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Fully wooCommerce integrated
Dark/Light Mode Switcher.
Theme Auto Update Enabled
Support Center with bbPress Forum
Unlimited Onepage & Multipage Documentations
Gutenberg Optimized
Fully WPML & RTL Compatible
GDPR Ready
Child theme included
PSDs included with Images, Graphics.

Current Version 2.0.6 View Changelogs

Docly is a powerful, responsive, and high-performance online documentation WordPress theme that can assist you quickly developing your next product’s documentation. You can effectively create documentation for documenting API, frameworks, plugins, software, templates, and any type of product. It includes a lot of elements to make your documentation interactive and efficient. This theme is completely responsive and mobile-friendly.

We designed Docly for the readers, optimizing not for page views or engagement but for reading. And it turns out that context is a vital part of learning.

Docly is not only a theme but also a package of tools for creating product documentation in the best way. Docly follows the best coding practice by maintaining w3.org standards. We developed the theme search engine friendly (SEO optimized) and perfect on any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad).

Docly Theme Features and Tools

Docly has some amazing tools that will help you build your product documentation interactively and reading-friendly. Here are some key features that make the theme better than other knowledgebase themes.

  • Dark mode switcher.
  • Font size switcher
  • Full-width and Box width container-based doc pages.
  • Article Table of contents (on this page)
  • Documentation with sticky and non-sticky header
  • Dynamic, informative pre-loader on every page
  • Footnotes for doc reference
  • Page preview tooltip
  • Directory indicator
  • Conditional content
  • Image Hotspot for pointing out the targeted parts of an image
  • Responsive Layout
  • CSS3 & HTML5 validated by w3.org standards
  • 100% Valid and Semantic coding
  • 40+ Pages
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Full-width layout
  • Syntax highlighter
  • Tabs
  • Alerts / Messages / Notes
  • Accordion
  • Lightbox
  • Tooltips
  • Carousel
  • File tree navigation
  • Table of content
  • Property tabl e
  • Article feedback
  • Easy to Customize.
  • Bootstrap 4 Responsive Framework
  • Unique and Modern Style.
  • Search Engine Optimised Code.
  • Mailchimp integrated.
  • All Modern Browser Supported.
  • Well commented code


Sources and Credits

  1. Icon Font: The Elegant Icon
  2. Icon Font: fontawesome
  3. Images Used: Freepik, Unsplash


2.0.6 (26 December 2022)

 Fixed: Parent Theme styles was not working with Child theme Fixed: Some elementor widgets color issues with dark mode 

2.0.5 (06 December 2022)

 Fixed: Search form issue solved Fixed: Single doc dark mode text color issues solved New: Added faq terms in the search result 

2.0.4 (09 September 2022)

 Integrated: BBP Core New: Voting Feature New: Private Reply feature 

2.0.3 (04 July 2022)

 Tweaked: Compatibility with EazyDocs improved Updated: Theme Settings demo content 

2.0.2 (24 June 2022)

 Tweaked: External link styled differently Tweaked: Compatibility with EazyDocs improved 

2.0.1 (14 June 2022)

 Fixed: JS console error on the docs and OnePage doc pages Fixed: Child Theme's style was not overriding the main theme's style Updated: Docly Child theme to 1.1.1 version (included in the theme package) Tweaked: Compatibility with EazyDocs improved 

2.0.0 (10 June 2022)

 Update Notice/Guide: https://tinyurl.com/2aaux85v BIG CHANGE: weDocs plugin replaced with our own EazyDocs plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/eazydocs/) Altered: OnePage Doc creation system moved to EazyDocs plugin (the old method is still working) Moved: Doc Settings removed from Theme Settings and moved all the Doc related settings to the EazyDocs plugin Tweaked: Bootstrap version upgraded to v5.1.3 from v5.0.0-beta3 

1.5.4 (7 April 2022)

 Fixed: Elementor notice about typography 

1.5.3 (21 January 2022)

 Fixed: Doc link was not working if doc slug change in the "(Docly) Docs List" WordPress widget Fixed: Forum topics page breaks if no topics found. Fixed: Docly child theme's stylesheet (style.css) was replacing the main theme's style.css (docly-child.zip included in the theme package) Tweaked: Blog single post title tag changed to h1 from h2 

1.5.2 (10 November 2021)

 New: Custom Fonts support added Fixed: Forum user profile Favorites Tweaked: Removed filters from Forum user profile page (filters is not suitable there) Tweaked: Sticky, Closed status badges added to Forum Topics 

1.5.1 (17 October 2021)

