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KONZEPT is a portfolio solution for creative professionals of refined taste. Extensive control options, responsive behavior, fullscreen experience and clutter-free approach put your works in focus. The definitive portfolio solution for creative professionals available now.

Demo Versions

  • Dark Version (Thumbnails)
  • Dark Version (Projects List)
  • Dark Version (Thumbnails + Slideshow)
  • Light Version (Thumbnails)
  • Light Version (Projects List)
  • Light Version (Thumbnails + Slideshow)

Mobile Demo

Major Features

  • Portfolio display with category filter
  • Thumbnails or Text Listing modes
  • Featured Slider (Images or HTML5 videos)
  • Multi-category projects
  • Present Identity, Motion, Web, Print, Photo projects and more!
  • HTML5 video slides
  • Built-in Dribbble feed
  • News section
  • About Us section
  • Services section
  • Blog
  • Ability to create any other pages with custom layouts
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social Shares
  • Responsive Behaviors
  • iPhone/iPad/Android compatible
  • Upload projects quickly & efficiently
  • Drag & Drop upload support
  • Drag & Drop slide sorting
  • Video, Youtube, Vimeo support

The Future is Here

  • True fullscreen on any display
  • Unlimited scaling 300ppi screen support & Apple Retina display support now
  • Various input options control your experience however you like
  • Smooth flash-like experience on various platforms

Other Features

  • Unbranded Options Panel
  • Text Logo (+ tagline)
  • Image Logo
  • Extensive documentation
  • PSD included
  • 100% valid HTML5
  • Compatible with WP4.4 and IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • External links in project and slide descriptions
  • Social Shares

What Others Are Saying

Wow, you guys are always pushing the envelope of what’s possible with WP.
– Dave Aaron

Sick man, the animations and transitions are killer and really supplement the overall design, congrats!
– Owen Shifflett

Beautiful work! I’ve never seen such a professional portfolio theme.
– Nick Sigler

The design is absolutely stunning!
– kailoon

Speechless, yet again. I am all for the purchase!
– projectsourced

Wow this is amazing. Like Wow. Wow!
– publicglaze

This is F*cking awesome man, thumbs up. Great work. Really hard to not buy it
– Massfocus

DUDE! This looks AMAZING! So great to have something new to see!! All the bew themes of late have been getting a bit boring but this is super hot! Buying right away!
– ladydekade

Shut up and take my money! (Your agency theme user, soon to be ex user?now I must use Konzept
– animatika

– purethemes

This absolutely rocks, definite purchase. Great work.
– velocity_uk

Amazing fresh work!
– kotofey

– ladydekade

This is amazing. And I am going to force myself to use it for my own site. Thanks Flower, have been waiting for a portfolio like this, and I am GLAD I waited so long!
– dbrowne

Just epic, love the font choices ? never seen those on TF before. Good luck with sales!
– freshface

Sweet piece!
– GoodLayers

– westkast

I love you. This one will be mine today But one thing you?ll have to promise: Support this masterpiece and keep on developing for a long time. And (important): Please don?t die within the next 5-6 months (cuz of the support.. you know) )” title=” :)” />
– destynate

Wow. Hats off to you! A truly amazing build!
– mrschwartz

Amazing Theme! Still astonished by it?s interactivity.
– Lung

Awesome work!!!!
– swimnews

Purchased it & have to say ? love it?
– innovadia

Excellent theme, congratulations.
– marcinhocarvalho

I must say, this theme finally forced my to signup. For the last two years I had just been browsing themeforest. This was the tipping point for me. Great Job I am definitely going to buy this.
– sumeetminhas

Your support is AWESOME by the way. Do you ever sleep;)
– successmatters

I have to say I regularly look for a better, more simple, better equipped theme quite often. This may be the the best theme I?ve come across since signing up, the typography alone is enough to buy. Cheers, Great Job!
– desgingrosse

Best theme I?ve bought hands down! Great effort!
– Andy-Brown

Got it! Killer! Thanks again. You do a hell of a job helping all of your customers! Thanks again!

I am amazed and delighted with your support. Thank you very much. I appreciate the speed and your seriousness. Thank you so much!
– dormopoco


See how others are using KONZEPT.

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  • Garage Clandescino
  • Jonas Jensen’s portfolio
  • Josh Grieve’s Portfolio
  • Schitto Schmodde Werbung
  • Odile Hain Photography
  • Scott Harris Brasher
  • Rene Haas portfolio
  • Marko Rapaic’s Portfolio
  • SocialDom
  • Kateryna Gontaruk

Need Support?

If you need support please start with the documentation. You can find our contact information on the support page. We will usually get back to you within 24-72 hours. Complex issues may take longer.

Current version: 3.1 (available from the repository)


KONZEPT uses Novecento font by Synthview, available from Fontspring. You need to accept Novecento’s EULA agreement before downloading if you’re planning to use it in your commercial or non-commercial projects: [View License].

Big thanks to all great designers who provided preview content for KONZEPT: Guilherme Villar, Anthony Jones, Pavel Pavlov, Vanessa Gong, Alexander Laguta, Kostadin Kostadinov, Sergey Shapiro, Shaun Moynihan, Nimax.

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