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Introducing Hotel WordPress Theme

Hotel Luxe is the biggest hotel WordPress theme for those who want to build any kind of hotel website. It’s a one-size-fits-all for all types of hotel, resort, B&B, chalet, studio apartment, hostel, etc. Its original goal is to help you manage your rooms listings, customer bookings and reservations online, pricing plans. With its stunning design & incredible user experience, you can build your dream hotel website and attract more clients.

Hotel Booking Special Features

  • Complete Hotel Booking System
  • Bookings Management
  • Room Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Pricing Plans Management
  • Extra Packages Management
  • Advanced Animities System
  • Multi Currencies
  • Block Special Date Management
  • 4 Payment Gateways (Offline Payment,, Paypal, Stripe)
  • Reports + Multilingual Ready
  • And so much more…

Why Hotel Luxe?

The hotel business is one of the leading businesses in the world which is why the competition is very strong. Many hotel owners forget the importance of a website when running their business but websites now a day are very important for the success of your business. A website could be the main reason behind a fully booked hotel and a hotel struggling for customers.

First impressions can make a huge difference which is why they are very important in the traveling business. A guest gets his first impression of your hotel through your hotel’s website and not by walking into the hotel for the very first time which is why creating the perfect website for your hotel is very important. The impression is created by the theme, the design, the layout and the sliders that appear the moment they open your website along with the easiness that the website provides. The more user-friendly your website is the better the impression it is going to give. If the impression given by the website is not good enough for the user and he has to go through a lot of difficulties to book a room then there are a lot of chances that he would not be seeing the inside of your hotel because he would be staying somewhere else.

Hotel Luxe is one hell of a hotel WordPress theme that comes with 10 different samples and 300 combinations of layouts and sliders along with other features that allows you to create a user-friendly and remarkable website that gives a captivating and striking first impression. The theme offers sixty elements and blocks, 8 header and 4 footer styles along with unlimited sidebars, widgets and an advanced booking system.

The theme offers 10 + demos that are easy to use and help you create a fully responsive and Search Engine Optimized website. No matter what device you use, the user experience of the website won’t be customized. The top 10 demos of the Hotel Luxe theme are given below to help you create all sorts of accommodation websites including a luxury hotel, resort, apartment, motel, Bed and Breakfast and others.

Luxury Hotel

If you are planning on opening a luxury hotel in the Bahamas or anywhere else in the world then you need the perfect WordPress theme for your hotel’s website. Since it’s a luxury hotel, so you must go with a luxurious theme. Hotel Luxe is a flawless WordPress theme that accommodates all your needs when it comes to creating an all-in-one website. The demo allows you to easily change colors from the color picker option in the theme setting. You can choose the luxurious colors that coordinate with your overall look and feel of the hotel.

Hotel Luxe theme offer 7 + built-in sliders that help you create a luxurious and appealing look for your site. Sliders take most of the area on your webpage which is why having a captivating slider is compulsory to keep the visitors on your website. With the attractive sliders, you need the perfect header for your website as well. The overall layout of the theme is perfect for the luxury hotels.

The booking management system for the theme is quick and easy. Simplicity is the key to making your website user-friendly which is why the booking system must be simple to access and manage. The booking system along with other features of the demo are user-friendly and help you build a responsive website that offers the best experience to the users on every device such as a laptop, mobile phone or a tablet. The demo will for sure scream your personality which is luxurious.

Elegant Hotel

Hotel Luxe is the best theme to go with if you are planning on creating an elegant looking WordPress hotel website for your hotel. The variety of features offered by the theme makes your website look attractive and elegant at the same time. The demo allows you to create the perfect website that would be user-friendly as well as easy to create. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring someone for creating a website. Just download the demo and fill in the stuff that you desire to be appearing on your website.

Hotel Luxe demo for elegant hotels offers you to create the most informative homepage of your website that will create an image of your hotel in the viewer’s mind. The demo offers 500 plus Google fonts along with other downloadable fonts to keep the text on your website creative and eye-catching. The demo is fully translation ready and perfectly WPML compatible and comes with a language switcher on the sub-header that assists the users. The layout and the design of the demo scream elegance and is a perfect way to display your hotel to the world.

