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What’s New On Version 1.6

Calender Retal Item Seatching

Added Calender Search for the purpose of booking mangement. So that you can now manage rental bookigs with calender management.

Gutenberg Editor Compatibility

Added Gutenberg Compatibility For WordPress Post.

On Version 1.5

Your Favourites Button

Added Your Favourites Button and Dashboard. In older version there is a favourites button but it’s depened on Third party plusins but now we create a awesome function for it.

Header PHP Error

A PHP error remain on header settings now it’s free

On Version 1.4

Installation Error Fix

A PHP error come when installing theme. It’s fix on version 1.4. Now theme is error free

Dynamic Contact Form For Rental Single Page

Added Rental Booking form with dynamic option where you can control your form field or if you want you can added contact form 7 shortcode. For that you can control every staff of rental booking contact form field.

Rental Single Post Page builder support

Now Rental single page support page builder. So you can more control about rental single page with drag and drop page builder. And we added the the meta field with shortcode. If you want then you can use this as well.

Speed Optimization

Houserent Theme page speed is more increased. We work some speed optimization issue. We hope you are enjoy more page speed now.

Why you Purchased Houserent WordPress Theme?

HouseRent is clean content focus House, Office, Shop Rent, Cottage, Apartment, Real-state WordPress Theme. It is simple and elegant. HouseRent is suitable for any kind of House, Office, Shop Rent, Cottage, Apartment, Real-estate website and various other services that you do use the web. It’s features make this theme very easy. All required information’s are provided in documentation.

All Updates

 1.6.1 - 02/07/2019 * Remove the purchase key gate * WordPress 5.2.x Compatibility   1.6- 05/10/2018 * Calendar Booking System * Full Booking Management Support * Gutenberg Compatibility * Envato theme check issue fixed * Fix PHP bug  * Update Rental Core Plugins * Data Sanitization and validation issue fixed * Search Form Control Added * New Field Added for Booking Forms * Fix Missing Dynamic Color Scheme * CSS Fix  1.5- 11/02/2018 * Your favourites Rental Property Added * PHP error on the header * Small CSS Update  1.4- 31/01/2018 * Installation Error Fix * Dynamic Contact Form for rental single and Rental Booking form input field control * Rental Single Post Page builder support * Speed Optimization Upgrade * Rental Single Shortcode Added * Small CSS Issue Fix  1.3- 12/06/2017 * Login User and Registration Form Bug * User Access Issues * User Dashboard PHP Error  1.2 - 25/07/2017 * PHP Syntex Error Issue * Typography Error * Auto Theme Setup Features Added * Auto Update Theme Features Added  1.1 -  15/05/2017  * WPML  * Function Update For More Speedy * Added Time Duration For Price  1.0 -  11/05/2017  * Initial Release 
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