BoomBox Viral Magazine WordPress Theme Theme


Boombox is all-purpose viral magazine theme with a top-notch design and extremely customisable layout, full of viral snacks and exclusive features, powered by the most powerful viral content builder. Populate news, listicles, polls or quizzes, spread them via social sharing, trending, reactions and up/down voting systems, drive bloggers community and monetise with any type of ads. Go viral right now!

IMPORTANT: Boombox V2 Migration Guide


lists, gif, viral, social sharing, rtl magazine, blog, quiz, poll, reactions, gallery, trending

Extremely Customisable Layout & Design

  • Enhanced WordPress Customiser options
  • Full Width or Boxed layouts
  • Unlimited 2 layer header layout and behaviour variations
  • 2 layer footer with 3 widget area
  • Shape patterns for header and footer (e.g. rags, clouds, grass, none)
  • Advanced sidebars management
  • 8 post listing types with infinite scroll, “load more” or numeric pagination
  • 2 size of post strip slider & 3 types of featured posts area
  • Fully customisable colour scheme, styles & fonts
  • Hide/Show any element on any page
  • Create prototype of BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, 9Gag or any other viral magazine

Configurable Posts Ranking System

  • 4 post ranking types: Views, Shares, Upvotes, Comments
  • Configure trending criteria by one of the 4 ranking types
  • Trending (24 hours), Hot (last 7 days) & Popular (last 30 days)
  • Trending, Hot & Popular fancy badges
  • Generate Most Viewed, Most Shared, Most Voted & Most Discussed post lists
  • Create pages of best post lists by any criteria within different period of time
  • Configure all sections of post lists by one of 4 criteria (featured posts, strips, widgets)

Engaging Reaction Voting System

  • Let visitors vote with reactions just after reading
  • Highlight 2 most frequent reactions on post
  • Engage other visitors by showing fancy reaction badges
  • Custom colour options for reaction badges
  • 24 reaction emojis 2 hand handcrafted set
  • Possibility to add custom reaction emojis (svg files)
  • Create post lists by reaction categories
  • Set minimal reaction score for classifying post under that reaction
  • Set maximal reaction types count per vote
  • Restrict voting by login or just by visitor IP

Attractive Multipurpose Badges

  • Category badges (e.g. quiz, poll, music, videos etc.)
  • Create any badge with 600+ icons
  • Reaction badges with texts or emojis (e.g. lol, omg, wtf, geeky etc.)
  • 24 reaction emojis 2 hand handcrafted set
  • Possibility to add custom reaction emojis (svg files)
  • Trending, Hot and Popular badges
  • Independently set custom colours to all type of badges
  • Create badges navigation
  • Disable any type of badges

Zombify Front-end Uploader is included

  • Enable frontend submissions & build bloggers community
  • Simple News and Numbered Listicles
  • Open / Ranked Lists with voting
  • Personality Quiz, Trivia Quiz and Polls
  • Audio and Video Formats
  • Social Media Embeds
  • Meme generator and more
  • Moderation System

Powerful Social Sharing System

  • Powered by MashShare plugin
  • Clear call to action buttons
  • Fully customisable styles
  • Editable buttons labels
  • Sticky sharing bar
  • Adjustable share buttons positions
  • Fake share counts for easy start
  • 25+ networks possibility via Mashshare add-on (including WhatsApp for mobile)
  • Force to share quiz before seeing result with Viralpress

Ads Everywhere with WP QUADS plugin

  • ads injected into post lists
  • ads in sidebar with sticky option
  • ad before/after the header area
  • ad before/after the content area
  • ad before the “You may also like” section
  • ad before the “More from” section
  • ad before the “Don’t miss” section
  • ad before the comments section
  • ad in footer widget area
  • ads in locations like “before the article first paragraph” etc…