There is a mega menu on the header that allows you to add all the important tabs to assist your users. The booking management system is just perfect. Now you can add the features of managing bookings, coupons, rooms and other packages all in the same place.

The whole demo is why easy and quick to install thus you don’t have to stress about getting an elegant website up for your elegant hotel. The documentation for the setup and installation are all available. Your website is just a click away from you now.


Resorts are the best place to stay in when one wants to enjoy a relaxed vacation with their family and loved ones. Resorts have so much more to offer than a hotel which is why the websites for the resorts must be extra as well. The WordPress theme Hotel Luxe is one of the most convenient and suitable website themes for a Resort website.

The booking management system for the demo is very advanced. Now you can manage the number of guests for different room types and for individual rooms as well. The theme allows you to add an unlimited number of rooms with an extra setting option as well. You can add the price of the room and also the status of the management that would be offered with the room on your website using this demo. The demo also allows you to set different prices for different rooms on different dates. The demo allows you to support different kinds of payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe and Offline Payment Method.

The 7+ sliders offered by the demo allows you to display a captivating the image of your resort on your website that would attract the customers and increase the sales. The demo is easy to use and comes with a variety of design and layout. The layouts come with unlimited sidebars and unlimited color options. The colors allow you to create a perfect, colorful and fun image on your website. The theme offers 300 combinations of layouts and slider for you to choose from. Each combination is different from the other and is easily customizable according to your needs so style the overall combination just the way you like it.


Creating a perfect website for an apartment business can be hard which is why if you want to attract the customers on your website to your apartments you need to go with the Hotel Luxe WordPress theme for your apartment’s website. The demo for the apartments in the Hotel Luxe theme has so much to offer to the users. It comes with a lot of advanced and easily manageable features that are perfect for your website.

The demo comes with an advanced layout version that overs header styles and 4 + footer styles along with unlimited sidebars and 5+ custom widgets. The sidebars come in handy when you have so many different options of apartments to show to your customers along with the various features that they come with. The features can be represented by the gadgets and the widgets that you can add to the sidebars to make the website user-friendly. The demo is the best choice for the business offering apartments to the tourists as it allows you to create an informative and captivating homepage for your website.

One of the best features offered by the demo is the offline payment method. There are still a number of individuals that hesitate to make an online payment which is why the demo has come up with an option for accepting checks as well. This feature allows such individuals to be your customers as well and benefits both you and your customer. Along with this feature various other advanced booking management features are accessible through the demo which makes booking for apartments so much easier.

Bread and Breakfast

Creating a website for the bed and breakfast hotel can be confusing because the place doesn’t offer the same kind of things that a hotel offers which is why it’s website also needs to be unique and different. Hotels speak luxury whereas bread and breakfast places scream coziness and comfort just like your home. Hotel Luxe is a great WordPress theme for your bread and breakfast place. The demo is the perfect and the easiest way to create the website of your choice. It offers you multiple choices for the sliders along with the designs and the layouts to go with in order to create that ‘local’ feel and look for your website.

You can use the built-in layouts to create a customized layout and design it with images, videos, and blogs. Features like unlimited colors, 500 + Google Fonts, typography and unlimited sidebars offered in the demo makes it very easy to add the necessary information to your website in an attractive and compelling manner.

The demo also allows you to create a blog layout for your website that is structured in a way that supports all kinds of text and media input. You can add images, videos, sliders, galleries, and text such as quotes all in one place without having to change the layout every time.

Keeping the speed and the responsiveness of the website in mind is also very important when creating a website which is why the theme is optimized for speed and is compatible with all screen resolutions as well thus it perfectly works on every device that a person uses. The demo is the perfect way to test and create the best possible website for your bed and breakfast place in town.

Video Background

If you are planning on creating a hotel website with a video background to make it more appealing and captivating then Hotel Luxe WordPress theme is the best choice for you. The Hotel Luxe theme is a professional photo and video focused theme because the more visuals you add to the website the more captivating it is going to be. Slideshows are the main feature of the demo. The slideshow is capable of supporting YouTube and self-hosted videos in the background with the widgets and gadgets on top of it. It is the best way to showcase your hotel images.

