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Say hello to inFashion, a personal fashion WordPress theme that will make your site standout from the crowd. inFashion will surely take your fashion blog to the higher level.

We spent weeks researching the best layout and how a fashion blog should look like and we believe this WordPress theme will be the right choice for your blog.

You can also use this theme for other niche sites as well for example for travel blog, or personal journal.

Go head, try the demo and see for your self.

The theme is responsive from top to bottom so you and your blog readers can read the blog comfortable in various desktop and mobile devices.

InFashion WorddPress theme comes with a tons of features such as powerful theme options (powered by ReduxFramework), unlimited colors, typography options, support WordPress post format, custom widgets, contact form, shortcodes, Instagram feed and much more.

Now Support WooCommerce!

inFashion Features

  • Unlimited colors
  • Powerful theme options, powered by ReduxFramework
  • Lots of typography options
  • Text or upload your own image for site logo
  • Upload your own favicon
  • Support 9 post format (Standard, Gallery Slideshow, Gallery, Status, Link, Image, Quote, Audio, Video)
  • Fully responsive layout from head to toe
  • Instagram feed
  • Latest Twitter tweets
  • Author description box
  • Related posts powered by YARPP plugin
  • Social media links
  • Share buttons
  • Lightbox on WordPress native gallery
  • Shortcodes
  • Localization / translation support
  • Child theme support
  • Contact Form

Purchase Confirmation

We encourage you to spend a minute of your time to confirm your purchase at


 August 2, 2020 -- Version 1.3.0 - Update all javascript libraries used in the theme - Fix issue with 1px gap in the posts slideshow in the header - Move custom widgets to plugin, please enable   March 30th, 2019 -- Version 1.2.0 - Remove ZillaShortcodes from recommended plugin list - Update Own Carousel library - Update justifiedGallery library - Change warrior_ prefix to infashion_ - Remove reference to create_function() - Make content full width if there's no sidebar - Remove globa; $themename and $shortname - Add constant THEME_SLUG  February 23th, 2017 -- Version 1.1.0 - Make the container bigger, it’s now 1100px - Make the featured image go all the way the container - Add more line-height to Recent Post widget - Prettify WooCommerce elements - Fix mobile menu issue  November 16th, 2016 -- Version 1.0.11 - Re-style mobile menu - Fix featured image size issue  July 17th, 2016 -- Version 1.0.10 - Update TGM Class  June 8th, 2016 -- Version 1.0.9 - Fix slideshow issue on page page load - Fix slideshow issue on larger desktop screen - Change default post title font to Playfair Display  February 22nd, 2016 -- Version 1.0.8 - Fix table styles - Remove Redux Framework from theme package and use the one in repo  October 9th, 2015 -- Version 1.0.7 - Fix left column width issue in WooCommerce - Fix missing pagination in mobile devices - Make post slider support touch navigation in mobile devices - Fix widget issues in WordPress 4.3  July 9th, 2015 -- Version 1.0.6 - Fix justifiedGallery responsive issue - Fix missing sidebar in pages using default page template when WooCommerce is activated  July 1st, 2015 -- Version 1.0.5 - Add WooCommerce support - Add more option to header post slider, you can now display it from specific categories  June 1st, 2015 -- Version 1.0.4 - Post meta post date issue  May 2nd, 2015 -- Version 1.0.3 - Fix missing pagination - Fix missing plugin - Add option to define items in header posts slider - Fix widget issue - Add comment link to Warrior Recent Comments widget - Add option to enable/disable footer credit  24th April, 2015 -- Version 1.0.2 - Update Redux Framework to latest version - Update TGM Plugin class to latest version - Add new feature to display full content or just the excerpt, controlled via theme options - Add Recent Comments widget  7th April, 2015 -- Version 1.0.1 - Fix post title not clickable in Firefox - Fix social media link in author page - Fix wrong gravatar in author.php  7th April, 2015 -- Version 1.0.0 - Theme is released 
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