Firwl Theme Cyber Security WordPress Theme


Firwl is a responsive cyber security WordPress theme with A grade SPEED performance, events calendar, whitepapers download manager, 6 demos included and Page Builder visual editor.

With Firwl you can also create stunning landing pages for your products and services with a special sticky internal menu, that increases page orientation and visitor’s satisfaction.

The theme comes packed of esclusive functionalities that extend the basic WordPress capabilities, transforming your website in the perfect cyber security website.

All you need in a single place!

We analyzed every popular functionality among the 200 most famous cyber security firms, and put together all the features you need in a single place, to craft the fastest and best looking security website without the need of looking for external plugins, such as White Papers management and embedding, magazine layouts construction, eCommerce, megamenu and much more.

We know the value of your time and crafted Firwl with the goal of providing a real time-saving straight-forward website construction tool.

6+ Pre-built home pages

Kickstart your website and choose among our pre-built home pages that come with the one-click demo installation. Choose among the WooCommerce and the normal demo, and start creating from a solid base of design solutions. The pages are built with the super popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin (bundled with the theme) so that you can edit, delete, add or mix content from our demos with ease.

20+ Custom Page Elements

Firwl extends the page Builder functionalities adding more than 20 new shortcodes, to add complex elements as slideshows, post grids, carousels, pricing tables and more with a single click. Firwl also supports front-end editing, to see in real-time what you create.

Some example of the custom shortcodes are:

  • Auto post slideshow: add a full width slideshow based on pure-css interactivity (yes, no js!!) for super fast rendering and top SEO score, including total query extraction flexibility, to display latest posts, most populars, top voted and more in a single click!
  • Auto post carousel: No other plugins are needed to add carousels of posts, testimonials and team members, extract your results by query, category, ids and more. Super responsive and with a totally customizable layout to fit every slot of your design concept.
  • Post mosaic: the perfect 3-slots header for a fast overview on your top news, the #1 traffic source for every cyber security website. No messing with external plugin, is all here!
  • Post hero: highlight your special news extracting data based on user interaction, recency or any other parameter, in a full screen super slick fashion.
  • Post list, post cards grid, horizontal post card grids, post lists with thumbnails: you name it, every modern design layout is here with the Firwl shortcodes. To build any complex magazine design in seconds we provide a full stack of shortcodes with tons of optional parameters.

Custom cards blocks

Among the exclusive shortcodes you can count on special cards with link options, to easily drop off grids of features, services or product categories. Counting on a 1000+ icons database (bundled with the premium Icons2Go plugin) and total backgorund, image, and content customizability, you can build super cool cards to explain features or link to specific services and pages.

Whitepapers and files embedding

Firwl is 100% compatible with the popular Download Monitor plugin, the best and fastest plugin to manage attachments that can be displayed in various design styles on any page or post.

The perfect tool to publish your whitepapers, track download and stats.

This free plugin also has some extra functionalities provided as external add-ons that you can use to limit the downloads by email subscription, form submission, purchase, log in or much more (extra features not included and provided by the Download Monitor team).

Events, courses, seminars

If your company organizes events, courses or seminars, with Firwl you are 100% covered! In fact, you have a built-in custom post type completed with all the necessary fields as an address, purchase links, start and end date, and including the option to add automatically a Google Calendar link, so your visitor can directly add your event to their agenda in a single click!

The events also come with super useful shortcodes: featured event and events list, that can display the most important upcoming events on your custom homepage using Page Builder.

The Featured event can also display a running countdown timer in pure shi-fi fashion that grabs the attention and promotes sales with an urgency feeling.

You can also enable the automatic function to hide past events, decreasing the website maintainance time and making sure you never display outdated content.

Social Interactions, Rating and Like

With the bundled ReAktions plugin this theme has tons of engagement functions as social share, post like, views count and ratings. And you can also extract post using queries based on the interactions, as top viewed, top rated, top favorites, top commended and so on.

Advanced author details

Each author can have social icons, biography and custom picture with direct image-uploader. Give value to your authors, increase followers, become an influencer.

Frontend + Backend visual editing

If you don’t like Gutenberg, we provide a faster and easier page creation experience with the bundled plugin Page Builder by WPBakery. Create your pages from the ground-up, even with front-end editor!

Gutenberg compatible

Choose yourself if you want to work using Gutenberg or the classic editor, Firwl allows them both.

4 Different blog news archives

Choose among 4 different post design options: cards, horizontal cards, wide cards and classic large posts lists. You have plenty of room to craft your cyber security website in every style you like!

Sidebar options

Modern one column posts or classic sidebar-style news? You choose it, with the built-in options it takes a click! Firwl also provides a useful option to override the global sidebar styles for single posts, archives, products and pages.

Call To Action Button

No plugins are needed to display a super visible call to action button to the header menu, even in mobile, to link your most prominent action and increase conversion following the most important web marketing practices.

SOS Call To Action Text

As common feature among the best cyber security firms, we included a special slot where you can display an icon and a visible phone number for your customers’ emergencies, with an optional link to any page of your choice.

Off-Canvas sidebar and menu

Add extra contents with the optional off-canvas space, allowing an extra menu location and sidebar widgets slot.

Custom Widgets

This theme comes with the custom Firwl Widgets plugin, adding 2 custom widgets: Cards and List archives. This widget can extract posts by classic date parameter, but also by views and likes.

Mega Menu with Visual Editor

Easily create endless mega menus with Page Builder, and link them to every menu item you want, with automated mobile fallback to default sub-menus.

After testing the 10 most popular mega-menu plugins, and finding out how tricky and time-consuming they were, we decided to make our own in the simplest and easiest way possible: with a custom post type and Page Builder!