The theme offers multiple styles out of which the most fascinating one is the video background. Now you can have a video playing at the back of your page and captivate the users with the visuals. The demo is perfect for displaying the environment of your hotel. The theme includes a visual composer Plugin and is fully responsive thus it doesn’t compromise the quality of the video on different screen resolution. The demo allows you to create a website with the video background with just a click. You can add various layouts and designs to add other visuals and texts to your web pages as well. Customize the layouts according to your needs and create the perfect website easily by using the video background demo of Hotel Luxe.

Video background is a popular ongoing trend that helps your website stands out from the rest which is why Hotel Luxe theme has included it in its demo. The demo comes with a lot of basic features, stylish designs and easy to customize layouts and sliders. Start designing your website with the video background and then use the main theme to customize the rest of the website using various features such as powerful plugins, drag and drop functionality along with the e-commerce integration.


Boxed is one of the most used WordPress themes. If you are planning on going with a clean and clearly structured layout for your website then boxed is your choice. Hotel Luxe WordPress theme offers you one of the best-boxed layouts. The layout comes with a variety of options that allows you customize your hotel website according to your needs. The demo is very easy to use and allows you to add different visuals and text to you’re the layout already designed. The theme supports all kinds of visuals such as images, videos, and text and blog posts.

The boxed layout of the Hotel Luxe theme can be easily customized. You can choose the margins of your choice and make them smaller or larger depending on the look that you are going for. You can choose the normal margins or go with narrow, moderate, wide or mirrored. The layout is very much compatible with all devices due to the built-in responsive codes in the theme thus doesn’t compromise the user experience which means that the layout appears the on a desktop and a mobile phone.

The demo also comes with built-in sliders, header and footer styles, customized widgets and gadgets, short codes and various payment options for you to choose from. You can add images, videos or text to the sliders and make your website catchy. Other features in the demo include unlimited sidebars, advanced booking system, and an advanced coupon system as well.

The demo is easy to install and setup. You can easily download it from WordPress or via FTP, the choice is yours. It also comes with the documentation of installation and setup which makes the process very easy and legal as well.


If you are planning on creating a website for your motel then the Hotel Luxe WordPress theme is the best for you. The theme comes with a lot of features that allows you to design the perfect website for your customers. The more features you add to the website the easier it becomes to access and use. The demo for the motel in the Hotel Luxe theme is the easiest way to create the website of your dreams.

The demo comes with 300 combinations of layouts and sliders that you can choose from. There is also an option that allows you to customize the built-in layouts and create your own layout that suits your styles and personality. There are various header and footer styles for you to choose from and an unlimited number of sidebars where you can add widgets to make your website user-friendly.

The demo also offers various designs that can also be customized with the help of the 500 + Google fonts, unlimited color combinations and an advanced Typography Option. Give your text a new look with the help of these features and make it look striking and enthralling.

Responsive websites are a key to success when it comes to advertising using websites. People use various devices today such as tablets, laptops, mobile phones, watches and etc. to access the internet which is why the demo allows you to create a fully responsive motel website with the built-in codes that provides the same experience to the users on different devices. The theme is compatible with different screen resolutions that make this whole process possible.

Boutique Hotel

The Boutique Hotel demo in the Hotel Luxe WordPress theme is the perfect way to create an easy and beautiful website for your boutique hotel. The demo comes with a lot of built-in features that makes your task very easy and quick as well. The more you look into it the more appealing it will seem to you.

The demo allows you to create a website according to your needs. You can choose the built-in layouts and designs combination or create your own by customizing them according to your style.

One of the best features of the demo is the advanced booking management system that has a lot of features to offer. You can add an unlimited number of rooms and customize the prices from day to day. The booking system allows you to accept four different types of payments; Offline Payment,, PayPal, and Stripe. Along with the booking management, the demo comes with room management as well that allows the admin to change the status and the prices of the room anytime from anywhere. You can create a pricing plan with the help of the demo which allows you to set different prices for specific dates as well.

Not everyone in the world knows English which is why the demo comes with a built-in translator option on the sub-header that allows your users to switch to the language that suits them best. Just like the demo supports multiple languages it also has a built-in feature that supports multiple currencies which makes the process of payments so much easier for your customers. One of the aims of a website is to be user-friendly which is where these features come in handy. They make the whole booking and payment process so much easier.

