Adams Theme 7.2.1 Responsive Retina WordPress News, Magazine, Blog


Adams is a Responsive Retina News, Magazine and Blog Theme, it’s built with an HTML5, Rich Snippet, CSS3, and FontAwesome Vector Fonts

Build Homepage Blocks Using Live Customizer

Build Page’s Widgets and Styling it Instantly

Updates Changelog

Version 7.2.1 30 September, 2021

 - FIX: WooCommerce New Blocks Styles. - FIX: Firefox Styling Issues

Version 7.2.0 29 September, 2021

 - FIX: WooCommerce New Blocks Styles. - FIX: WPML Compatibility Issues - FIX: Styling Issues.

Version 7.1.0 27 September, 2021

 - NEW: WooCommerce Supported. - FIX: Dark Skin Issues - FIX: Styling Issues. - FIX: Typography Issues.

Version 7.0.0 20 September, 2021 HUGE UPDATE Built New Theme

 - NEW: We've reduced the number of requests for the database and collect all database fields (for each post) in a single field. - NEW: Transform to the WordPress Live Customizer  - NEW: SVG Logo  - NEW: Instant Home Blocks Builder - NEW: Ability to make different Page Layout and Sidebars for Homepage, Posts, Pages, Category, Archive, Tag, Search pages. - NEW: Support FontAwesome v5.15 - NEW: Colorizing Widgets (Most Liked Box, Classic Posts, Slide Posts, Review Posts, News in Pictures, HTML Text) with a different color - NEW: Convert obslete (I Recommend This)'s Plugin with our own Likes system. - NEW: Use (Post Views Counter) plugin Instead of our views system. - NEW: Styling Everything Instantly - NEW: Widget - HTML Text  - FIX: Issues with WordPress 5.0+  - FIX: Issues With PHP 7 - FIX: Sticky Sidebars - FIX: All Homepage Sliders Lagging  - DROPPED: Widget - Social Counter  - DROPPED: Twitter Ticker Footer - DROPPED: Plugin: I Recommend This 

Version 6.0 15 July, 2018

 - Rebranding - Fix: HTTP Insecure Requests - Fix: Minimizing CSS with Autopimize plugin - Fix: PHP 7.0 Compatibility - Fix: WordPress 4.9 Compatibility - Fix: i Recommend This plugin security issues fixed - Fix: Twitter OAuth conflict with other Twitter plugins - Fix: Dribbble API v2  - Fix: Dribbble Fans Counter - Fix: RTL slides and style issues - Improve: Up To 5x speed  - Improve: Overlap Animations - Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 5.4 [ 09 . Feb . 2016 ]

 NEW: Adding images sizes. NEW: Convert into WordPress audio/video shortcodes. Fixed: Most Liked Posts Widget. Fixed: Large Slider in RTL Layout. Fixed: Facebook Like Box Fixed: Google+ box 

Version 5.3 [ 05 . Feb . 2016 ]

 NEW: Full-width Grid Slider NEW: Google+ and Instagram new APIs and followers counter Fixed: WPML suppress_filters issues Fixed: Minor security issues  

Version 5.2 [ 01 . Feb . 2016 ]

 NEW: One Sidebar Layout NEW: Option to show adv in mobile devices NEW: Options to customize mobile menu. Fixed: New sidebars issues. Improved: now using Secure SSL. Improved: WPML Compatibility. 

Version 5.1 [ 25 . Jan . 2016 ]