Other Features

  • SEO optimised
  • W3 valid / semantically correct HTML Code
  • Cross browser compatible (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc.)
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • RTL support
  • WPML support
  • Advanced GIF control
  • Upvotes and Downvotes
  • Newsletter with MailChimp subscriptions
  • All Social Media Icons from Font Awesome
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Contact Form 7 support


  • Migration Guide for Boombox V2
 // v2.8.5 - 08.12.2022 -    Update: WordPress 6.1.x support -    Update: FB share button is removed from the badge reward modal due to api new limitations. -    Improvement: Facebook embeds (Zombify) -    Fixed: Background image url option doesn't work -    Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.8.4 - 06.04.2022 -    New: Added support for BuddyPress membership invitations -    Update: Recommended PHP requirement is changed to v7.4 -    Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Support for CloudConvert API v2 (Zombify) -    Fixed: Post date format in the AMP version -    Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.8.3 - 14.12.2021 -    New: Dark/Light mode logo option addded -    Fixed: Minor fixes on the dark mode  -    Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version  // v2.8.2 - 09.11.2021 -    New: NSFW functionality for the AMP version added -    Fixed: Logo for the AMP version -    Fixed: Minor front-end fixes -    Fixed: BuddyPress notifications for the openlist (Zombify) -    Improvement: minor front-end improvements (Zombify)  // v2.8.1 - 20.09.2021 -    Fixed: AMP support minor fixes -    Fixed: Deprecated functions in BuddyPress -    Fixed: Dark / Light minor color fixes (Gamify) -    Fixed: "Vine" icon removed from embeds (Zombify) -    Fixed: "Vidme" icon removed from embeds (Zombify) -    Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.8.0 - 03.08.2021 -    Update: WordPress 5.8 support -    Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: "Gamify" plugin v1.3.1 (minor fixes) -    Improvement: "Zombify" plugin v1.6.5 (instagram embed bug fix) -    Improvement: "Boombox theme extensions" plugin v1.6.8 -    New: "TikTok" support for boombox social icons -    Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.7.9 - 10.06.2021 -    Improvement: Dashboard minor improvements -    New: Post Ranking System reset option is added -    New: ESSB share settings are added to the native Boombox pop-up -    Update: Instagram API updated for embedding content  // v2.7.8 - 21.04.2021 -    Improvement: Translation strings Updates   // v2.7.7 - 19.04.2021 -    Update: WooCommerce Mini Cart template -    Fix: Single post template, related articles section: ads appearance fixes -    Improvement: Kirki customizer minor fonts optimizations -    Fix on Zombify: Covertation fixes for CloudConvert with Amazon S3  // v2.7.6 - 31.03.2021 -    Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Fix: Google reCaptcha front-end fixes -    Improvement: minor improvements  // v2.7.5 - 03.03.2021 -    Fix: Get embed data from URL for Twitch embeds  // v2.7.4 - 02.03.2021 -    Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Auto-load Next Post plugin compatibility fixes -    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin compatibility fixes for the Front-end Editor  -    Improvement: Twitch embedding for post listing types without thumbnails -    New on Zombify: Added description for countdown items in AMP version -    New on Zombify: Added support for Twitch Clips  // v2.7.3 - 26.01.2021 -    Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement on Zombify: Integration Post create/update front page with WPML   -    Improvement on Zombify: Twitch embed updated to the Twitch API changes -    Improvement on Zombify: Twitch Application ID and Twitch Application Secret fields are added to the Zombify Settings  // v2.7.2 - 21.12.2020 -    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Theme capability information added  // v2.7.1 - 15.12.2020 -    Fix: WordPress 5.6 compatibility fixes -    Fix: Facebook Comments Plugin reinstal -    Fix: Paginated post small fixes -    Fix: Facebook Embed -    Fix: