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SEA is a modern and clean responsive Gallery Portfolio WordPress theme for creative multipurpose. It is fully customizable with a REAL LIVE builder. 30+ PreMade layouts for Agency, Freelancer, Portfolio…

New Update is available (11/7/2022)

For Designer, Photographer, Freelancer, Agency, Blogger…

It is for all the creativities who want to make a difference. It will help you to showcase your creative work Gallery, Portfolio, Agency, Photography, Product Landing page, Startup, Wedding site or your Blog.

Make Creative Thing Simple

It is easy to use showcasing your work to potential clients and employers with interesting interactions. The creative BM Content Builder is a unique elements Drag & Drop LIVE mode builder(check it how to work). You can create unique webpage with no coding skills.

Lightweight Friendly for Mobile

The efficiency code will make your website loading fast. The adaptive images feature will deliver different size image depend on the visitor’s screen size.

Features Overview

  • 30+ clean, modern, bold, multi-purpose creative pre-made templates
  • One-click-import the dozens of professionally designed demos
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Gutenberg editor ready
  • The unique Drag&Drop BM Content Builder with live mode(check) and templates, you can create unlimited layouts of gallery / portfolio list and single.
  • The unique BG color transitions option by scrolling
  • Set fixed or fluid width for main content and header
  • GDPR ready: Cookie Consent bar, Contact / Comment compatibility New!
  • Select your favorite fonts and build your own web font system by Font management
    4 sources included:
    • Google Fonts(900+)
    • Adobe Fonts(1700+)
    • Upload fonts: supports modern font format(woff/woff2/ttf).
    • System fonts: supports web fafe fonts.
  • Powerful Gallery / Portfolio list options(Standard Grid / Masonry Grid):
    • Source from single posts, single portfolio, WooCommerce product, and media library
    • 1-12 columns(3 cols demo, masonry demo, )
    • Item spacing
    • Show with items filter(demo) or without
    • Unique Drag&Drag masonry editor for Masonry Grid Gallery
    • Many grid ratios for Grid
    • Pagination: load more button and infinite scroll
    • Show text under the thumbnail, show text by mouseover, or without text
    • The text style options: font, color, spacing, and alignment
  • Unlimited single project(gallery) layouts by builder:
    You could mix all elements including gallery, single image, heading, paragraph, slider, social icons, slider, video, and so on
    • 2 col layout(Gallery on left/right, filled/boxed, demo)
    • Fullwidth layout(demo)
    • 1-12 columns
    • With slider(demo)
    • Irragular(demo)
    • Heading with clipped image(demo)
    • Lightbox(demo)
    • 12 pre-made templates by 1-click-importing
  • Slider module, including dozen of options:
    • Before&After Layout(NEW)
    • What elements could be shown title / caption / arrow / page number
    • Spacing for most elements
    • Text color/font/font size/line-height/letter spacing
    • Slider animation slide/fade
    • Autoplay enable/disable, speed of autoplay
    • Text position left/center/right/bottom left/bottom center/bottom right
    • Page number position bottom left/bottom center/bottom right
    • Arrow position left and right/together on center bottom/together on rightbottom/rrrow go with cursor
    • Arrow supports SVG
    • Click to open link enable/disable
  • Friendly options for Mobile:
    • Most element spacing for mobile
    • 3 header layouts for mobile
    • Font / Icon size for mobile
    • Support flexible VW unit for font size
  • 19 header layouts + 3 mobile header layouts.
  • 7 Post Formats : Standard, Image, Gallery, Audio, Video, Link, Quote.
  • Fullscreen background video, support mask text with mix-blend-mode
  • Set left/right/no Sidebar for single posts
  • Define unlimited colour by Powerful Theme Options
  • Custom Social Media link and Share buttons
  • Custom Logo image logo / plaint text logo with google fonts
  • Support plugin WooCommerce
  • Support upload animated SVG icons and image
  • 5 kinds of menu mouseover effect
  • Custom Mouse cursor and cursor follower
  • Parallax animation
  • Text Marquees and Floating text effect
  • Awesome Lightbox: Navigate images from different modules(Demo)
  • Retina Ready Design
  • Adaptive images: it detects the visitor’s screen size to deliver different size image files
  • Translation ready (pot file included)
  • Support the popular multi-language plugin WPML.
  • RTL CSS included.
  • Page loader (slide loading effect) option
  • SEO Optimized Care was taken when coding SEA and search engines will appreciate it.
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Compatible with plugin Contact Form 7
  • Compatible with optimization plugin Autoptimize
  • Compatible with ProfileGrid
  • Child theme included
  • Image Layzload enable/disable option
  • Scrolled animation
  • WP menu support
  • WP featured thumbnail support
  • WP widgets support
  • Page loader transition(it is optional)
  • 100% HTTPS Support
  • Warmly and quickly support
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Fully documentation
  • SEA also supports content creation by Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder. Please note the demo data are built by BM Content Builder.