You can create, duplicate and recycle every mega-menu content, style it with backgrounds, images, shortcodes or anything else you want!

Forget tedious complexities, save time, and built exactly what you want without restrictions.

Tired of the classic and limiting footer widgets slots? Old times are over! Create and assign endless footers using page Builder, in no time, without any foreign plugin! Set your columns, backgrounds, colors, widgets, parallax or anything else.

You can also reorder, swap or hide mega-footer sections with ease, or create custom mega-footers to use only on a few selected pages, overriding the global footer settings.

For example, if you want to make a special footer with an offer to display on a bunch of pages, create it once, and set it only for the pages you want!

Faster creation, faster maintenance, giant time save!

Pricing tables

No more messing around with complex plugins: we saw how existing pricing tables worked and decided to make the process way faster and easier.

With Firwl you can create perfectly styled pricing tables on 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns with ease, without messing with any design settings, and focusing only on contents. You can also craft the price as you want, and add unlimited features with status icons.

Optionally set a single pricing plan as featued, and add custom background images for a maximum impact on your conversion rates.

Why wasting time to find the plugins you need, while you can have them all in one place, better looking and to use?

Responsive and Fast

Developed with performance in mind, the speed and weight of this theme are so good that you can easily reach a top grade performance, improving SEO and user experience.

One Click Demo Installer

Our simplified setup process replicates with a single click the same website you see in the demo, providing the option to choose the version you want, with or without the WooCommerce part.

Clone the demo in your server with a click!

Parallax Headers

One-click activation for fancy and smooth parallax effect on every post and page header!

Glitch effects animations

Want a real sci-fi hacking matrix effect to push your visitor in the mood? Enable the Glitch effect option in a click, for any header or for selected Page Builder rows, this effect will add a super cool css glitch effect, to make your site super fresh and unique, attrack the attention on the important spots, and scream loud “Cyber Security Matters”.


Firwl is compatible with the popular MailChimp newsletter platform and the official Mailchimp WordPress plugin, to add your subscription form in a simple, easy way. We also provide the perfect HTML structure to create the forms in the best looking way possible.

Contact Form 7

Fully compatible with Contact Form 7, the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress, free and bundled with the theme!

Tons of customizations

Customize logo, fonts, colors, player, footer, and much more. With the real-time preview you can change the appearance of your website very easily

Direct Support

No 3rd party services here, no copy-and-paste answers, the support is provided directly from the theme developers, Monday to Friday, 9-18 (CET).

Well Documented

Clear and exhaustive documentation with screenshots, in PDF or web format, that guides you from the first steps with WordPress to the final site of your dreams. And if something is not clear, support is always here!

Fully translatable

Our theme and custom plugins have an up-to-date .pot file, allowing a free and quick translation to any language in the most standard WordPress way.

Child Theme Provided

If you plan to apply customizations, theme-overrides or custom js/CSS versions, with Firwl is easy! Just use the provided child theme, and the updates won’t delete your changes!

SASS Provided

If you want to import the product into your development environment and edit the appearance from its roots, we provide all the SASS files of the theme with a consistent naming system and modern sass techniques.

A Grade Performance

Fast loading is the key to success. This theme can reach out of the box an A grade performance on GTmetrix, and with a few tweaks, you can reach a 100% score.

Minified js and CSS included

For easier and faster SEO optimization, you can enable minified CSS and Javascript with a simple click in the customizer, to boost loading time and SEO score with a single click, while still allowing easy editing if you prefer to use the theme as base for your custom project.

Pre Purchase Questions

For any presale question please get in touch on our website


 == Changelog == 1.4.4 [2022 September 16] [x] Fix safari background parallax issue  1.4.3 [2022 September 14] [x] Activation back compatibility improved  1.4.1 [2022 April 13] [x] Fixed link to documentation  1.4.0 [2022 April 13] [x] TGMPA updated - better plugins activation procedure [x] Page Composer plugin update  1.3.0 [2021 December 22] [x] Plugins updates  1.2.9 [2021 April 25] [x] Youtube pages links disabled lightbox  1.2.8 [2020 December 09] [x] Updated WPBakery 6.4.2 [x] Added QT Swipebox plugin 5.6 in replacement of Easy Swipebox  1.2.7 [2020 December 09] [x] Force disable plugin Easy swipebox in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/conf.php  1.2.6  [2020 September 19] [x] ADMIN: Now plugin updates are not dismissable anymore, because of users disabling the message and complaining for having outdated plugins [x] TGMPA Dismiss link removed 'dismiss'  => $this->dismissable  [x] TGM REMOVED LINE 1111 class-tgmpa-plugin-activation.php // || get_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'tgmpa_dismissed_notice_' . $this->id, true )  [x] UPDATED WPBakery to 6.4.0 [x] UPDATED Envato Market plugin  [2020 August 12] [x] UPDATED Plugin Theme Core for WP 5.5  1.2.5  [2020 June 27] [x] WPBakery Page Builder update [x] Added LinkedIn social icon to customizer [x] Updated WooCommerce bompatibility to version 4.2.2   1.2.4  [2020 January 07] [x] Improved single event template part-event-buylinks.php with control over deleted links [x] Page Builder update  1.2.3 [2019 December 08]  [x] WP5.3 updated inc/tgm-plugin-activation/inc/welcome-page.php  [x] WooCommerce udpated cart.php  1.2.2 [2019 October 01] [x] Page Builer update [x] Compatibility update for WooCommerce 3.7  1.2.1 [2019 July 25] [x] added correct grid class to post grids shortcode 
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