Post Formats assignment to user roles -    Improvement: WordPress Dashboard small improvements -    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version  // v2.7.0 - 10.11.2020 -    Fix: WordPress 5.5.3 compatibility fixes  // v2.6.9 - 05.11.2020 -    New: WP media file attachment template /SEO orientated improvement/ -    Fix: Icons -    Fix: video mute/unmute button   // v2.6.8 - 30.10.2020 -    Fix: Customizer fixes -    Fix: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress update fixes  // v2.6.7 - 29.10.2020 -    Improvement: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: H1 added to the archive pages when the title is hidden -    New: Discord was added to Boombox socials -    Fixed: Customizer/Home/Main - Share Bar Elements - now always shown -    Improvement on Zombify: minor Front-end improvements -    Fixed on Zombify: Paginated posts bug for lists post formats   // v2.6.6 - 01.10.2020 -    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Customizer UX improvements -    New: An option to hide "Compose" button added -    Fixed: BuddyPress dark mode styling  // v2.6.5 - 03.09.2020 -    Improvement: Zombify plugin for Boombox updated to the latest version -    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin updated to the latest version -    Improvement: BuddyPress plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement: WooCommerce for WordPress updated to the latest version -    Improvement and fixes: Easy Social Share Buttons compatibility fixes -    Improvement: WooCommerce compatibility fixes -    Improvement: Auto-responding email translation improvements -    Improvement: Date format options -    Improvement: Customizer UX improvements -    Improvement: Boombox socials notice -    Improvement: Featured labels section UX improvements -    New: Options to include Header layers to dark/light mode -    Improvement Zombify: MEME UX notice added -    Improvement Zombify: Translations -    Fixed Zombify: Ranked/Open Lists post date formats -    New Zombify: New WebM video format uploading option  // v2.6.4 - 14.08.2020 -    Improvements and fixes: WordPress 5.5. compatibility fixes  // v2.6.3 - 30.07.2020 -    Improvements: WooCommerce updated to the latest version -    Improvements: LiteSpeed Cache Plugin compatibility improvements -    New: the ability to add a custom label for Menu items -    New: added titles to “Post Listing Type”  Customiser and Dashboard -    Fixed: scroll issue with the open modal -    Fixed: user IP detection  removed restrictions for specific IP’s -    Fixed: “counter” validation in shortcode download -    Fixed: AMP post metadata bug -    New: Zombify  Affiliate button text on Open List and Ranked List now editable -    Fixed: Zombify - Pinterest embed videos fixes -    Fixes: Zombify minor styling fixes  // v2.6.2 - 11.06.2020 - New: TikTok embed option added to Zombify - Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version - Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin updated to the latest version - Fixed: WP Social Login and Boombox native login compatibility issue - Fixed: Twitter callback URL configuration update for Social Login - Fixed: Date format change possibility added for AMP pages - Fixed: Dark mode bug fixes - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.6.1 - 07.04.2020 - Improvement: Compatible with WordPress v5.4  - Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version - Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin updated to the latest version - Improvement: Updated WooCommerce templates - Improvement: reCAPTCHA v3 support added - Improvement: Option to hide the "To Top" button - Improvement: Option to add a custom "Check It Out" button text for affiliate posts - Fixed: Zombify post type default categories now appear for new posts - Fixed: Dark Mode Bugs - Fixed: Multiple Minor fixes  // v2.6.0.2 - 27.11.2019 - Fixed: Minor fixes  // v2.6.0.1 - 10.10.2019 - Fixed: Bug fixes  // v2.6.0 - 02.10.2019 - New: Dark Mode - Improvement: Adjust the theme according to the updated WordPress requirements - Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version - Improvement: Updated WooCommerce templates - Fixed: WooCommerce customizer