 Tweaked: Articles Title string changing option added to Theme Settings > Doc Settings Tweaked: "FAQ Tabs" Elementor widget (Category Order and Order by options added under the Filter tab) Tweaked: Post status published posts will show on doc ajax search results Fixed: Docs label was not changing along with the docs slug change from Theme Settings > Doc Settings Fixed: Github social icon was not showing Fixed: Forum Topic Replies (last reply was not showing and +1 reply count was showing in the pagination) 

1.5.0 (30 September 2021)

 New: Custom Posts options added to the Theme Settings > General page Fixed: Continue Reading Label text was not changing on Blog Grid Category layout Tweaked: Breadcrumb structure (docs section link added) Tweaked: Performance improved. wc-block-style and wc-block-vendors-style disabled by default. You can enable it from Theme Settings > Shop > Gutenberg Blocks 

1.4.9 (12 September 2021)

 New: [authors] shortcode added for viewing all authors of the website Tweaked: Header Navigation colors, Menu active/hover states Tweaked: Made the Header nav container consistent with the Doc page layout on the Doc single page Tweaked: Blog pages (featured post shadow, Post title on post details page) 

1.4.8 (11 September 2021)

 Fixed: Forum freshness (who was last active in a forum) link was not showing correctly Tweaked: Menu color made black on the Archive page. Tweaked: Author post archive page (author description shown below to the author name) 

1.4.7 (26 August 2021)

 Tweaked: wpml-config.xml file updated with still_stuck_text, help_form_link_text, doc_feedback_label Tweaked: views text made translatable 

1.4.6 (20 August 2021)

 Fixed: Theme's default brand color scheme was not showing in Firefox Fixed: Tooltip popups were not appearing. Fixed: Author links of Forum Reply on Forum Topic page Tweaked: wp-custom.js file merged to main.js file in the docly > assets > js folder Tweaked: Shop (product image linked in shop page, product gallery border color changed to brand color) New: Global Search settings added to Theme Settings > General (Ajax Search, Focus Search by "/") New: Doc Meta show/hide option added to Theme Settings > Doc Settings 

1.4.5 (10 August 2021)

 Fixed: Page content appearing on Main Menu dropdown item hover when you have Mega Menu Tweaked: Product details page (Gallery carousel and magnify glass enabled for product images, Product Add to Cart and Review form design improved) Updated: Language (docly.pot) file Updated: New support center URL updated https://docs.creativegigs.net/forum/docly-wordpress-theme/ 

1.4.4 (30 July 2021)

 Tweaked: Docs archive page linked in the breadcrumb. Tweaked: Docs archive page design ([wedocs] shortcode output) Fixed: The search keyword showing at the append of "Search result for:" text on the Search Results page. 

1.4.3 (19 July 2021)

 New: Shop settings added under Theme Settings page Tweaked: Products, Product Categories, Filter by Price, Product Search widgets style improved Tweaked: Search Banner placed instead of the Titlebar on the Shop and Product details page Fixed: Product image sizes (you need to regenerate the product images to get the sizes fixed) 

1.4.2 (14 July 2021)

 New: wooCommerce support enabled with Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account pages New: Author name and Doc post views added bellow to the Doc Title New: Breadcrumb Show/Hide and Date Published, Modified options added to Theme Settings > Header > Search Banner Updated: docly-core-en_US.pot in the Docly core plugin Tweaked: Blog posts shadow (used more accurate subtle shadow) Tweaked: Search in bbPress forums from the Forum archive page's Search Banner. Tweaked: The "Focus Search by /" option moved to Theme Settings > General from Theme Settings > Doc Settings > Search Banner 

1.4.1 (05 July 2021)

 Fixed: When you unfold the doc section tree, the section title jumps a line and this happens only since the last theme update. Fixed: Doc Right Sidebar's widget content overflows on sticky mode (desktop screen) Fixed: Doc Right Sidebar overflows on sticky mode on tablet screen Fixed: Doc Feedback form not working on mobile Tweaked: Doc Feedback area and the Comment form view improved on mobile Tweaked: Doc Right Sidebar show hide Toggle arrow added on mobile view 

1.4.0 (25 June 2021)

 Tweaked: Onepage navigation Tweaked: Made the "No Results Found" text translatable. Fixed: New Metaboxes not updating 

1.3.9 (21 June 2021)

 Fixed: When you unfold the doc section tree, the section title jumps a line and this happens only since the last theme update. 

