Aventura Theme 2.7.5 Travel & Tour Booking System WordPress Theme


Aventura is a Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme developed for travel websites, like local travel agencies, adventure parks and tour companies. All special travel and tourism niche functionality is included.

Aventura provides full solution for Booking System. It is possible for customers to pay for tours directly in your website with Paypal and other payment services. Its stunning beauty, fashionable clean look and proper execution, accompanying with making use of Visual Composer, Aventura and Revolution Slider plugin, will help you to own an awesome travel site for your business.

Highlight Features:

  • Full solution for Tour and Travel Agency site. No empty link, no broken link.
  • Clean, modern, neat design can be used for any type of travel website
  • WordPress 4 Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • SEO Optimized ( also compatible with SEO Plugins ) Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10 ~ IE11
  • 100% Responsive Theme
  • Comes with the Visual Composer, most awesome visual page builder for WordPress
  • 1-6 Column Support
  • 7+ Home Versions, 6+ Header styles
  • Parallax Feature and Video Section for any page
  • Awesome CSS3 animations for every modules
  • Child Theme Compatible includes basic child theme
  • Strong focus on design and typography, usability and overall user-experience.
  • JQuery Enhancements
  • Includes Icons Fonts, more than 600 retina ready icons included!

Advanced Customization / Themes Options

  • Customize Every part of the website using the Styling options.
  • Unlimited Colors options, you can customize your website to match your colors.
  • Easily change Font and Font size.
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features

Aventura & Visual Composer

  • Aventura include the Visual Composer, Currently the most famous WordPress page builder
  • We made 25 Modules for the Visual Page builder, you will be able to customize anything you want super easily, never code
  • Change style ( design ) and color of any modules super easily
  • Easily create stunning pages using our awesome modules.
  • All you see on our demo is built only with the Visual Composer modules

Popular Plugin Compatible

  • WPML plugin ready
  • Contact Form 7 ready with full design integration
  • Slider Revolution with full design integration
  • Visual Composer Ready
  • Newsletter Plugin Ready

WooCommerce compatible

  • Plugin ready with full design integration
  • Custom Visual Composer Modules to display your products
  • Custom layout for your shop pages
  • Custom design for single product pages
  • Display products based on category, SKU, sale, featured, newest etc
  • WooCommerce shortcodes are included in the visual composer.

Unlimited Color Options

  • Extremely detailed styling tab in theme options
  • Unlimited Color Options / Skins with backend and front end Color Picker
  • Full Color Customizations change every element with ease including all Visual Composer Modules.

Advanced Blog Options

  • 6 Layouts to choose from : Classic, Grid (2,3,4 column), Fullwith then grid, Sidebar version.
  • All layouts can have left or right sidebar or be full width
  • 6 post types ( video, audio, gallery, image, standard )
  • Set up multiple blog pages and set custom categories per page using blog module
  • Select a slider to show on blog page
  • Auto generated thumbnails
  • Easily specify the number of items per page
  • Post sharing with social icons
  • Threaded Comments
  • Tons of options to add remove data, excerpt, related post etc

Custom Page Templates & Page Options Included

  • Customize each and every page easily
  • Possibility to Use Slider on every page
  • Left / Right Sidebar page
  • Full with page
  • Built-In 404 page
  • Great designed search page

Advanced Typography Options

  • Use Google Fonts or Standard fonts
  • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
  • Set different font sizes for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, header, dropdown etc
  • Set different colors for all fonts
  • Set font-size, line-height, font-weight for each font type as well

Advanced Background Options

  • Choose Color of upload custom background image
  • Set Parallax background
  • Full width sections also allow background images with parallax
  • Page title bar background or custom bar title background


Version 2.7.5 15/12/2022

     + Update Revo Slider version 6.6.7     + Update WooCommerce latest version     + Update Footer for Home Slider 

Version 2.7.4 24/10/2022

     + Add Back to top button     + Update Revo Slider version 6.6.4     + Update Aventura plugin version 1.5.0     + Update Visual Composer 6.10.0     + Fix waring breadcrumb     + Fix Tour duration in search element     + Fix SEO H1 in Blog detail, Destination detail     + Fix Tour contact form mobile style 

Version 2.7.3 05/09/2022

     + Add option show/hide Tour type, Duration, Guide in Tour detail     + Add Booking button in single tour full width     + Add config max days in tour search form     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.31     + Update Aventura plugin version 1.4.9     + Fix responsive font size in mobile     + Fix calendar in Admin Dashboard/Tours/Orders 

Version 2.7.2 26/07/2022

     + Fix Error with Redux latest version.     + Add option show/hide End Date in tour archive, tour detail.     + Remove meta description     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.25 

Version 2.7.1 08/06/2022

     + Add option show/hide Views in grid tour     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.24     + Update WooCommerce latest version     + Fix Availability date when departure date empty 

Version 2.7 20/04/2022

     + Add warning message when customer  booking exceed the maximum number config     + Add Booking with custom form (use contact form 7)     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.20     + Update Visual Composer 6.9.0     + Update Aventura plugin version 1.4.8     + Fix update tour cart page     + Fix tour confirm page 

