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My Event Manager Theme 100% Material Design Backend with easy integration in WordPress with iOS App.


A Complete Event Manager Component easy to integrate with any opensource framework like WordPress, BuddyPress, Code-ignitor etc . and designed with 100% Material design with tons of cms component provided in code for easy enhancement.

Features in this component :
Secure Admin panel.
Stylish and Clean Dashboard with below features.
Display number of Events.
Display number of Attendees .
Display number of corporates.
Graphs and Statics of RSVP’s for Event’s .
Filter RSVP for Event’s.
Top 5 Events with Stylish loaders tracked with RSVP Events.
Option to create events with logo , description etc .
Events can be created for single date or date ranges .
Events can be created for N-number of Dates .
Stylish Grid to display Events with nice animation’s .
Accordian Style interface for viewing event’s basic details.
Pagination on Scroll to load with stylish animation’s.

Create Corporates form with clean UI & Sytlish form validation’s .
Option to add multiple event Attendees under that Corporate’s .
PDF Tickets will be generated for each Attendees with a BAR CODE attached to each ticket. A sample Ticket can be downloaded from here .

Participant’s for Event .
A Participant can be either an individual who can attend events .
Participant’s can also be added under corporates or can be added individually using this form .
PDF Tickets will be generated for each Participant .
Option to add extra attachments along with ticket’s like marketing material , catalogues etc.
Their RSVP can be tracked using iOS App which is also provided along with this code.

Report is the statics for checkin made for the event’s along with check-in log’s .
Complete RSVP can be tracked in a Stylish Grid style interface with cool animation’s .

iOS App
Along with PHP based CMS we are also offering an iOS Based App where checkin’s in the Events can be tracked using Easy BARCODE SCANNER. App can be used by a person at gate or any check-in point for scanning their tickets or gateway pass which our system has generated .

What will you get :
PHP based CMS with material design’s .
JSON Based API for RSVP tracker .
iOS IPhone and iPad Support Mobile App which can track all RSVP’s of attendees along with check-in type and Generates Reports on CMS.
100% Material Designs with complete source code.

This app can be useful for many industry , i will list few of them below.
Event Management Company .
Educational Training Institute.
A Gym where memberships can be sold and Members entry can be tracked.
Etc.. and many other places where checkin’s are made and tracking is required , as this generates rights from tickets till track them individually with in-time and out time and provides all cool statics with graphs and list data.

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