issue with changing the number of columns - Fixed: W3C Total Cache minify option causing error in the AMP version - Fixed: Issue with user roles on Zombify when logged out - Fixed: Image issue on iOS devices (z-index) - Fixed: Search results page issue - Fixed: Poll voting issue related to z-index - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.9 - 29.04.2019 - Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version - Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress updated to the latest version - Improvement: WhatsApp added to Boombox Socials - Improvement: Reviewed and updated the template files of the latest version of WooCommerce - Improvement: Optimized some of the WooCommerce features for the theme - Improvement: Added more options for image sizes - Fixed: Issue with ranking pages saving post listing type - Fixed: Issue with infinite scroll (posts loaded too early) - Fixed: LiteSpeed Cache plugin issue related to Zombify - Fixed: target="_blank” vulnerability issue (rel="noopener noreferrer" attribute added) - Fixed: Issue translating certain blocks of the theme - Fixed: Issue with applying discount coupons - Fixed: Single Post Breadcrumb Google Scheme validation issue - Fixed: Optimized Zombify poll type for the card layout - Fixed: Issue related to voting process in poll type - Fixed: ESSB fake share count compatibility issue with real time update counter - Fixed: Issue with rank images not appearing on the leaderboard page - Fixed: Compatibility issue with the "Featured Image by URL" plugin - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.8.1 - 27.12.2018 - Improvement: Gamify plugin: 2 new references for upvote and downvote - Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress: updated to the latest version - Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder: updated to the latest version - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.8 - 05.10.2018 - Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress: updated to the latest version - Improvement: Auto Load Next Post plugin: updated to the latest version - Fixed: WP Rocket plugin: issue related to voting system - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.7.1 - 17.08.2018 - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.7 - 17.08.2018 - Improvement: Wp Quads plugin: added 2 new positions - Sticky Bottom Area (Desktop/Mobile) - Improvement: Added option for opening Article Source and Via link in the new window - Improvement: Gamify plugin: added new hook - Points for every X votes - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.6 - 16.07.2018 - New: Demo - Advertimer - New: separate page with countdown option for downloading item  - New: added frontend password reset functionality  - Improvement: added password strength meter - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.5.1 - 28.06.2018 - Fixed: Ranking system issue related to LiteSpeed Cache plugin - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.5 - 08.06.2018 - New: Added GDPR compliance options - New: Option for changing color of address bar in mobile browser - Improvement: MyCred plugin: default badge image activated - Fixed: Zombify plugin: audio player doesn't show after uploading file - Fixed: Loco translation plugin doesn't effect to Zombify plugin's texts - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.4 - 31.05.2018 - New: Custom logo for category posts - Improvement: WpBakery plugin: added hide elements options for Boombox listing element - Fixed: Zombify plugin doesn't work with Safari 11 - Fixed: Zombify plugin: issue related to scheduled posts publishing date - Fixed: Single Post: issue related to Gif icon that appeared on the images - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.3.1 - 21.05.2018 - Fixed: BuddyPress plugin: error message on leaderboard and submissions pages - Fixed: Gamify plugin: can’t translate some texts  // v2.5.3 - 18.05.2018 - Improvement: Media width option in Zombify plugin settings - Improvement: Sidebar option for Woocommerce product page - Fixed: Wp Quads pro plugin: Before Content Theme Area ad in single post option doesn't work - Fixed: In paginated posts missing featured image is missing in all next