Version 2.6 18/03/2022

     + Add Order option element Destination     + Add Next, Preview button element Destination type 2     + Add center Footer bottom when hidden logo.     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.19     + Update Aventura plugin version 1.4.7     + Fix Tour cart when enable WOO-integration     + Fix Tour checkout when enable WOO-integration 

Version 2.5 09/02/2022

     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.15     + Fix Tour detail slider     + Fix Tour filter     

Version 2.4 18/01/2022

     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.14     + Update WPBakery Page Builder version 6.8.0     + Update Aventura plugin version 1.4.6     + Related tour by category     + Tour detail date format     + Add option change tour archive permalink     + Add option hide destination tour detail     + Add option disable tour thumbnail url     + Add option disable destination thumb url     + Fix Translate issues 

Version 2.3 05/12/2021

     + Add height option for Tour detail slider     + Add show book or view detail in Archive and Tour element     + Add show hide Departure date and Tour length in filter     + Fix filter in Tour category page     + Fix show top bar Header version 11     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.5.11 

Version 2.2 19/11/2021

     + Add option change icon cart in Header     + Add option config limit Excerpt in Blog page     + Fix change color Button Slider     + Fix import data demo     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.5.10 

Version 2.1 05/10/2021

     + Fixed Order info when customer book tour.     + Update Revo Slider version 6.5.8 

Version 2.0 04/09/2021

     + Compatible with PHP8     + Update Visual Composer 6.7.0     + Update Aventura Plugin version 1.4.4     + Update Option order by date default in Tour list, grid options 

Version 1.9.9 25/08/2021

     + Update WooCommerce latest version     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.5.6     + Update Visual Composer 6.7.0     + Updated Aventura Plugin version 1.4.3 

Version 1.9.8 18/06/2021

     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.5.0     + Updated Aventura Plugin version 1.4.2     + Updated WooCommerce latest version     + Fixed Newsletter style     + Fixed Destination element style     + Fixed Popular Tour element style 

Version 1.9.7 08/04/2021

     + Fix The compiler hook has run! in theme options     + Fix display title in edit post     + Fix front end show Jan 1, 1970 when empty tour date     + Fix save iframe Itinerary in tour detail     + Fix space Destination element in Aventura plugin     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.4.6     + Update Visual Composer 6.6.0 

Version 1.9.6 04/01/2021

     + Fix install data demo     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.3.5     + Update Visual Composer 6.5.0 

Version 1.9.5 14/10/2020

     + Fix js errors in WordPress 5.6     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.3.3     + Update Visual Composer 6.4.2 

Version 1.9.4 10/07/2020

     + Added Tour detail new slider     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.2.15     + Updated Aventura Plugin version 1.4.0     + Fixed center header item when logo larger 

Version 1.9.3 19/06/2020

     + Updated Revo Slider version 6.2.12     + Updated VisualComposer version 6.2     + Update WooCommerce latest version     + Update Aventura Plugin version 1.3.9     + Fixed Customer email when book tour     + Fixed style quote element home version 6     + Remove icon when top header empty 

Version 1.9.2 11/05/2020

 - Added Home version 11. 

Version 1.9.1 25/04/2020

 - Updated Plazart installation version 1.0.2 

Version 1.9 08/03/2020

 - Fixed import demo data.     - Fixed header style when logo too large.     - Fixed price discount in checkout page.     - Remove require field (company name, state, postcode, address, town/city).     - Update WooCommerce. 

Version 1.8.9 16/12/2019

     + Added Home Version 9     + Updated Aventura Plugin v1.3.8: Added the following new elements         + Added Latest Posts type 2         + Added Counter -> No Icon type 2         + Added Feature Tour type 8         + Added Quote new type  

Version 1.8.8 18/11/2019

     + Added Home Version 8     + Updated SilderRevolution Plugin 6.1.5     + Updated Aventura Plugin v1.3.7: Added the following new elements         + Slide Images         + VC - Woocommerce         + List Category         + List Tags         + Banner Item         + Button Aventura  

Version 18/10/2019

     + Fixed payment by Paypal  

Version 1.8.7 05/10/2019

     + Added Home Version 7     + Updated one click install data demo     + Update Visual Composer latest version      + Update Revoslider latest version     + Updated Aventura Plugin v1.3.6 

Version 1.8.6 14/06/2019

     + Added Home Version 6     + Added Carousel Slider element     + Added TZ Quote element     + Added Search Tour Element Type 2     + Added Destination Element type 6     + Added Header Type 6     + Added Footer Type 3      + Added Article Element Type 2     + Added Newsletter Type 3     + Updated WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.3      + Updated Aventura Plugin v1.3.4. 

Version 1.8.5 12/15/2018

     + Fixed the error of Review tab in Tour Detail and removed the rating of the Admin's reply.     + Fixed the error of missing fields in database when updating theme     + Changed the description of Cash Method in Tour Checkout.     + Fixed the booking error when the total people booking a tour exceeds the maximum people allowed for this tour.     + Added back the wpml-config.xml file.     + Updated Aventura Plugin v1.3.3. 