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Update Log

v2.1.4  11/7/2022 [Update]  Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.0.1  v2.1.3  10/30/2022 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.15.4 [Fix] Alternative tagline color option issue [Fix] Issues(opening new tab, scroll-in-animation) ajax-ed items of Grid/Masonry Grid [Fix] Scroll-in-animation position issue on Filter [Fix] Button issue for multiple Embed modules  v2.1.2  9/12/2022 [update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.15.2 [Fix] Header layouts(Menu panel on left/right/top)  v2.1.1  7/28/2022 [update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.15.1 [Add] New Feature: Modules Top/Bottom Spacing for tablet [Add] New Feature: Background slider on Group module [Fix] Accepting button on cookie consent bar(issue from v2.0) [Fix] Occasional options display issues on the Module editing modal  v2.1.0  6/21/2022 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.15.0 [Add] New Feature: Accordion Module [Add] New Feature: ux-portfolio-cat slug custom [Add] New Feature: Border Radius options [Add] New Feature: Shaped edge options on Group module  v2.0.1  5/20/2022 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.14.4 [Add] Menu Fill-color mouseover option [Add] Photographer Demo  v2.0.0  5/16/2022 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.14.3 [Add] Floating Title mouseover option for Grid and Masonry Grid Module [Add] Parallax options [Add] Text Marquees effect for Text module [Add] Before/After option of Slider [Improve] layout on mobile landscape mode [Add] Rotation animation in the Single image [Add] Font size option for tablet [Add] Divide Module  v1.11.3  1/14/2022 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version [Update] Envato Market is updated to version 2.0.7  v1.11.2  11/19/2021 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.11.5 [Add] Dropdown layout of the Filter  [Fix] Alternative Text Logo Color  v1.11.1  10/11/2021 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.11.2 [fix] Spacing issue of Masonry Grid [fix] Switch and Upload components issue of items   v1.11.0  10/9/2021 [Update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.11.1 [Add] "Image button" type for Button module [Add] "Showing Image on Mouseover" option for Button module [Add] Tabs Module [Add] Border radius option for the Embed module [Improve] Speed and tool layout of the Text editor [Improve] Hide infrequently used tools(click ... to show more tools) on the toolbar [Add] show 2nd feature image / show 2nd feature image + title to excerpt for the Masonry Grid [Add] Separate item spacing options: horizontal/vertical 2 options [fix] font size for mobile issue in Text editor [fix] cloning issue of Single Image module(SVG) [Fix] Slider flash issue of WooCommerce products  v1.10.2  9/12/2021 [update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.10.0 [Add] Inserting picture from Text editor of BM Content Builder [Add] Preview icon on the Top toolbar of BM Content Builder  v1.10.1  9/5/2021 [update] BM Content Builder is updated to version [Fix] Cloning modules issue of PolyLang [Fix] SVG width issue of Single Image module  v1.10.0  9/1/2021 [update] FontAwesome 5.15.4 [update] BM Content Builder is updated to version 3.9.8 [Improve] FOUT with font loading [Add] Mouseover option  “Title to Excerpt”  for Masonry Grid module [Add] “Image on Left” layout for Grid module [Add] Divide option for Group module  v1.9.5  8/12/2021 [Fix] Menu items horizontal spacing issue on some header layouts [update] BM Content Builder is to version 3.9.6 [Fix] height of Group module cannot work in live(editing) mode [Fix] Invalid email tips of Contact form cannot show [Fix] Grid Items Float of Masonry Grid module issue [Fix] Some links cannot be clicked when Enable All Image in one Lightbox [Fix] When adding Module from Group, the Modules panel cannot close  v1.9.4  7/12/2021 [update] BM content builder plugin version [add] “Grid Items Float” option in the Masonry Grid Editor  [add] Auto-updating option  [add] Mask/Position for Group Background Video [add] Excerpt option for Masonry Grid(Image Text, Portfolio/Post) [fix] Slider height issue  v1.9.3.1  6/22/2021 [update] BM content builder plugin version  v1.9.3.1  6/17/2021 [update] BM content builder plugin version [fix] Cannot add a picture that is too small to edit the Grid module [add] Showing Description info for the attachment source Masonry Grid  v1.9.3  6/7/2021 [fix] Content current postion when the menu panel is opened [fix] Submenu font-size options [fix] WooCommerce with sidebar layout container left/right padding issue [improve] min-height replace as wrap as content [update] BM content builder plugin version [fix] JS issue on default archive page when header icon is activated [fix] Slider module(style1): Logo&menu color issue of the first slide [fix] Slider module(style2): Logo&menu color will not change on Mobile  v1.9.2.1  5/24/2021 [add] Disable Anchor Title(hover tip) for Single Image, Grid, MasonryGrid [fix] Divide length issue  v1.9.2  5/19/2021 [update] No longer force floats in the Masonry Grid Editor [add] Length option for the Dividing Line [improve] Lightbox loops in selected(filter) images   v1.9.1  4/26/2021 [update] BM Content Builder version 3.9.1 [fix] filtered items repeat issue  [fix] clip issue on the pagination(ajax) items [fix] zoomin animation  v1.9.0  4/21/2021 [update] BM Content Builder version 3.9.0 [add] Animation: Scrolling trigger position [add] Animation: 25 animation effects
 [add] Animation: 32 Eases options
 [add] Animation: Transition duration option [add] Animation: replay option [fix] BM Content builder with WP Classic editor  v1.8.1  3/25/2021 [fix] BM Content builder with WP Classic editor  v1.8.0  3/25/2021 [add] Split Line options for each normal modules [add] "Move out from Group" icon [add] Hide Superscript Number options (for Filter of the Grid/Masonry Grid modules) [add] Sticky option for the Group module [add] Auto-Hiding options for the Slider module(Style 1) [add] Show Scroll-Down-Icon option for the Group/Slider modules [add] Enable Mousewheel option for the Slider(Style 1/3) module [add] New page number style option for the Slider(Style 1) module [add] Show Title on Mouseover for the Post-Navi module [improve] The "All" text for the Filter could be replaced in theme options  v1.7.2  2/16/2021 [add] Column spacing option [add] Hide title and social-share options for single post [fix] Change Summernote as Tinymce text editor in builder [fix] Recover the Font-style options [fix] Lightbox closing issue in Gallery on right/left template  v1.7.1.3  12/18/2020 [fix] BC Grid&Masonry Grid category and except info issue  v1.7.1.2  12/15/2020 [fix] BC compatibility wiht WooCommerce   v1.7.1  12/9/2020 [fix] BM content builder text editor color selector on WP5.6  v1.7.0  12/8/2020 [add] 11 header layouts [add] Expanded Panel Bottom Layout option [add] Tagline(subheading) on the header [update]  Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.7.1 [fix]  Masonry Grid Load-more issue with scrolled animation  v1.6.9  12/1/2020 [fix] Editing page can not be opened with Yoast Seo 14/15 [fix] Modules of header panel JS files are not exported [fix] Showing 2 logos on Mobile when Univer-color is activated [fix] input radio size issue [fix] BM content builder button not showing on WordPress5.6rc  v1.6.8.2  10/10/2020 [add] Value options for Fluid height in Group/Slider/Text modules [add] register_nav_menu for the footer menu  [fix] Link target blank issue on Page with all-Lightbox  v1.6.8.1  9/23/2020 [fix] Post/Portfolio editing page is broken with embed codes  v1.6.8  9/9/2020 [add] “Text under Image” layout for the Slider module [add] Fully compatible with plugins: Yoast Duplicate Post etc [add] New blog and slider layout pre-made templates  v1.6.7.2  8/22/2020 [update] Compatible with WooCommerce 4.4  v1.6.7.1  8/12/2020 [fix] The compatibility with WordPress 5.5  v1.6.7  8/8/2020 [add] Navigate images from different modules in the Lightbox [fix] Learn-more button in the Grid doesn't disappear immediately [fix] BG color transition micro issue on the 1st screen  v1.6.6.4  7/30/2020 [fix] Redirect to the previous page when close Lightbox BC plugin needs to be updated also  v1.6.6.3  7/21/2020 [fix] The latest v14.5 Yoast SEO doesn't work with BC  v1.6.6.2  7/10/2020 [fix] The editor has encountered an unexpected error (Post/Page/Portfolio editing error with the latest version Yoast SEO) BM Content Builder plugin needs to be updated also  v1.6.6.1 7/4/2020 [fix] BC: Grid/M Grid Tab issue caused the prev update [fix] Gap issue under the header