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Listivo Classified Ads & Multipurpose Directory Listing

Listivo is a multipurpose directory wordpress theme that can be used in many industries. Full integration with elementor page builder makes it easy to customize any type of page. With Listivo you can easily build directory listing websites. We also provide demos for specific niches such as classified ads, real estate or car dealer.


Single Click Import Demo and all pages are automatically imported after 1 click. It will save you time and allow you to quickly start your customizations. Demo package do not include users photos and has only few sample listings added.

Basic Setup Panel After a few minutes your website will be totally yours! All in one place, you can select your primary color, add your phone number, email, upload your logo, and it will immediately be added everywhere on your website. Could it be easier or faster?

Globally Adaptable You can translate all texts into any language, change currency, and switch between number formats and metrics. No extra software / plugin is required for translation and adaptation. You just type your newly translated text into the panel and click Save. You can also have multiple currencies at the same time.

Powerful Listings Inventory You can change the look of your listings inventory by creating your own fields and modifying the existing options. There are 9 types of fields: Text, Number, Taxonomy, Rich Text, Price, Gallery, Location, Embed (Video), Attachments.

Advanced Search Functionality Search forms are critical in the directory business, so we’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and improving the Listivio search function. The result? A quick and flexible search engine that can be customized to fit your customers’ needs, allowing them to search for listings based on their specific criteria.

Inventory Instant Results Search results are updated after each selection. This way your users are immediately informed of “how many listings left.” It provides a much better user experience than a classic “Search” button. Reloading is very fast, and users will love to use it. They will also avoid a “0 Results” found situation by typing in too many criteria. It reduces bounce rate and it is why all popular big companies have “instant results without reloading a page” after each criteria is changed. It is technologically very advanced, and it is why most other themes do not have it.

Field Relationships Need to connect your parent field to your child field? Create an unlimited number of relationships between search fields to automatically filter your search options and create a faster, more user-friendly experience.

Relevant Fields Your visitors only need to see fields that are relevant for their search, e.g., different fields for real estate than for vehicles. You can create these kinds of relationships so the user experience is much smoother and you can build a perfect directory website.

Elementor Plugin Integration Listivo is based on the Elementor Free plugin and we spend thousands of hours adding extra value to it. Create Any Website You Can Imagine. You can modify everything: Homepage, all pages (e.g., Contact / About), Single Listing Page, Results Page, User Page. It is the most flexible and easy-to-use solution on the market for directory websites. Our developers created dozens of new elements that you can “drag-and-drop” to make sure the page builder is ultra-flexible and fully integrated with Listivo. Elementor Pro (paid) version is not required to run Listivo, but if you like to use it this product is fully compatible.

Monetization System WooCommerce Payment Gateways Listivo has a monetization system that allows you to earn when users submit listings. You can configure PayPal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Square, Apple Pay, Alipay, Braintree, PayU, PayFast, SecurePay, Authorize.Net, 2checkout, Amazon Pay, PagSeguro and many many other WooCommerce Payment Getaways.

Flexible Menu Listivo has a great menu that includes sticky and transparent options. The mobile menu was designed as off-canvas.

Global Body & Headings Google Fonts Choose body and heading font in your setup panel. It will automatically be displayed on all of your pages. 800+ fonts are available.

Blog Everything you need to start blogging is already integrated into Listivo.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is a must for any WordPress theme, but we’ve taken it one step further. Listivo helps Google understand your content with optimized headings, URL structure and more. Listivo also fully supports the Yoast plugin to give your SEO rankings that extra boost. It is an ultra-fast and light product so Google scores it higher in search results (your website speed is one of the key factors of position).

Supported 3rd party-plugins Listivo can be smoothly integrated with most popular plugins. We fully support Yoast, W3 Total Cache and Contact Form 7.

Import any XML or CSV File (Free WP All Import Compatibility) If you wish to import listings from your XML or CSV file you can use Free version of WP All Import Plugin.

Crossbrowser compatibility Works perfectly fine with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.

Lifetime Free Updates You will receive updates to your Listivo theme free of charge.

Extensive Documentation our detailed articles provide support for clients who need quick solutions to their queries.

Top Class Support If you have any question or problem please contact us via this form. Our highly trained team of developers will provide you with the information you need.