Version 1.8.4 12/07/2018

 + Fixed the error that could not open sub-menu items on iPad when scrolling the page.     + Removed required marks for some fields (Company Name, Address, Town / City, State and Postcode) on Tour Checkout page.     + Removed the line "Exceed the maximum number of people for this tour. The number of seats available is " when changing a combo on Tour Cart page and Manage People option is disabled.     + Made the arrows on Tour Cart clickable.     + Fixed the responsive problem with the "Tour Type" field in Search Tour element.     + Fixed the responsive problem of Tour Cart page.     + Fixed bug change color.     + Updated data One-Click.     + Updated outdated WooCommerce files and compatible with WooCommerce v.3.5.2.     + Updated Visual Composer Plugin v5.6. 

Version 1.8.3 08/15/2018

  + Added Cart icon to menu. 

Version 1.8.2 07/31/2018

  + Removed the strange sentence in WooCommerce Checkout page.  + Edited Copyright option for adding link to copyright line.  + Added Choose Menu option in Header Options for adding an extra navigation or custom link to the Top Bar of header type 1 & header type 3   + Updated Aventura Plugin v1.3.2. 
  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.3.0.  + Update plugin Revolution Slider v5.4.7.4.  + Update manage people in tour.  + Update content email confirm : show info order and customer.  + Update change language and option week starts on for datepicker.  + Update responsive tour single page on mobile, booking form after content tour.  + Update option show/hide for section newsletter.  + Update file language.  + Fix options blog single don't work. 
 + Remove strange code in file 404.php 
  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2.9.  + Fix issue search field duration in home page don't work.  + Fix issue the plugin contains no files when install plugin TZ Instagram Widget and Vafpress Post Formats UI.  + Fix issue field in booking form don't work on safari.  + Add currency British Pound (GBP).  + Update options insert subject and content email confirm. 

Version 1.7.1 03/28/2018

  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2.8:  + Update option orderby and order for element Feature Tour.  + Update plugin Visual Composer v5.4.7  + Update plugin Revolution Slider v5.4.7.2  + Fix issue load image tour when rotate device ( mobile or table ) on page Tour.  + Fix issue don't show tour when use multi language.  + Fix select date don't show in booking popup.  + Update style and auto close for calendar  + Update option show/hide for booking head,booking form and contact form for each Tour. 
  + Update support payment tour with woocommerce.  + Update shop use plugin Woocommerce.  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2.7  + Update plugin Revolution Slider v5.4.7.1  + Update file language 

Version 1.6.6 03/01/2018

  + Update allow add time and select time departure for tour.  + Update allow add tour combo and select tour combo for tour.  + Update tour can select multi destination.  + Update show description for tour category.  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2.6  + Fix issue input and select box display incorrect on ie. 

Version 1.6.3 13/12/2017

  + Update Right-to-Left Language Support  + Update plugin Visual Composer v5.4.5  + Update plugin Revolution Slider v5.4.6.4 

Version 1.6.2 22/11/2017

  + Update plugin Visual Composer v5.4.4.  + Update plugin Revolution Slider v5.  + Fixed error with List & Grid option in Theme Option that the Filter Search Form did not work correctly. 

Version 1.6 13/11/2017

  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2.5  + Update Tour type external  + Update file language  + Add option for booking form in page Tour Detail  
  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2.3  + Update plugin Revolution Slider v5.4.6.2  + Update page Login and Register.  + Fix issue empty price ( adult price and child price ).  + Fix issue when number of adults or child is negative.  + Fix issue options show/hide tabs ( itinerary, location, reviews ) not working in page Single Tour.  + Fix issue loading. 
   + New Home Page version 5  + New Header Type 5 ( Header slide with form search tour ).  + New Newsletter Type 2  + New Footer Type 2  + Update plugin Aventura Plugin v1.2  + Update Plugin Visual Composer v5.4  

Version 1.3 02/10/2017

   + Update Page Destination Detail.  + Update Page Tour Detail.  + Update Plugin Visual Composer v5.3  
  + Fixed issue One-click demo install : Don't import widget in footer 1, footer 2 and footer 4 + Update Plugin Aventura Plugin v1.1.1 + Update option max price filter and min price filter in theme options + Update document.  

Version 1.2 22/9/2017

  + Update Plugin Aventura Plugin v1.1 : + Add Design Options, Extra class name for All Elements. + Add Limit Items for Element Latest Tour,Testimonials,Featured Tour. + Add Slide Options for Elements(Destination,Featured Tour,Latest Tour,Banner Slider,Customer,Testimonials). + Add Image Size for Element(Destination,Featuread Tour,Articles,Latest Tour). + Add Label Link for Element(Destination,Featuread Tour,Articles).  + Fix Date Featured Tour.  + Update icon service in Element Servicer. + Update Header Options in Theme Options + Update Header Page Options and Breadcrumb Page Options in Page.  

Version 1.1 19/9/2017

  + Update One-click demo install.  + Update Theme Color option.  + Update Typography option.  + Update Plugin Visual Composer v5.2.1  + Update Plugin Revolution Slider v5.4.6 

Version 1.2.1 27/9/2017

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