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Ashade Photography Description

Ashade Photography is a minimal and creative Premium WordPress Theme for Photographers, created in Dark Mode. Ashade Photography can help you to make your own photo portfolio or any kind of showcases. Ashade Photography contains 18 layouts for photo galleries and sliders, minimal home page with great features to show everything your client need: your works, your contact details and get the opportunity to contact you. And all of this in one simple page. Also home page go with 3 layouts: with video background, static image and photo gallery with The Ken Burns Effect, that can brings your brilliant photos to life.

Modern design of this photography wordpress theme will keep your photo portfolio in trending look. Smooth scroll and creative page transitions, lite design without bulky loaders, drag and drop controls for sliders and galleries. All of this and even much more will helps you to show your amazing photos for your potential clients in really professional way.

This theme can be useful not only for photographers as photo portfolio, but also for any kind of creative portfolio showcase where you need to show visually your creative work result. It may be your designer portfolio, Game Studios portfolio or website that demonstrate your new awesome video game and much more variants of building creative showcase. Even if you are looking for quick solution to make a creative resume, CV or Vcard Ashade Photography can help you with that!

Ashade Photography Features

  • WooCommerce Support
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Client Proofing Page
  • Shadow Core with additional Elementor Widgets
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Creative Page Transitions
  • Interactive Mouse Cursor
  • Before/After Widget to show your photo processing
  • Maintenance Page
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Creative Animations
  • Justified Grid Gallery
  • Grid Gallery with 2-4 columns
  • Masonry Gallery with 2-4 columns
  • Adjusted Grid Gallery with 2-4 columns
  • Two kind of Bricks Grid layout
  • Photo Sliders in 3 layouts: Simple, Fade and with Parallax Effect
  • Ribbon Photography
  • Testimonials Page
  • Clean, Valid and Fast HTML Code
  • All code is well commented
  • Retina Ready
  • Adopted for mobile and touch devices
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Friendly and Attentive Support

Updates Change Log

Here you can find information about latest updates and changes with this item. Please, don’t forget to backup all your data before any updates!

Version 7.0 (2022.07.31)

 FIXED ----- - Fixed counter for Clients Filter;  ADDED ----- - Added counter for mobile filter on Clients page; - Added video support for Shadow Elements galleries; - Added Slider Gallery widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Kenburns Gallery widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Ribbon Gallery widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Posts Listing widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Posts Grid widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Posts Ribbon widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Posts Slider widget to Shadow Elements; - Added Gap options for Album Posts; - Added Gap options for Albums Listing; - Added Border Radius options for Album Posts; - Added Border Radius options for Albums Listing; - Added option to disable Lightbox for Grid galleries; - Added option to disable Block Editor for Sidebar Widgets; - Added alternative cover selection if Album post has no featured image; - Added layout options for Albums Listing; - Added default Grid listing for Album Categories; - Added Elementor Content for Clients post; - Added Open Graph options and "before </head>", "before " fields;  ADDITIONAL ---------- - Updated Shadow Core plugin to version 1.1 

Version 6.0 (2022.01.31)

 FIXED ----- - Fixed issue when there is a missing URL in the menu link; - Fix of the double scrollbar on the Home Template without the smooth scroll while animate; - Fixed issue with alpha-channel issue with Body Spotlight; - Fixed Filter for Grid and Adjusted Client's gallery; - Fixed issue with display hidden elements in Clients grid; - Fixed issue with body_class() to resolve conflict with the Elementor PRO; - Fixed issue with customizer headings color and Elementor headings; - Fixed issue with Subtitle field in WordPress 5.9;  ADDED ----- - Added: memorizing the position of the ribbon (for Albums Listing) and setting this position when returning to the page; - Added option to display photos count for Clients Gallery; - Added option to select which field to use with the image caption for Clients Gallery; - Added possibility to use line breaks for intro text in Albums, Client Pages and Album Listing;  ADDITIONAL ---------- - Shadow Core plugin Update 

Version 5.0 (2021.04.28)

