Ichiban Theme A Theme for Photographers


Ichiban is a WordPress theme build especially for professional photographers who want to bring their presence online in a sleek, elegant way. Featuring a clean, unique, elegant design and typography, Ichiban is guaranteed to bring a pleasant reading experience to your visitors.

Features Breakdown

  • Unique, Responsive Design
  • WordPress 3.9+ Ready
  • Build on Bootstrap 3
  • SEO plugins Optimized
  • Super Clean and Robust Code
  • WordPress Customizer Integration
  • Handful of commonly used shortcodes
  • Sell anything with WooCommerce
  • Four types of portfolio media
  • Four types of fullscreen gallery
  • Three page sizes (half, medium, large)
  • Blog Post Formats
  • Advanced Page Builder
  • Translation Ready (.po/.mo included)
  • Demo Content Importer
  • Dedicated Support Forum

Tutorial Videos

Below are tutorial videos demonstrating the user interface and ways to get around the theme.

Video #1 Creating Home Page

After watching this video, you might be wondering. How do I set the page as my homepage on WordPress? Easy! Just go to Settings > Reading, then change the `Front page displays` option to `A Static Page`.

Video #2 Creating Portfolio Entry

People using Ichiban

  • Jundat Link
  • Silverspoon Photography Link
  • Tingari Link
  • Jasenka Grujin Link


All images, video and audio used in the preview site of this theme are not included in the download package.

Below are the generous people who has allowed me to use their gorgeous photographs on the theme demo site.

  • Ales Krivec gljivec
  • Aleks Ivic
  • Chris Honninger crozer
  • Daniel Zedda Flickr
  • JiangNan Dream Flickr


v3.1.3 September 22, 2017

[leaflet_map] shortcode now has more options Updated leaflet to v1.2 Updated isotope to v3.0.4 Updated flickity to v2.0.10 Updated Youxi Shortcode to v4.2.3

v3.1.2 August 14, 2017

Updated Youxi Post Format to v1.3 Fix missing Youxi Shortcode plugin

v3.1.1 July 14, 2017

Updated for WooCommerce 3.1 Updated base framework files Fix a JavaScript bug causing images not to load

v3.1 May 18, 2017

Support video URLs on WordPress native galleries Officially compatible with WPML Replace all fotorama sliders with flickity WooCommerce templates updated for WooCommerce 3.0

v3.0 April 03, 2017

NEW: Photoswipe image sharing functions added NEW: Option to show gallery descriptions on page load NEW: Masonry blog layout Improvement: Use object-fit property on cover images for better SEO and responsive image support Improvement: All post video embeds are now responsive Improvement: Make sure all customizer settings have a sanitize callback Improvement: All WooCommerce tables are now responsive Update: Youxi Core v1.7.7  allows HTML inside splash title and subtitle

v2.6.7 March 10, 2017

Updated Youxi Core to v1.7.5 Updated Youxi Shortcode to v4.2.2 Added `Ignore Video` option for header image sliders Adjust all translation function calls to escape its output Minor code improvements Updated .POT file

v2.6.6 January 31, 2017

Updated Youxi core to v1.7.4 Updated Contact Form 7 styling

v2.6.5 January 20, 2017

Updated all Youxi plugins to the latest version Removed link styles inside entry text Fix disappearing grid filter link after first click

v2.6.4 December 14, 2017

Fixed bug with portfolio and gallery taxonomy featured images Fixed the newlines being stripped from custom CSS/JS customizer option Updated Youxi Gallery to v1.2.3 Updated Youxi Portfolio to v1.4.2

v2.6.3 November 21, 2016

Moved custom CSS/JS, social profiles options to the customizer Fix long persistent bug with back button on Mac Safari when animation is enabled

v2.6.2 November 17, 2016

Added option to order gallery/portfolio by modified date Updated all Youxi plugins to the latest versions Updated base framework files Updated translation file  /languages/ichiban.pot Fix a bug that prevents saving attachment fields Fix a bug where the portfolio/gallery taxonomy term featured image field does not appear