on the mobile [fix] Disable the uncompleted Ajax page transition option  v1.6.6 6/30/2020 [improve] RTL [add] BC: Pagination for Masonry Grid [fix] Slider style 3 spacing cannot set zero [fix] Editing page loading slow with Yoast SEO plugin [improve] Sticky header animation  v1.6.5.1 5/13/2020 [fix] module-masonry-grid.php syntax error in some software environment  v1.6.5 5/7/2020 [add] Translated FR, ES, JA PO(front-end) files [fix] BC: Grid/Masonry Grid Tap issue on the mobile [add] BC: Tag option for Grid/Masonry Grid  v1.6.4 4/6/2020  [add] Translated DE, NL PO(front-end) files, learn more [add] Disable Image Srcset option [add] BC: add the Fonts selector, Undo/Redo, Italic for the text editor [fix] BC: return line spacing, eraser issue of the text editor [fix] Menu mouseover / current color [add] Pre-made project-13 template  v1.6.3 3/4/2020 [add] BC: Quick creating of Masonry Grid [fix] Yoast SEO cannot track BC content [fix] Filter small size line-height [fix] BC: Grid micro bugs(spacing, expert date not showing…) [fix] Adobe font doesn’t work [fix] Back top button doesn’t show sometimes  v1.6.2 2/10/2020 [fix] Page blank issue on a small number of servers  v1.6.1 2/7/2020 [add] Font preview of BM Font management [add] Enable Base64, Fallback options of BM Font management [add] BC: Slider with keyboard controls [add] BC: Group, Text, Slider fixed height value [fix] BC: Slider scrolled animation [add] BC: Post navigation scrolled animation [fix] BC: Masonry Grid image height issue with Image+text style [fix] Images position issue in Gallery on left/right template  v1.6.0 1/8/2020 [add] Post Navigation module [add] Background image in the Customize [add] WooCommerce shop description(subtitle) [fix] Expanded menu panel height issue on iOs  v1.5.0 12/18/2019 [add] “Text Display Inline” etc options for Slider [add] “Show Caption” options for Single Image [fix] Menu icon, expanded menu on IE11 [fix] Default menu color  v1.4.2 11/26/2019 [fix] Demo data not shown  v1.4.1 11/21/2019 [add] Menu corner layout for header [add] Show Readmore, Social, Item Summary for Blog list(archive) [fix] Default menu color  v1.4.0 11/8/2019 [update] Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8 [add] Video thumbnail on Grid / Masonry Grid [add] Blog list(archive) fullwidth and columns options [add] Menu align to right option on the menu panel [update] The Masonry Grid columns 12 to 24 (Notice: the existed masonry grid need to be opened to save again)  v1.3.3 10/7/2019 [improve] The arrow option and height option in Slider module of BM Content Builder Notice: Please check the “Arrow Go with Cursor” option [fix] “Auto Goto Top When Scroll In” option in Group Module [fix] Submit button in the comment form [improve] the_content() issue for Elementor plugin [improve] The entered excerpt will be shown on the archive page  v1.3.2 9/30/2019 [fix] “Gallery Layout Builder” option is lost sometimes  v1.3.1 9/26/2019 [fix] Scrollbar position when the menu icon closed [update] Photoswipe(lightbox) js plugin [add] Logo color option in Group: Univer color  v1.3.0 9/16/2019 [add] SEA Theme tab, About sub-tab, Help sub-tab - Move the theme options into SEA Theme tab - Move  Import Demo into SEA Theme tab [add] Logo options for mobile [add] 4 preset templates: About 2, Contact, Services, Service 2, Event  v1.2.1 9/3/2019 [fix] Post Navi style issue [fix] Header sticky  v1.2.0 8/26/2019 [add] GDPR ready: Cookie bar, contact / comment for [add] BM content builder: Social link option [add] Font size vw unit [update] WooCommerce 3.7  v1.1.1 7/30/2019 [add] New demo data(Creative4, Photography1) [add] Translated German po/mo files(frontend strings)  v1.1.0 7/15/2019 [add] Custom selector for Font management [fix] Insert template: Masonry grid [fix] Load-more / infinite-scroll  v1.0.2 6/26/2019 [fix] The image cannot be picked up on “Gallery on left/right” template [fix] Grid Mod: Load-more button doesn’t hide [fix] Grid / MGrid Mod: Mask color doesn’t work if 100% opacity [fix] Grid / MGrid Mod: image-fit-grid doesn’t work  v1.0.1 6/17/2019 [fix] Mouseover effect issue on Grid module  [fix] The images are not shown after ajax loads on Grid module  

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Thanks to the authors for the awesome demo images: Futura.

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