 FIXED ------ - Fixed issue with lost "Overhead" field - Fixed issues with duplicate video in the Lightbox on mobile devices - Fixed issue with sound from video when closing the Lightbox - Fixed issue with not rendering video thumbnails in Grid layouts on mobile devices - Fixed issue with Variable Product images display in WooCommerce - Fixed hardcoded part in responsive.css. Moved to custom-css - Fixed the "Home Template" background opacity option - Fixed issue with opening sub-menus on mobile when the parent item is linked to some page - Fixed: appearing of the mobile menu on Maintenance page when it is disabled - Fixed "Spotlight" option for a single page - Fixed the issue with a line in the page title in horizontal layout and centered page content  ADDED ----- - CDN Support - Added possibility to use alternative main menu for mobile devices - Added support of Dash Icons on frontend - Added unmute/mute button for video gallery with "Slider" and "Ribbon" layout - Added option to adjust opacity and overlay for Albums with "Slider" layout - Added option to change the width (boxed or fullwidth) for Grid Album Posts and Grid Albums Listings - Added max-width for the Logo on mobile phones for auto-resize - Added possibility to hide category labels for Albums Listings for the "Ashade Home" and "Ashade Albums Listing" templates - Added possibility to change link colors for the "Home Template"  - Added possibility to use a link on a whole item instead of just the "Explore Button" in the "Ribbon" layout of the Albums Listing - Added option to display images instead of iFrames in Ribbon Gallery - Added option to show "Next Album" link for Grid Album Posts (Global option) - Added "Caption" option for Slider and Ribbon albums (Global and Local options) - Added possibility to hide notification about "Recommended" plugins - Added option to hide header on scroll down and shows on scroll up - Added option to close the Lightbox with click to the overlay - Added option to disable the additional "Smooth Scroll" for touch devices  IMPROVED -------- - Immediate open the menu link on a tablet instead of "hover" simulation with the first touch - Menu icon changed from font to SVG - Improved script for Ribbon Gallery - Optimized Smooth Scroll and Ribbon Scroll - Shadow Core plugin update 

Version 4.1 (2020.12.12)

 FIXED ------ - Fixed grid columns for the landscape mobile layout - Fixed product listing for the landscape mobile layout - Fixed issue with the "Explore" button in Vertical Ribbon layout - Fixed issue with the scroll to hash on #hash links - Fixed issue with plus and minus buttons of quantity with no decimal prices in the Shopping Cart - Fixed access to the context menu for some images on iPhone when the "Right Click Protection" is enabled - Fixed: string translation for albums and client filters - Fixed: error notice on the client page - Fixed: Grammar and Spelling - Fixed issue with dragging images through the background on pages with Home Template - Fixed issues with the smooth scroll feature  ADDED ----- - Added possibility to adjust the horizontal position of links in the Home Template 

Version 4.0 (2020.09.25)

 FIXED ------ - Fixed text label on mobile for aside bar, when "Use Text Label" enabled - Fixed errors in Customizer - Fixed showing empty lines, when contact data are not filled in Maintenance page - Fixed extra symbols issue in head tag - Fixed the size of large image in Bricks Gallery 1x2 to avoid image blurry - Fixed WooCommerce responsive issues - Fixed Home Template lines unload animation - Fixed WooCommerce 4.4 item price line break in Shopping Cart - Fixed issue with double filter for grid albums on mobile - Fixed styles of Metaboxes on side panel - Fixed "Add to Cart" button appearing for sold out product - Fixed Page Title State for Maintenance page - Fixed an issue with album in Slider layout contain only the one image - Fixed position of slides in Ribbon layout, when screen is wider than gallery - Fixed issues with Page Title, Layout and "Back to Top" for Albums Listing - Minor fixes and improvements  ADDED ----- - Added possibility to hide main menu for Maintenance page - Albums posts now got possibility to choose images direction to show: normal, reverse, random - Added intro description alignment option for albums grid listing - Added option to hide video on Home Template for mobile browsers - Added "Sold" label for out of stock products - Added "Fit" option for albums listing slider and slider galleries - Added Video and Embed support for Grid Albums posts - Added Video and Embed support for Masonry Albums posts - Added Video and Embed support for Adjusted Albums posts - Added Video and Embed support for Justified Albums posts - Added Video and Embed support for Bricks Albums posts - Added Video and Embed support for Ribbon Albums posts - Added Video and Embed support for Slider Albums posts - Added Possibility to use Lightbox in all Ribbon albums (not only medium)  IMPROVED -------- - Shadow Core updated to 1.0.3 - Changed Back button script for 404 page - For mobile phones in landscape orientation now showing 2 columns grid 