v2.6.1 November 02, 2016

Prevent a fatal error after updating to v2.6 without updating the Youxi plugins Fix a bug that caused portfolio items without featured image to be invisible

v2.6 October 30, 2016

Updated Bootstrap to v3.3.7 Updated Flickity to v2.0.5 Updated Magnific Popup to v1.1.0 Updated FontAwesome to v4.7.0 Updated Youxi Importer to v2.0  no more import failures Updated all Youxi plugins to the latest version Added ability to add portfolio and gallery category term featured image Removed Typekit from Theme Options, all Typekit options is now in Settings > External API > Typekit Google fonts data is now hardcoded into the theme Minimum WordPress version is now v4.2 Refactor some PHP codes Refactor some JS codes

v2.5.1 July 25, 2016

Added options to disable dragging and touchzoom on map page template Added thumbnail size option for shop Fixed the two taps behavior for shop thumbnails on touch devices

v2.5 July 22, 2016

Updated base framework files Updated all Youxi plugins to the latest version Remove viewport units fallback for older devices (causes bugs) Replace google maps on contact page with leaflet Added `Open in New Tab` option on site social icons Updated to OptionTree v2.6 WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility Updated Flickity to v2.0.2 Updated Isotope to v3.0.1

v2.4 March 01, 2016

Added 404 page template Added option to only show the featured image on the blog index when either audio, video or gallery post format is selected Removed the semicolon (<img src="/images/smileys/wink.png" alt=";)" title=";)" /> character bug after the menu Updated WooCommerce page templates for v2.5.0 compatibility Fixed a bug where invisible header links are still clickable on the overlay Fixed a bug where inverted gallery header color style does not work Moved the 'Gallery Details' link to the left of the menu button Added page header color style (normal/inverted) on search, post, page, gallery, portfolio archives

v2.3 October 09, 2015

NEW: Comments in portfolio NEW: Comments in page Improvement: Viewport units sized elements are now displayed properly on unsupporting browsers Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.7 templates Improvement: Theme is now fully compatible with Jetpack's Photon module

v2.2.1 September 14, 2015

Updated Youxi Page Builder to v2.4.1 Updated to Flickity v1.1.1 Updated to isotope v2.2.2 Updated to packery v1.1.3 Fixed missing photoswipe arrows Fixed back button issue on Firefox/IE when page fade animation is enabled

v2.2 August 13, 2015

Update WooCommerce templates for WooCommerce 2.4 Disable Google Maps dragging on mobile devices Fix logo size bug on Firefox Updated to Bootstrap v3.3.5 Option to specify the portfolio media position

v2.1 August 05, 2015

NEW: Possibility to add HTML on team members description Improvement: Adjust gallery override priority to 1101 giving Jetpack Tiled Gallery a higher priority Improvement: Enqueue AddThis script with the correct HTTP protocol Fix: Link highlight color bug Fix: Ajax pagination bug when there are more than 4 pages Fix: Crashing caused by WooCommerce when Youxi Core is not activated Update: Use new Youxi framework code Update: Flickity v1.1.0 Update: PhotoSwipe v4.1.0

v2.0 June 15, 2015

NEW: Support for Typekit and Websafe fonts NEW: WooCommerce support NEW: Option on portfolio, page and post to show a custom cover image instead of the featured image Fix: Overflowing frontpage logo Fix: [posts] shortcode now displays custom excerpts correctly when specified Improvement: Blog posts that do not have a valid post format data now shows the featured image Improvement: Remove `blog_date_format` theme option, use WordPress' `date_format` option instead