 - NEW: Bootstrap 3.3 - NEW: FontAwesome 4.5 - NEW: Retina Ready - NEW: Coloring Posts - NEW: Unlimited Sidebars - NEW: Sticky Sidebar - NEW: Assign Sidebar for each post/page/archive/category/tag and search pages - NEW: Mega Menu for submenus and category - NEW: Iconizing menu become very easy - NEW: User Ratings - NEW: Pros/Cons List - NEW: Widget: Review Posts by [best user ratings, best reviews and recent reviews] - NEW: CategoryBox: Review Posts by [best user ratings and recent reviews] - NEW: Responsive: New menu in mobile devices - NEW: Reduce 70% of total requests, Now Adams become faster 3x times. - NEW: Apple devices icons available - NEW: More than 75 Retina Social Icons. - NEW: Ability to coloring stars in review post and users stars - NEW: Share Icons. - NEW: RTL Slider. - NEW: Demo  - Fixed: WPML compatibility issues. - Fixed: Slowing issue. - Fixed: Rich Snippet and SEO issues - Fixed: Posts excerpt issue - Fixed: All Responsive issues - Fixed: Mobile Menu and replace it with a new one. - Fixed: Facebook Opengraph. - Fixed: PHP 5.2 Compatibility issues - Fixed: All Structured Data issues. - Fixed: RTL Style issues in Mobile Devices. - Fixed: (Style Broken) Paginated post - Fixed: Some code and security issues.  - Improvements: Remove all combined images and replace it with vector icons instead. - Improvements: Combine 90% of all files and reduce theme's folder size. - Improvements: WordPress Security and SQL Injection Vulnerability. - Improved: Best User Rates result when post users gives only 5 stars (very rare sorting issue). - Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 4.2 (13-November-2015)

 - NEW: Facebook, Youtube and Dribbble new APIs. - Fixed: Social Counter Widget. - PHP 5.2 Compatibility issues. - WordPress v4.3 Compatibility issues. - Improvements: Code and Style. - Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 4.0 (29-April-2015)

 - Fixed: SQL Injection Vulnerability. - Fixed: Seurity issues in comment box. - Fixed: Facebook open graph. - Improved: Twitter ticker included links issue. - Improved: Breadcrumb. - Improved: Shortcodes plugin compatibility. - RTL broken images. - Fixed: Style Issues. - Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 3.3 (13-October-2014)

 - Fixed: Instgram icon invisible issues. - Fixed: An English grammar issue. - Fixed: Style Issues. - Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 3.2 (07-August-2014)

 - Fixed: Dark skin issues. - Fixed: Review posts issues. - Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 3.1 (01-June-2014)

 - Fixed: WPML Plugin compatibility issues. - Fixed: Review posts issues. - Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 3.0 (22-February-2014)

 - New: Plugin - i Recommend This. - New: Widget - Most Likes Posts. - New: Widget - Classic Posts. - New: Option to turn on/off post meta info from Homepage categories box. - Fixed: New Google Map iFrame in posts, pages and widgets. - Fixed: Style Issues in RTL Layout and Firefox browser. - Fixed: Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 2.4 (07-January-2014)

 - New: Ability to use theme as a Blog to resolve pagination issues when set Blog-Page as Front-Page. - New: Show/Hide author email icon. - Improved: pagination by adding new Next/Prev buttons. - Fixed:Clear white spaces in responsive. - Fixed: Some Style Issues. - Fixed: Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 2.3 (09-December-2013)

 New: Dark Skin New: Odnoklassniki & VK Russian Networks Icons. New: VK Share Button in an article page. Improved: Some Style Issues Fixed: Minor Fixes. 

Version 2.2 (21-November-2013)

 Fixed: Page layout sidebars inverting. Fixed: Responsive issues in Homepage and Post page. Fixed: Firefox Style issues in RTL. Improve: some issues and bugs. 

Version 2.1 (20-November-2013)

 Fixed: Some Responsive issues. Improve: Some bug fixes. 

Version 2.0 (19-November-2013)

 New: Right To Left languages supporting. New: Ability to choose specified posts in Breaking News and Slider boxes. Fixed: Division by zero and some issues in review boxes. Fixed: Facebook like, share and comment box overlapping. Fixed: Weather Widget alignment issue. Fixed: Issues when responsive disabled. Fixed: Text Widget limited height. Fixed: WordPress Comments line break. Fixed: Ability to disable Facebook commentbox in pages. Improve: 100% Scale when responsive disabled (Small Devices). Improve: Some bug fixes. 

