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L’ambiance is a unique and refreshing WordPress experience for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes Industries. This smooth theme focusses on versatility and ease-of-use instead of 1001 features. You will notice this while setting up your surprisingly easy-to-configure new Theme for your Restaurant, Bar, Sushi lounge, Bistro, Bakery, Pub, coffee shop, pizzeria or any other form of retail experience. L’ambiance is suitable for users without programming skills and offers much flexibility for the ones who do.

Packed with everything you need to get started. Creating your own menu’s was never easier with our menu manager you can create, update, delete and reorder your price-list as you see fit.

Full screen slideshow, image or video background Setting the mood is what L’ambiance is all about. Seduce, fascinate and convince your visitors with your new mobile first website that is simply stunning to look at and a breeze to work with.

Easy to manage and use masonry gallery Simplicity is at L’ambiance it’s core. We’ve implemented a gallery which is easy to use and works flawlessly with photoswipe. It behaves perfectly on all your devices.

Notice: We’ve removed the PHP 5.6 and higher requirement. L’ambiance will now work from PHP 5.3.29 and up.

Five star support

Whenever you have an issue with our theme or WordPress in general, we are here to assist you. Post a comment or open a ticket here

Update log


- release


Updated menu manager, fixed linking


Updated menu manager: Prevent deletion of menu items if plugin deactivates.


Updated background slideshow, fixed issue with touch laptops
Fixed contact page maps link
General improvements


Improved support for touchscreens and laptops with touchscreens
Added option to turn of ajax and page-transitions
Added show logo on mobile device option
Improved contact page code
Fixed translations bug


Fixed bug in always show header option
Added the option to choose the background color of the logo
Added option to add footer text
Added option to give footer a background color
Improved frontpage code


Made written by footer optional
Added option to add you own footer to pages
Removed obtrusive footer
Improved javascript check on ajax


Updated footer implementation
Menu's are now sortable
Updated menu navigation styling
Added currency position option


Removed PHP 5.6 and higher requirement
Improved compatibility with PHP 5.3.29 and up.
Added functionality to add your own fallback icon (knife & fork)
Css improvements
Added posiblity to add a menu to a page via shortcode
Improved support for polylang
Removed requirement to call menu "frontpage"
General style fixes
General improvements


Updated footer implementation
Menu's are now sortable
Updated menu navigation styling
Added currency position option


Added option to upload custom icons per page and navigation item
Improved back button functionality
Added back to top functionality
Added support for submenu's in content pages
Fixed contact page styling bug
Fixed toolbar navigation issue


Added image gallery
Dramatically improved non-ajax version
Styling fixes and code improvements


Updated password protected pages styling
Basic form styling update
Javascript improvements


Added option to show categories and / or tags in blog
Fixed single post header
Updated styling


Updated gallery plugin to support php 5.3
Fixed issue with logo in header


Added option to display styling in excerpt
Fixed issue where icon wouldn't display in blog


Added sorting of categories in menu plugin
Fixed price bug
Correct fonts inclusion


Updated header logo styling, now grows with image size
Improved CSS
Improved Javascript
Removed shorthand array notation


Fixed that page got stuck in loading mode if there were no images
Added one click importer
Added option to add description to menu (dishes)
Fixed styling issue override of buttons
Added option to add labels to social links
Added option to change language / labels of weekdays


Added Visual Composer
Added support for custom shortcodes in Visual composer
Added native support for Polylang
Improved assets loading
Added long-term caching support
Javascript improvements
CSS improvements
Added child theme to zip


Fixed reference issue for importer
Updated visual composer
Added option to show flags in language selector
Added option to show the language selector on the left
Improved css for menu items on mobile screens


Added the possibility to include custom fonts
Code cleanup
Improved animation handler
Fixed country flags
Fixed header icon for blog
Fixed icon display in page meta data
Added option to change stroke header color
Added option to change the form border color
Fixed deleting of page metadata
Fixed modal on CF7 message
Added several styling / color options
Improved VC support
Improved VC Ajax support
Improved non-ajax version


Fixed non ajax version links issue


Fixed non loading issue
Updated visual composer


Always hide splash
Updated Visual Composer
Added logo placeholders
Themecheck compliance


Updated visual composer
Prevent logo from blocking navigation
Don't show contact page items when not filled in
Support newlines & html in menu items
Support alt-text captions in image gallery
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