pages - Fixed: Can't remove added badge for category - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.2 - 08.05.2018 - Fixed: Facebook plugin - issue related to installation process - Fixed: Update ESSB plugin - issue related to post share function - Fixed: Floating Navbar doesn't deactivate - Fixed: WPBakery doesn't properly work - Fixed: Custom reaction color functions doesn't work - Fixed: Categories filter function doesn't properly work - Fixed: Structured data warning - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.5.1 - 28.04.2018 - Fixed: Facebook Comments plugin download url doesn't work - Fixed: Infinite scroll option doesn't properly work - Fixed: Sticky bar option doesn't properly work - Fixed: Single post hide elements options don't properly work - Fixed: Multiple post release fixes and improvements  // v2.5.0 - 25.03.2018 - New: Single post templates - New: Sponsored Articles - New: WP Galleries with affiliate links - New: Breadcrumbs  - New: Post Average Reading time  - New: Material cards style - New: Credit / via option for entire article - New: Remember me checkbox in login popup - New: Fontawesome 5 Inegration - New: Custom Activiy Icons Set - New: Support for LiteSpeed Cache plugin - New: Leaderboard filters (Gamify) - Improvement: Post format icon position - Improvement: Single post pagitnation - Improvement: Post formatting styles - Fixed: Product Review Stars Not Showing  - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes  // v2.1.5 - 20.03.2018 - New: Logo Margin Top / Margin Bottom options  - Improvement: Instagram embed video integration on steam / classic lists  - Improvement: Option for contributors to delete their own draft posts - Improvement: AMP style size is reduced - Fix: GIFs issue on iOS  - Fix: Warning notices on Woocommerce pages - Fix: Missing "Check it out" button for affiliate post in AMP version - Multiple minor fixes  // v2.1.4 - 15.02.2018 - Improvement: Corrections in theme activation process - Fixed: NSFW posts view is broken - Fixed: CloudConvert API minor fixes - Fixed: Open lists / new item upload isn't working properly - Minor fixes  // v2.1.3 - 13.02.2018 - New: NSFW options (customise->extras->NSFW) - New: Featured Author widget (Gamify plugin) - New: Badge and Rank reward notification popup (Gamify plugin) - Improvement: WooCommerce 3.3.1 support - Fixed: NSFW posts aren't properly hidden - Fixed: CloudConvert lib vulnerability issues - Fixed: Video/mp4 issues uploaded via Zombify - Minor fixes  // v2.1.2 - 28.01.2018 - New: Separate burger menu locations - New: Button for regenerating trending, hot and popular lists - New: Separate options to hide related posts sections on AMP - Improvement: WooCommerce cards style integration - Improvement: NSWF posts integration with WPML plugin - Fixed: Videos doesn't load properly - Fixed: Customiser color picker issue - Fixed: Infinite scroll / duplicated posts issue - Fixed: Cards style unwanted margins - Multiple minor fixes  // v2.1.1 - 13.01.2018 - Fixed: One Click Demo importer issues - Fixed: Post titles doesn't appear on strip - Fixed: WP Rocket plugin compatibility issues - Fixed: Google Recapcha doesn't work on contact form - Fixed: Visual Composer post listing filters doesn't work - Fixed: Icons alignment issues when Visual Composer is activated - Fixed: Achievements tab pagination (Gamify / Buddypress) - Multiple minor fixes  // v2.1.0 - 29.12.2017 (major update) - New: Demo - Gifdom - New: Demo - Buzzy (recreation) - New: gifs integration in Masonry Grid listings - New: gifs integration in Featured Area - New: smart media placeholder (better ux during the page load) - New: "Mixed List" listing type (see Buzzy demo) - New: Single post template card style integration - New: "Hide title" option for posts listings - Major improvement: Zombify AMP styles optimisation (before: 30kb, after: 9kb) - Fixed: Gamify / Buddypress dark mode issues - Multiple minor fixes  // v2.0.4 - 22.12.2017 - New: "Before featured area" ad location - New: "After featured area" ad location - New: "Inside header" ad location - Fixed: AMP style size issue - Fixed: Unwanted space on disabled ad areas - Fixed: WP Quad Pro notices - Fixed: Ad areas are missing for Home