v1.7 May 17, 2015

NEW: Full RTL support NEW: Theme styling when WordPress admin bar is visible NEW: Theme option to specify portfolio and gallery post type title NEW: Theme option to change the related entries thumbnail size NEW: Option to hide the details on galleries NEW: Option to specify the AJAX load more button, loading and complete text on portfolio/gallery/post archive and shortcode NEW: Option to show image captions on Fotorama sliders NEW: Theme option to specify whether the blog index/archive should display summaries with `the_excerpt` or <!--more--> tag NEW: `new_tab` attribute on [button] shortcode NEW: Theme option to specify the frontpage logo, if left empty the site logo will be used NEW: In post images with the `mfp-image` class assigned will show the image in magnific popup NEW: `image_size` and `hide_excerpt` attributes on [posts] shortcode Improvement: Justified grids algorithm now perfectly calculates the grids matching `minWidth` and `minHeight` Improvement: Ensure the theme works when Visual Composer is installed Improvement: Remove `is_multi_author` validation for blog posts author section Fix: Menu toggle button label color on inverted style

v1.6 May 02, 2015

NEW: Full microdata integration Update: OptionTree v2.5.5.

v1.5.1 May 01, 2015

NEW: Theme option to add text beside the menu button Fix: [posts] shortcode no longer works Update: TGMPA v2.4.2 Update: Isotope v2.2.0 Update: Flickity v1.0.2

v1.5 April 23, 2015

NEW: Add option to change portfolio slug NEW: Add option to change gallery slug NEW: Option to choose Date/Category as blog meta on single, index and archive Update: TGMPA v2.4.1 Update: OptionTree v2.5.4 Improvement: Rewrite the code to generate Isotope and Justified grids Fix: Scrolling behavior on touch devices caused by the header overlay

v1.4 April 11, 2015

NEW: Carousel gallery type NEW: Lazy load on portfolio media Improvement: Refactor gallery single page styles Improvement: Mobile touch hover behavior doesn't prevent scrolling anymore Fix: iPad not respecting media queries Fix: Logo display bug on mobile

v1.3 April 06, 2015

NEW: Integration of PixProof plugin by PixelGrade NEW: Portfolio details can now be shown below or above text NEW: Ability to password protect posts, pages, portfolio and gallery NEW: [posts] shortcode, displays blog posts in a grid layout NEW: Deep linking support for portfolio filter NEW: Option to set the page splash minimum height Fix: Some settings do not update on customizer live preview Improvement: Refactor archive grid markup and CSS Improvement: Refactor single gallery entry markup and CSS

v1.2 April 02, 2015

NEW: Portfolio, gallery and blog archive cover background position customizer setting NEW: Portfolio, gallery and blog archive page layout customizer setting NEW: Portfolio, gallery and blog archive page size customizer setting NEW: Ability to add slider to portfolio, gallery and blog archive page header NEW: WordPress search implemented NEW: Lazy load feature for gallery images Fix: Bug on portfolio video media not appearing after update v1.1 Fix: Bug on [gallery_entries] shortcode after update v1.1 Fix: Wrong label on post, page and portfolio `Right Top` background position Fix: Entries without any category assigned should not have related entries Fix: Styling bug on blog archive pagination Fix: Some typography options do not work Improvement: Make sure hover effects work on touch devices Improvement: Customize controls visibility is now dependent on the value of other specific controls Improvement: Changed `grid_size` post meta key on portfolio, gallery and post formats to `grid_image_size` Improvement: Tweaked blog vertical spacing Update: OptionTree v2.5.2

v1.1 March 30, 2015

NEW: Option to shuffle the images in the header and gallery slider NEW: Option to display a video as header background NEW: Option to adjust background position for header featured image NEW: Option to always show a large logo on pages as like on the frontpage Fix: Caption on stacked images appears before image finished loading Fix: Back to top button floats in the middle of the screen when sticky footer is disabled Fix: Preloader styling when single gallery pages background color is customized Fix: Image caption bug on justified image grids Improvement: Demo importer now directly take attachment files from the theme folder Improvement: Force orderby `ASC` when `menu_order` is selected for portfolio and gallery shortcode

v1.0.1 March 28, 2015

Fix: Typo in the demo content xml path, causing the demo importer to fail

v1.0 March 26, 2015

Initial Release
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