image on single page
  • Retina Readyfor theme pages
  • Quick & Easy Customization
  • Custom Header Support
  • Google Map & Google Analytics
  • Own ShortcodesPut a shortcode (26+) anywhere you like, even outside of posts and pages
  • Logos & Copyright Informationfor your business or brand
  • Contact, Custom Page Style Support
  • Filtering Animation and Masonry Portfolio Support
  • 600+ Google Fonts ChoiceSupport setting body, heading, menu, brand and attributes text on single page typography with google fonts
  • 6 Post Formats for Blog
    • Standard Posts ( Featured Image )
    • Video Posts
    • Gallery Posts
    • Quote Posts
    • Link Posts
    • Audio Posts
  • Premade Layouts SupportQuickly choose from our premade layouts and options. (fast and easy switching simply by clicking a mouse)
    • 10+ Unique Home Page Styles
    • 2+ Premade Blog Layoutsfor list pages
    • 4+ Premade Portfolio Layoutsfor list pages
  • 2+ Featured Widgets
    • Social Media Buttons
    • Recent Products
  • Well Documentation

Credits and Special Thanks:

All photos uploaded to the site are released under Creative Commons CC0 and do not require attribution. No more hassle trying to figure out whether you can use photos for commercial use and whether you need to provide attribution. (Visite: stocksnap, gratisography)

Part of the image and videos used in the demo are not distributed with the theme. They are all licensed under Creative Commons and credited to their respective creator/owner.


  • Bootstrap
  • kirki
  • TGM Plugin Activation
  • Uix Page Builder
  • Uix Shortcodes
  • Uix Slideshow
  • Uix Products
  • Font Awesome
  • Flaticon
  • PrettyPhoto
  • jQuery
  • ScrollToFixed
  • Featured Image Column
  • Flexslider
  • waitForImages
  • UItoTop jQuery Plugin
  • Google Fonts
  • Scrollreveal
  • Sidr


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Update History:

= 2.8 =  January 29, 2021  * Fix: Fixed the problem that the `waitForImages` would make an error when there is no image. * Tweak: Removed animsition.js to solve the loading problem by different server optimization scripts. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized the compatibility of the new version of WordPress Lazy Load function. * OPTIMIZE: Uix plug-ins API upgraded. * OPTIMIZE: Updated the default template data of One-pages.  = 2.7 =  October 23, 2019  * Tweak: Sanitized some input variable.  = 2.6 =  September 25, 2019  * Tweak: Upgraded Uix Slideshow plugin. This plugin is hosted on * Tweak: Upgrade Fontawesome to 5.0+. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized the page builder's experience. This plugin is hosted on  = 2.5 =  January 21, 2019  * New: Adding Gutenberg support that some blocks such as the image block have the possibility to define a “wide” or “full” alignment.  * Fix: Fixed an issue where instagram images were not displayed. * Fix: Solved some problems under PHP7 and Gutenberg. * Tweak: Compatible with higher version of WordPress system, ready for version 5.0. * Tweak: Compatible with Gutenberg Editor. The plugins used by the theme was also updated on  = 2.4 =  May 3, 2018  * Fix: Solved the problem that instagram widget call data is not displayed. * Tweak: Updated some third-party plugins to the latest version.  = 2.3 =  December 2, 2017  * FIX: Fixed a bug for the website in IE11 browser loading.  = 2.2 =  October 20, 2017  * New: New API rebuilds. * Tweak: Removed ajax method of all modules pop-window in admin panel, reduce High CPU Usage of WordPress. * OPTIMIZE: Updated all default templates of page builder.  = 2.1 =  September 21, 2017  * OPTIMIZE: Updated all default templates of page builder. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized the page builder's experience.  = 2.0 =  September 13, 2017  * NEW: Enable the Drag & Drop visual page builder. Very easy to create pages, and quickly choose and edit from our premade 10+ templates. (fast and easy switching simply by clicking a mouse). Provided by Uix Page Builder from At the same time, keep the original home page templates in the theme directory. * NEW: Added 6 unique One Page styles. * TWEAK: All kinds of styles Home Page full support Page Builder. * OPTIMIZE: Optimize the scripts hook on required admin pages.  = 1.7 =  August 6, 2017  * NEW: Added instagram footer widget. Simply go to Appearance » Widgets in your WordPress admin area. Next drag & drop the "Instagram Feed" widget to the "Full-width Footer Area". * NEW: The theme has been translated into German. It is available in Deutsch. * FIX: Fixed the text-domain incorrectly causing errors that could not be displayed correctly in other languages.  = 1.6 =  August 1, 2017  * NEW: Added "ShadowerPro_Uix_Custom_Metaboxes" class in order to add custom metaboxes to custom pages. (More fast, simple and compatible). * FIX: Fixed a bug that the search results shows a post's category above the title which is just a white space in the line. * OPTIMIZE: Optimize the appearance of custom metaboxes. * OPTIMIZE: Enabling TinyMCE to better handle languages written from right to left.   = 1.5 =  June 8, 2017  * FIX: Resolve an error of primary navigation on the mobile that are not displayed using the Font Awesome icons. * FIX: Resolve an error of admin-bar and primary navigation display when the front-end page scrolls. * FIX: Resolve the menu display issue. The menu needs to have a fallback for when no menu is selected. * FIX: Optimized navigation user experience, the theme navigation bar when add a long menu to it wrap.  * FIX: Resolve the mega menu bugs in a Right-To-Left (RTL) direction. * FIX: Fixed an error that does not display the copyright information when the primary navigation was not selected. * NEW: Customized copyright information supports dynamic tag replacement. * TWEAK: Updated Uix plugins packages and enhanced compatibility. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized HTML styles for comments list. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized categories styles for posts list. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized template for displaying Author bios. * OPTIMIZE: Use "Modernizr.cssanimations" instead of "jQuery.browser" for main script because the theme shouldn't really rely on UA testing this way either. * OPTIMIZE: Optimize the theme dependency and notification of PHP version.  Resolve those issues when handle this on theme activation, and display the notice only in the wp admin. * REMOVED: Remove the 'is_pjax()' from the core class. * REMOVED: Remove 'source' in tgm activation configs for theme recommended plugins (Still retain the plug-in package in theme "plugins" folder). Plugins that are available in the repository should only specify the slug, the version numbers should be the minimum versions supported by your theme. This would help gain more trust for users installing those plugins as well as it would remove the label "External Source" from the activation page.  = 1.4 =  March 25, 2017  * NEW: Added 6 social media icons: Stack Overflow, WordPress, Codepen, Amazon, 500px, Vk. * Fix: Removed duplicate HTML tags for single post page. * Fix: The horizontal scroll issue was caused by adjustment of display's resolution. * Fix: Styles of footer menu issue.  = 1.3 =  March 23, 2017  * NEW: Added Unlimited Color Options, keep the "Predefined Color Scheme" simultaneously. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized typography for front-end display. * TWEAK: Upgraded WordPress style of sticky post using SVG instead of PNG to speed up your website. * Fix: Styles on content hyperlinks were lost.  = 1.2 =  March 22, 2017  * NEW: Allows you to customize the scroll animations for post list. ( If this option turned on, the post list will use easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers. ) * Fixed: Resolved thumbnails bug that may appear on the gallery post type.  = 1.1 =  March 19, 2017  * NEW: Allows you to customize the Loader Style. * OPTIMIZE: Optimized slider readability for other style of the home pages on mobile. * OPTIMIZE: Minimized and compressed assets for core front-end files ( style.min.css and script.min.js ), which also reduces the load on your server. Keep the original file simultaneously.  = 1.0 =  February 6, 2017  * Initial version
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