page - Fixed: Header composition with centred logo doesn't work - Fixed: RTL issues on mobile - Fixed: Some icons are misaligned when VC is used - Multiple minor fixes  // v2.0.3 - 15.12.2017 - Fixed: Reaction badges color doesn't apply on AMP pages - Fixed: V2 Trending Icon isn't included on AMP icon pack - Fixed: WP Quad Pro doesn't active on all pages - Fixed: Ad areas are missing for Home page - Fixed: Time interval post loop option is missing for Home page - Fixed: Activation doesn't work if theme is white labeled - Multiple minor fixes  // v2.0.2 - 12.12.2017 - Fixed: Error appears during page update - Fixed: Gamify plugin installation issues - Fixed: Multiple minor fixes and adjustments  // v2.0.1 - 12.12.2017 - Fixed: boombox_social_links depricated function throw an error - Improvement: Automatic migration process improvement  // v2.0.0 - 12.12.2017 (major update) - New: Demo - "Dash"  - New: Smart Header Builder (drag & drop) + multiple new options - New: Standalone Mobile Header Builder (drag & drop) + multiple new options - New: Gamify - Advanced myCRED extension (exclusive new plugin) - New: Buddypress Redesign - New: Buddypress: Achievements tab - New: Buddypress: Private leaderboard tab - New: Buddypress: Points history tab - New: WPQUADS PRO - New: AMP Ads - New: Visual Composer - New: bbPress Support - New: Featured Area Types - New: Sidebar Types(including 2 sidebar layouts) - New: Masonry Grid: Boxed - New: Masonry Grid: Stretched - New: Sidebar Navigation Widget - New: Background Style: Cards - New: Featured Labels Navigation - New: Archive Header types - New: Archive filters - New: Page Header types - New: Enhanced Strip Configuration - New: Smart Sticky Header options - New: Theme Activation Process - Major Improvement: Customiser options rebuild - Major Improvement: Enhanced single page meta options - Major Improvement: Optimisation of Boombox core - Major Improvement: Documentation Rewrite (currently in progress) - Improvement: Redesigned UI - Improvement: ESSB 5.2 - Improvement: Zombify: Function to control permission for uploading open list items - Improvement: Zombify: Option for disable open list comments - Fixed: Zombify: Multiple minor fixes  // v1.9.5.3 - 05.10.2017 - Improvement: option to disable account activation process in popup registration form - Fixed: image / video files validation issues in Zombify plugin - Fixed: facebook embed video integration on steam / classic lists - Fixed: Zombify plugin default settings aren't set on first activation - Fixed: buddypress registration radio buttons aren't properly aligned - Fixed: Input type trivia quiz - notice appears when quiz result appears - Multiple minor fixes  // v1.9.5.2 - 02.10.2017 - Fixed: Zombify post formats titles and descriptions aren't translatable - Fixed: Open list items issues - Fixed: Featured image is removed when you update post via Zombify - Fixed: "Video control" options issues - Fixed: Default meme templates images' sizes is bigger then required  // v1.9.5.1 - 30.09.2017 - Fixed: Migration error during theme activation - Fixed: Default meme templates images aren't properly optimised  // v1.9.5.0 - 29.09.2017 (major update)  Boombox Theme: - New: New demo - "Readly"  - New: Video format integration for Classic and Stream listing types - New: WPML support - New: "3 small posts" featured area type - Improvement: Renewed mobile design - Improvement: ESSB v5 support - Improvement: "AMP for WP" plugin v0.5 support - Improvement: View tracking on AMP pages via "amp analytics" extension - Improvement: Instant Articles subtitle support - Improvement: Buddypress user account activation process is integrated with popup registration form - Fixed: Auto Load Next Post plugin integration issues - Fixed: Reactions "max count per vote" option doesn't work - Multiple minor fixes  Zombify Frontend Uploader Plugin: - New: Meme templates directory - New: Input type Trivia Quiz - New: Countdown post format - New: Publish date control for Admins and Editors - New: embed video support - Improvement: Froala editor is updated - Fixed: Paginated list doesn't work with Instant Articles - Multiple optimisations and fixes  // v1.9.1.1 - 20.09.2017 - Fixed: WordPress v4.8.2 compatibility  // v1.9.1 - 02.08.2017 - New: "Random" posts listing condition - New: Daily limit option of post submitting for contributors (Zombify plugin) - New: "Sign Up" button custom URL option (in customise->authentication) - Improvement: Yoast SEO post words count detection support for Zombify posts - Fixed: Views don't count on AMP pages - Fixed: CloudConverter triggered twice when used "get by url" option - Fixed: Tick icon doesn't appear on AMP polls - Fixed: Quizzes don't share results on Facebook - Fixed: Google plus embed doesn't work stable - Minor fixes.  // v1.9.0.2 - 17.07.2017 - Fixed: Facebook Instant Articles custom rules don't apply properly (Zombify) - Fixed: Post Ranking System doesn't fetch current lists until it's regenerated in 24h. - Minor fixes.  // v1.9.0 - 15.07.2017  Zombify Frontend Uploader Plugin: - New: AMP Support - New: AMP Polls advanced support - New: AMP Open / Ranked Lists advanced support - New: Facebook Instant Articles Support - New: Enhanced CloudConverter Integration for GIF format (Zombify->Api connect->CloudConvert) - New: Wordfence security plugin support - New: Post format ordering option in plugin settings - New: Buddypress notification (including email) to user when submitted post is published - Fixed: MP4 and MP3 upload - Fixed: MP4 video controls doesn't show up - Fixed: Open list images not always showing up - Fixed: Not all affiliate links has "nofollow" attribute - Fixed: "Submissions" tab's post ordering doesn't apply to all posts - Improvement: JS and CSS files load optimisation - Improvement: Embeds output approach - Overall minor UI / UX improvements  Boombox Theme: - New: AMP Support (brand new design) - New: AMP ESSB & Mashshare sharing plugins integration - New: Facebook Instant Articles Support - New: "Views count scale" option - e.g. 1 view counted as 3 ( in Customise->Post Ranking System) - Improvement: Attachment template Previous / Next Buttons - Improvement: Excluding featured area's posts from main post listing - Minor fixes and optimisations  // v1.8.2 - 25.05.2017 - New: Daylimotion support in boombox advanced fields "video url"  - Improved: WooCommerce 3.0 support improvement - Improved: nofollow is added to affiliate button link - Fixed: Mediaelement js error  - Fixed: H1 heading appears twice on post single - Fixed: ESSB plugin error during installation - Fixed: Via field is missing in story / image (Zombify) - Fixed: Image upload via Froala doesn't work properly (Zombify) - Fixed: Open / Ranked lists items template issues (Zombify) - Fixed: "Choose a format" string isn't translatable (Zombify) - Fixed: Multiple conversions during GIF upload (Zombify) - Fixed: Branding colour isn't applied in popup (Zombify) - Minor fixes  // v1.8.0 - 29.04.2017 (major update)  Zombify Frontend Uploader Plugin: - New: Froala Rich Text Editor advanced integration - New: Complex Stories with Quizzes, Polls, Listicles & other formats (all optional) - New: Instant File Uploading - New: MP4 Upload for Video format (including mp4 file upload size option) - New: MP3 Upload for Audio forma (including mp3 file upload size option) - New: GIF post format with direct MP4 file upload - New: Autosave - New: Excerpt & Preface optional fields - New: Enhanced embeds functionality: facebook, reddit, tumblr, coub, imgur, vidme and more - New: Option for controlling max count of categories & tags on post - New: Options for allowed categories - Improvement: User roles permissions - Improvement: "Items per page" option for  Open / Ranked lists - Improvement: Validation errors visibility - Improvement: Better placement for Featured image upload box - Improvement: js files loading optimisations - Fixed: Translation issues - Overall minor improvements and fixes  Boombox Theme: - New: Related Posts Widget - New: Separate option for featured posts on front page - New: Icon option for "Boombox pick" widget - Improvement: Option for disabling featured image in post single by categories and tags - Improvement: WooCommerce 3.0 support - Improvement: Structured data better support - Improvement: Multiple minor speed optimisations - Fixed: ESSB plugin integration minor issues - Minor fixes 
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