Version 3.0 (2020.06.10)

 FIXED ------ - Fixed calculation of Content height (when Admin bar is visible) - Fixed styles of WP Block Embed - Fixed image size on download and zoom for "Clients" posts. - Fixed page reloading when scrolling in "Ribbon Vertical" galleries (for touch devices) - Fixed issue with naming of links in Home Template when "Other Page" or "External Page" is chosen - Fixed issue in "Grid" and "Adjusted" layouts for Home Template when works are shown - Fixed responsive issues with login form (WooCommerce) - Fixed checkboxes on WooCommerce forms - Fixed issue in Product Loop with wrap last item in row to next row - Fixed Select2 on WooCommerce Checkout page - Fixed duplicate fields issue on WooCommerce Checkout page - Fixed checkout blocks on Shopping Cart - Fixed Header Cart counter when adding new product from Shop Loop - Fixed issues with tabs on Single Product - Fixed Upsells and Cross-Selling products - Fixed comments issue on woocommerce page - Fixed "Sell by one item" for "Shopping Cart" and "Add to Cart" button - Fixed error, when product image is not found - Minor fixes  ADDED ----- - Added possibility to choose blog post preview image size: Small, Medium and Large - Added og:image to use featured image when sharing page/post URL - Added possibility to show Back to Top button on mobile layout. (For Vertical Layout) - Added option for Home Template to choose how video will fit the screen - Added comments support for grid albums (Grid, Masonry, Justified, Adjusted, Bricks) - Added function to handle exceptions of links to fix issues with third party plugins using Child Theme - Added option to choose columns for Cross-Selling products  IMPROVED -------- - Improved compliance with Theme Checker Requirements - Improved login and registration form for WooCommerce 

Version 2.0 (2020.04.21)

 FIXED ----- - Search field style in Safari 12.0.2 - Lazy Images Loading - Fixed Video Background autoplay on iPhone - Fixed Justified Gallery + Lazy Loading for Firefox - Broken Grid in Dashboard - Minor Fixes  ADDED ----- - WooCommerce support - Aside Toggler: Label option - Header: Show background (Solid/Gradient) on scroll (for sticky header) - Albums Listing: Order option - Albums Listing: Category filter  - Album Post: Back Button option - Album Post: Elementor Support (for Grid layouts) - Medium Ribbon Gallery: Lightbox support - Home Template: Works ordering - Home Template: Gallery background image ordering (normal, reverse, random) - Client Page: State Filter  IMPROVED -------- - Responsive - Navigation through Home Template - Minor Improvements 

Version 1.1 (2020.02.18)

 FIXED ----- - Fixed Search field style in Safari - Fixed IntersectionObserver for Safari 12.0.2 - Fixed contact button issue on Home Template - Fixed Social Icons Size (when Icon style is selected) - Fixed PSWP lightbox buttons - Fixed PSWP lightbox image source for Grid Galleries - Fixed Maintenance Page layout - Fixed responsive issues for Horizontal Title Layout - Minor fixes  ADDED ----- - Added Social Icon Size option (when Icon style is selected) - Added footer Social Icons Spacing option - Added Zoom option for PSWP Lightbox - Added Sticky Header option (to allow disable sticky header) - Added possibility to set link to another page and external url instead only inner functional for Home Template  IMPROVED -------- - Improved drag protection for blog - Improved and fixed responsive issues 
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