1.3.8 (10 June 2021)

 Tweaked: Shortcode support enabled for the "Docy List Items" Elementor widget Fixed: When click on the subjects below on the doc details page, the banner stick hides the text Fixed: Documentation section text cutting off when it's long 

1.3.7 (21 May 2021)

 Tweaked: Title tag option added in the Quote Elementor widget New: vk social option added to Theme Settings > Social Links Fixed: Onepage Doc width 

1.3.6 (12 April 2021)

 Fixed: Closed, Open tabs fixed New: Search Keywords and Ajax search enabled in Hero 3 (Helpdesk) New: Doc Right Sidebar widget area added to Appearance > Widgets New: "Right Sidebar Content" option for Onepage docs. Tweaked: Explanation design of Notice widget (text color changed) Tweaked: Password Protected Doc design (the password form redesigned) 

1.3.5 (05 April 2021)

 New: Best Answer and Mark as Solved features added to Forum topic (Doc https://is.gd/K1FLSw) New: Admin links (Edit, Merge, Close, Stick (to front), Trash, Spam, Unapprove, Reply) added to Forum Topic page Tweaked: Forum topic page design Tweaked: Performance Improved by optimizing assets (bbPress CSS, JS separated and loading by dependency and responsive.css, responsive2.css files merged to one single file) 

1.3.4 (19 March 2021)

 Tweaked: "Docly List Item" Elementor widget (Steps Indicator control added, WYSIWYG editor enabled in the text field) Tweaked: "On This Page" titles line-height reduced and margin added to make consistent spacing for long titles. Tweaked: Deleted the extra Doc Icon field from "Options :: Doc" metabox fields to get rid of confusion using the featured doc image. Tweaked: Moved the Docly Core plugin moved to the server to reduce the theme size Fixed: A flush on clicking on the article title in the Ajax Search results. 

1.3.3 (09 March 2021)

 Fixed: Dark Mode switcher not working Fixed: Font Size Switcher not showing in the OnePage doc New: Theme version added to the "docly-version" meta tag in the header.php file 

1.3.2 (08 March 2021)

 New: Secondary Color and Paragraph Color added to Theme Settings > Color Scheme Tweaked: Accent Color output (now, the accent color will change more accurately) Tweaked: "Theme Settings > Doc Settings > Right Sidebar > Light/Dark Mode" option (This option will permanently disable and delete the Dark mode and will keep only the light mode.) Tweaked: Forum User Profile page Fixed: Topics Started, Replies Created, Favorites, Subscriptions tabs fixed in the Forum user profile page Updated: Language file (docly.pot file in the languages folder) 

1.3.1 (06 March 2021)

 New: Theme Auto-update feature on Registering/Verifying the theme. Tweaked: "Hero" Elementor widget (Padding control added for the Cool Hero, Popular Topics deleted as it was unnecessary) Tweaked: Dropdown menu's submenu position Tweaked: Custom Doc Ordering options and Active Doc option added under Filter (Now you can order the doc tab items as your desired order and choose the active tab item) Tweaked: "Theme Settings > Color Scheme > Accent Color" option (added some missing brand colors selectors those were not changing) Tweaked: CSS variables used for colors in the theme's root style.css file Tweaked: "List Style" Elementor widget Tweaked: Forum user profile design improved Fixed: Menu colors output not working as settings roles from Theme Settings > Menu > Classic Menu Fixed: Js console errors on OnePage Doc Fixed: Simple Footer background color and font colors not changing from Theme Settings > Footer > Background / Font Colors 

1.3.0 (25 February 2021)

 Tweaked: "Process Tabs" Elementor widget (dependency set to the Bottom content). Fixed: Removed the unfinished Gutenberg blocks 

1.2.9 (05 February 2021)

 Tweaked: Moved the "Focus Search by /" setting from Theme Settings > Header > Search Banner" to "Theme Settings > Doc Settings > Search Banner" and a new description was added. Tweaked: Responsiveness of the theme Tweaked: Onepage navigation (active color added to nav title on scroll to a specific doc section and parent doc expand on scroll) Fixed: Ajax doc search results in mobile view Fixed: Doc Feedback contact form send button not working 

1.2.8 (07 January 2021)

 New : Search Form in the Onepage documentation Tweaked : Code syntax highlight feature enabled in the Onepage documentation Updated : Theme language file (.pot) 

1.2.7 (04 January 2021)

 Tweaked : "Enable Pre-loader" on and "Page IDs" options added in "Theme Settings > Preloader" page Fixed : Image Hotspot widget's pointer position Notice : If you get a Critical Error from 1.2.6 update, delete the old "CG Redux Framework" plugin. Then install it from "Appearance > Install Plugin"  

1.2.6 (27 December 2020)

 Tweaked : Ajax Doc Search structure and design Fixed : Forum Archive Call to Action button not showing while logged in New : Theme Settings > Doc Settings > Search New : Post/Page preview popup (to enable this feature in link, add the class="tooltips" data-tooltip-content="#popup_view" attributes in anchor tag. And the URL should be the same website URL.) 

….. [You can check the full changelogs in the changes.txt file]

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