Version 1.2.0 (05-November-2013)

 New: Ability to styling body with pattern images. New: Ability to styling footer. New: Option to disable comments box in pages only. New: Ability to use Social Share Buttons scripts instead of current social-share-buttons. Improve: Text alignments with small images inside post. Fix: Issues in page pagination. Fix: Main Menu delay issues. Fix: Some issues and bugs. 

Version 1.1.7 (17-October-2013)

 - Improve: Some Style Issues. 

Version 1.1.6 (15-October-2013)

 - New: Ability to styling Main Menu. - New: Ability to add your own Revolution Slider (if you've one) underneath Main Menu with Full Width. - New: Facebook Share Button. - Fix: Hide Blog Page title when used as a Front Page. - Fix: Breaking of some advertisements types. - Fix: Some Issues and Bugs. - Improve: Some performance issues. 

Version 1.1.5 (11-October-2013)

 - New: 2D Flat Main Menu Style (Toggle ON/OFF from Styling Options). - Fix: Advertisements Widget. - Fix: Facebook Open Graph. - Fix: Critical Bugs. - Fix: Style issues. 

Version 1.1.4 (10-October-2013)

 - Fix: Some Critical Bugs. 

Version 1.1.3 (10-October-2013)

 - New: Authorship Information to display the author information in search results. - New: Breaking News box title. - Fix: Critical bug in advertisements widget. - Fix: Related Articles slides effect. - Improve: Rich Snippet for search engines. - Improve: Style Issues 

Version 1.1.2 (6-October-2013)

 - New: Dailymotion video at Video Widget. - Fixed: Video widget auto play. - Improve: Main Navigation style in Google Chrome. - Fixed: Some Issues and Bugs. 

Version 1.1.1 (5-October-2013)

 - Improve: Style Issues. - Fixed: Some Issues and Bugs. 

Version 1.1 (4-October-2013)

 - New: 100% WPML Supported. - New: Weather Widget. - New: Option To Disable Responsive. - New: Option To Disable Mouse Hover Slides Animations. - Improve: Responsive Issues. - Fixed: Some Issues and Bugs. 


  • Responsive Design.
  • Perfect SEO with HTML5 and Rich Snippet New Technology.
  • Perfect CTR with Side-By-Side Advertisements.
  • Unlimited Colors.
  • Boxed/Fluid Layout.
  • Top Menu With Sidebars and Dynamic Widgets. Watch Video
  • More Than 350 Icons for Use in Menus. Watch Video
  • More Than 40 Powerful Short Codes With [Ultimate Short Codes] Plugin. Watch Video
  • 3 Home Layouts
    • Left Sidebar
    • Right Sidebar
    • Middle Content
  • 9 Post Formats
    • Featured Image
    • Featured Image With Lightbox
    • Video (Youtube / Vimeo / Dailymotion)
    • Sound Cloud
    • Sound Cloud
    • Google Map
    • Quotation
    • Self Hosted Audio
    • Self Hosted Video
    • Post With Review
      • Stars
      • Percentage
      • Points
  • 5 Page Templates
    • Blog
    • Authors
    • Sitemap
    • Tags
    • Timeline
  • Built With HTML5, Rich Snippet, CSS3, Font-Awesome and Bootstrap
  • Post Views Count
  • Author Box With Social Profiles
  • Author Posts Page
  • After Sale Support

Thanks so much to…

  • Slightly Modified Options Framework by Syamil MJ
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Font-Awesome
  • jQuery Smartresize Master
  • HTML5 Shiv
  • Modernizr
  • Google Chrome Frame
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Pretty Photo Lightbox
  • Flex Slider
  • Simple Social Icons
  • jPlayer HTML5 Audio-Video Player
  • Twitter Tweets Ticker
  • jQuery Breaking News Ticker
  • And, Special Thanks for DaveTCode
  • Photos
    • Behance
    • The images used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download file.
    • Background Patterns
    • Subtle Patterns
    • The following images used in demonstratings page are for demonstrating purpose only and are not included in the download file.
    • Apple iMac 27 Monitor
    • iPhone 5 black and white blank templates
    • iPhone & iPad PSD templates & icons
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