The rest of the features such as the powerful plugins, widgets, and unlimited sidebars, advanced blog layout, YouTube video slider, video background, unlimited colors and the header and footer styles in the demo help you create a striking website that keeps the user’s interest in the website alive.


Hotel Luxe is a very compatible and luxurious hotel WordPress theme that accommodates the websites for the Villas in the best way possible. The demo for the Villa website is a highly effective one and helps you create a website that is easy to use and very user-friendly as well. The demo comes with numerous numbers of features that make the whole website attractive and eye-catching.

You can use the variety of layouts and designs and already built in 300 combinations of sliders and layouts to design the website of your choice that represents your Villas in the best way possible. Give an elegant and splendid look to your website’s homepage using the video sliders or the text sliders along with the well designed and stylish header and footers.

The demo also allows you to create a website that can be easily customized. If you want to emphasize a certain webpage or a post on your website then with the Hotel Luxe theme you can customize specific web pages and posts with the unlimited colors offered in the demo along with the 500 + Google fonts and the default theme in the background. Add creativity and design to your website using the demo and say no to boring websites.

Everything today happens on the internet and especially on the social networking sites which is why the demo includes the template setting for social sharing. You can share your website with the friends and customers that love your content on social media using this feature. The demo also helps you create a website that is SEO optimized so that you can increase the overall visitors on your website.

An Overview

Choosing the perfect website theme can be hard but we can assure you that Hotel Luxe is the best one in the market. The theme comes with a number of features that accommodates all your hotel sites and makes your task easier through the demos that are easy to install and setup. You can install the theme in WordPress or download it via FTP. The process is easy and quick and comes with a documented file that helps you carry out the whole process.

The theme also offers automatic updates that keep the website’s design and functionality up to date. The theme comes with secure payments and booking process. The payment options include both secure online and offline payment options because some people are still hesitant to pay online thus the theme also accept check payments. The major booking features offered by the theme are; Complete Hotel Booking System, Bookings Management, Room Management, Coupon Management, Pricing Plans Management, extra packages management, Multiple Currencies, Block Special Date Management and four Payment Gateways (Offline Payment,, PayPal, Stripe).

The theme also offers detailed how-to videos that help the users to understand the whole process better and get the better out of it. There is a responsive technical team that is available 24/7 to assist you with your problems and issues. The team members are polite and highly trained thus have satisfactory answers to provide to the customers.

Quick Install and Setup As we all hate anything that is slow, we came up with such a feature where you won’t have to wait for installation. Very quick and easy installation. Quickly install the theme in WordPress or via FTP. Proper Documentation is also available for installation and setup. Get your website theme in your hand in a glance.

Smart and Powerful Advertisement Hotel Luxe has a very fast Mega menu solution that can be enabled via WordPress native menu screen and you can font awesome icons to any menu elements.

Create and Manage Room with WP Hotel Booking Create unlimited rooms with different extra setting options including room price and room status management.

Set Price for Specific Dates Room price can vary by days, weeks, months or even a whole year and entire seasons.

Create and Manage Booking All bookings will be stored and changeable. Especially, admin can change the booking status from Pending to Completed and vice versa.

Integration with Contact form 7 Still hesitate about online payment method? No worries, WP Hotel Bokking also supports offline payment, which is useful for people who would prefer to mail a check.

Advanced Options for Adult and Children Easily change the number of guests (adults or children), not only for room types but also for each individual room.

Mega Menu Using Visual Composer and our built-in brilliant advertisement locations, you can put your advertisement anywhere in your website.

Fully Translation Ready Our theme is fully translation ready and perfectly WPML compatible along with a powerful language switcher on the sub header.

Layout and Slider Combinations Hotel Luxe offers over 300 layers and sliders combination only to stylize it the way you like. The layers and sliders are unique from each other and of course it is customizable.

WordPress Customizer The Customizer is a framework for live-previewing any change to WordPress. It provides a simple and consistent interface for users to customize various aspects of their theme and their site, from colors and layouts to widgets, menus, and more.

Fully Responsive Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. So, don’t be worry about obtaining these sets of features, we do already have included in Magazine. Let’s test it.