Click here to visit Listivo Support Center and Documentation

What is not inclued:

Please consider Listivo Theme do not support:

  • Multiple languages at the same time. It do not has also WPML / Polylang or any plugin of this type integration
  • RTL right-to-left alphabet, however we are working on it
  • Mobile App (iOS / Android), however, is fully responsive / mobile-friendly
  • WooCommerce Shop Integration


2.1.11 20th December 2022

 Added: Business User - "Full name of a company representative" option Added: Business User - "Company information" option Added: Business User - "User can change the account type at any time." option Added: Private Account - "Full Name" option Added: Single Ad and User Template - Elementor Widget - "User Name" - display Full Name, First Name or Last Name Added: Single Ad and User Template - Elementor Widget - "Company Information"  Fix: Page Visibility > Password protected Fix: Minor CSS/JS/PHP bugs 

2.1.10 16th December 2022

 Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > Moderation > Require Ad Name Added: Listivo Panel > Advanced > Tools > Fix order by most relevant when using WP All Import 

2.1.9 14th December 2022

 Fix: Minor JS/PHP fixes 

2.1.8 7th December 2022

 Fix: Minor JS/PHP fixes 

2.1.7 3rd December 2022

 Added: Login/Register Page redirects the logged-in user to panel Fix: Edit Field Taxonomy - Field Dependency Table not saving Fix: Free package not displayed when user already has a package Fix: Display User on the card V2 Fix: Single Listing Template - Ad Features - custom icon 

2.1.6 3rd December 2022

 Added: Listing Carousel Wirth Tabs - "Display Only Featured" option Fix: Pricing Format 10,00,00,000 

2.1.5 24th November 2022

 Added: custom field values visible via WordPress API Added: social icons links open in a new window Added: minor CSS fixes

2.1.4 22th November 2022

 Added: Listivo Panel now has "Native WordPress Design"  Added: Monetization Bump Ad Option Added: 2 user types option [Private/Business] Added: Listivo Panel > User Panel > User > Website Field Fix: Minor css/js/php bugs 

2.1.3 4th November 2022

 Fix: WooCommerce 7.0.1 template warning Fix: Minnor js/php/bugs 

2.1.2 28th October 2022

 Improved: Demo Realtor - Fix: Problem with approving ads related to warning: "There is no associated package for this ad"  

2.1.1 20th October 2022

 Added: All new demo imports have sample sidebar search form template included Added: Listing card v2 - display date / display user controlls Added: WhatsApp / Viber - Use Global Initial Message option Added: Search V2 Checkbox - Limit max-height option Added: User Description Widget Added: It is possible to add "Text Field" on the cards labels and location Fix: Minor CSS / JS bugs 

2.1.0 3rd October 2022

 Added: Search V2 (Sidebar) - example - Added: Search V1 - "Filter Pills + Clear All"  Added: Custom Field Type: Link Improved: Number and Price field - user can enter only numbers Fix: Minnor js/php/css fix 

2.0.20 15th September 2022

 Demo automotive upgrades Minor css issues fixed 

2.0.19 12th September 2022

 Demo 6 upgrades Minor css issues fixed 

2.0.18 11th September 2022

 New single listing templates Demo 7 upgrades Minor css issues fixed 

2.0.17 04th September 2022

 New card style Quick preview function Demo classic improvements 

2.0.16 26th August 2022

 When Monetization is enabled: Added: Front-end User Panel > Orders Page (for administrator) Added: Front-end User Panel > My Orders  Page (for all users) 

2.0.15 23th August 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

2.0.14 12th August 2022

Improved: <a href=""></a> - redesigned and improved Added: New styling options for Elementor widgets

2.0.13 10th August 2022

Improved: <a href=""></a> - redesigned and improved Added: Dozens of new styling options for Elementor widgets

2.0.12 31th July 2022

Added: New Demo: Services - <a dir="ltr" href=""></a>

2.0.11 31th July 2022

Added: New Demo: Comfort - <a dir="ltr" href=""></a>

2.0.10 24th July 2022

Added: New Demo: Transparent Blue - <a href=""></a> Added: Dozens of new styling controls for different Elementor widgets Fix: Minor js/php bugsAdded: Demo Cars

2.0.9 19th July 2022

Improved backend editing page Improved performance of the template selection page on the backend Fixed case on listing page where “start a new search” button opened gallery popup when “Gallery V2" widget was used.

2.0.8 11th July 2022

Added: Demo Cars - <a href=""></a> Added: Demo Earth Tones - <a href=""></a>

2.0.7 06th July 2022

Fix: Fixed problem with scolls in listing tab

2.0.6 05th July 2022

Fix: Fixed Popular terms widget

2.0.5 02nd July 2022

Added: Demo "Automotive" - <a href=""></a>

2.0.4 20th June 2022

Added: Demo "Abstract" - <a href=""></a> Added: Demo "Realtor" - <a href=""></a>

2.0.3 15th June 2022

Fix: Fixed legacy mode mobile menu

2.0.2 7th June 2022

Fix: Minor bugs in safari browser and on mobile version

2.0.1 6th June 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

2.0.0 6th June 2022

Improved: Almost all Elementor widgets refreshed/redesigned Added: Demo Real Estate Added: Compare Module Fix: Minor js, CSS, PHP bugs fixed

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