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Listings is a Theme and it’s name can tell you it’s purpose.You can publish any thing you need and for any purposes like Selling Cars, Real Estate, Rents, Services. This theme is made carefully to be very extensive and really easy searchable. It provides unlimited Attributes for each listings like Location, Color, Fuel Type, and all of them are User Generated and you can choose which one to create and assign to private listings.

Navigation is almost everything, starting with a Featured Listings Slider, Featured Listings Grid and a Custom Made Search Form, and that’s not all of it you can have a Map also where you can address each listing by location.On each listing display if there are stuff which can navigate user to another one or a group of them than that part is clickable and query-able.

Hard things easy.

Create search forms, using our form builder and choose which Custom Attribute and Price Ranges to display.

Create contact forms using our form builder.

Map creation is easy as a pie.

Control the Slider + Grid Listings logic very easy between many options like :

  • Latest
  • Oldest
  • Most Expensive
  • Cheapest
  • Custom Category List all listings from that category
  • Manually Select
  • Featured Listings

Feature List :

  • 8 Page Templates
  • 3 Custom Post Types
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Threaded Comments On Listings + Blog Posts
  • Written with WP-Debug ON
  • Localisation Ready (.po and .po files)
  • Child Theme Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • 5 Great Native Shortcodes
  • Premium Price Tables
  • Unbranded Option Panel
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Custom Google Map Marker
  • Google Map Listings Localisation
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • 7 Presets or crate your own skin
  • Unlimited Listings Attributes
  • Listing Personification (Change Listing term to Cars easily)
  • Listing Gallery Video + Image support
  • 6 Extra Widgets
  • Background Patterns
  • All major social networks (Some of them in more than one version)
  • Compactible with Seo by Yoast
  • Dummy Content + Complete database .sql file
  • PSD’s Included (Email us to send you
  • Youtube & Vimeo Support + Autoplay on slider

Read theme online documentation


 1.6.2 Compatibility with WordPress 4.8 1.6.1 Multiply terms on custom attributes now are visible     author.php     functions.php     header.php     homepage_loops/content-listing.php     includes/pre-savepost.php     index.php     script/script.js     search.php     searchform.php     single-listing.php     style.css     template-blog.php     template-submit2.php  1.6 Fixed Breadcrub on blog Fixed Custom Attributes Sidebar     author.php     car-tax.php     functions.php     header.php     homepage_loops/content-listing.php     homepage_loops/content-listingsum.php     includes/custom-fields.php     includes/pre-savepost.php     includes/register-sidebars.php     single-listing.php     single-post.php     slider_loops/content-slide.php     style.css     style/global.css     style/responsive.css     template-about.php     template-blog.php     template-cars.php     template-home.php     template-submit2.php     widgets/widget-searchform.php  1.5         User can delete posts from front-end     Categories and Custom Attributes are on Check-boxes now     Author Page + Author Link included     author.php     functions.php     header.php     homepage_loops/content-listing.php     includes/custom-fields.php     includes/pre-savepost.php     script/gmaps.js     script/jquery.scrollTo-     script/jquery.serialScroll-1.2.2-min.js     single-listing.php     slider_loops/content-slide.php     style.css     style/dynamic_css.php     style/global.css     template-contact.php     template-home.php     template-map.php     template-submit2.php     widgets/widget-listingcat.php     widgets/widget-searchform.php  1.4.1 Skining bug fix       Autoslide     functions.php     script/script.js     style.css     style/dynamic_css.php  1.4 Minor Bug Fix     Front-ent form written from scratch     functions.php     header.php     includes/custom-fields.php     includes/display_attributes.php     includes/pre-savepost.php     style.css     style/global.css     template-cars.php     template-postlisting.php     template-submit2.php  1.3    User Can Edit it's listings, and view them     Buttons on header navigate user to front end submit or edit page     Minor Bug Fix     functions.php     header.php     style.css     style/responsive.css     template-cars.php     template-postlisting.php  1.2 Front-end submission form added     functions.php     style.css     template-postlisting.php  1.1 Slider Re-sized to fit car     Fixed error on re-sort     Grid Layout fixed on blog     Mobile Menu fixed 
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