Library Homepage Creating a perfect homepage expresses everything you need to know about the website in the first glance. Homepage shows our inner style. That’s why we gave you the option to choose from our various options to customize your homepage with your own sense of style that leaves the perfect impression.

Google Font Along with huge variations of layout and sliders, Hotel Luxe offers more than 500 Google fonts. Hundreds of free, open source fonts from google and they are really fast in rendering also.

Blog Layout Hotel Luxe offers chic and tasteful blog layout with different type of blog post formats like image, slider, gallery, video and quote. Now you can totally fall in love with your own website.

Speed Optimize This WordPress theme is optimized for speed with careful attention to clean and structured code. It helps improve conversation rates.

Header and Navigation Style Hotel Luxe has various beautiful header and navigation options available just to match your taste. Choose the one that screams your personality.

Typography It’s the small details that make a project shine. Solid typography, well-crafted with attention and care is one of them. A harmonious visual rhythm, typographic subtleties like soft caps, margin outdents or the correct use of hyphens and dashes; there are a lot of things that add up to it. So, we do have included all google font sets just to make easy and useful, you can adjust color, size, line-height and so on.

Cool Readymade Layouts For you to create beautiful website as desired, we have included lots of page layouts in the Hotel Luxe theme. Design your website with blog, videos and other contents.

Social Sharing It has the template setting for social sharing. We tested to make sure it is a smart website that you own. Make sure who loves your content, they can share it with their friends through social media.

Page/Post Customization With Hotel Luxe you can easily customize your specific page or post on the top of the default theme settings in case if you want to emphasis any page/post or need different style for your overall website.

Unlimited Colors To make color changes easy, we have implemented color picker in theme settings. You can choose your desired colors visually and by hash code and RGB code also wherever required. No plainer, boring website.

Unlimited Sidebars Another mentionable feature of Hotel Luxe is, it allows you to add unlimited sidebars as per your requirement and assign many numbers of your choice of widgets to them. Amazingly, you can even switch the placement of the sidebars wherever you want to very easily.

HD Video and Details Documentation We have made sufficient videos with detailed information and documentation to make our users aware about all the parts of our theme. In addition there are many how-to videos available for fast understanding.

5 Start Quick and Responsive Support We love our customers and would always do our level best for their satisfaction. Customer’s satisfaction is our growth. We have our highly experienced team of technical experts who try their best to respond within one business day. Our motto is to give our customers satisfactory, helpful and polite answers.

Feature Overview

  • WordPress Live Customizer Make it Live !
  • Visual Composer Plugin
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Advanced Booking System
  • Advanced Copuon System
  • Paypal, Stripe and Offline Payment Method Supported
  • 8+ Unique Demos
  • 4+ Header Styles
  • 7+ Sliders
  • 4+ Footer Styles
  • 30+ Shortcodes
  • 5+ Custom Widgets
  • Unlimited Color Option
  • Advanced Typography Option
  • Advanced Blog Layouts
  • Youtube Video Support
  • Youtube Video Slider
  • Fully Responsive
  • WMPL Ready
  • Post Formats (Standard, Audio, Gallery)
  • Automatic Updates
  • SEO Optimized
  • Powerful Theme Option
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Retina Ready
  • HD Video Tutorials
  • Well Documented

Change Log

Version 1.7

 Fixed: Minor Bugs 

Version 1.6

 Update: Updated visual composer plugin to latest version  Fixed: Additional package not saving while making update Fixed: Minor Bugs 

Version 1.5

 Update: Updated visual composer plugin to latest version  Update: Updated WP Hotel Booking core files to latest version Added: New translation field under theme option settings Fixed: Minor Bugs 

Version 1.4

 Update: Updated visual composer plugin to latest version  Update: Updated WP Hotel Booking core files to latest version Fixed: Minor Bugs 

Version 1.3

 Fixed: Bug in search page when there description is empty Fixed: Minor Bugs 

Version 1.2

 Fixed: Additional Services update issue with cart page Added: Translation Tab in theme option Fixed: Minor Bugs 

Version 1.1

 Update: Demo XML files New: WP Hotel Booking plugin override files to latest version Fixed: Minor Bugs 


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  • Visual Composer
  • Unsplash
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