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About Peggy

We’ve used only the best pixels for Peggy. We’ve created a clean and nonsense free blog theme, full of all the things you need and none of the things you don’t. Choose whether you want your sticky content in a simple carousel, you can even switch from circles to squares for sticky and related content with just one click in the theme customizer and on top of that you can have a nice big hero image + message on the homepage.

As well as a widgetized sidebar, we have a header widget area and a footer widget area that adapt to the amount of widgets you have. For example, only using 1 widget, we’ll make it 100% and centered perfect for a web banner.

We’ve kept things clean and simple with this one, using the Theme Customizer you can control layouts (sidebar right, no sidebar, sticky menu) and show and hide most of the elements of the theme.

So what are you waiting for, give Peggy a spin.

Peggy’s Main features

  • NEW! Gutenberg editor support (WordPress 5)
  • Fully responsive design
  • Sidebar layout (left or right)
  • Switch from circles to squares for sticky and related
  • Carousel on/off for sticky posts
  • Homepage Hero control
  • Custom About You widget
  • Custom Social Widget
  • Social link enabled author pages
  • ALL post formats supported
  • 5 widget areas (Header, footer, sidebar, top socials, footer socials)
  • Hide/Show almost everything from comments to social share
  • Translation ready
  • Custom logo uploads including retina logo
  • Google and Typekit fonts compatible

Advanced Font Options

You can add any font from Google Web Fonts, Typekit or Adobe Web fonts using our custom controls in the WordPress Theme Customizer. You’ll need a Typekit account and also a subscription dependent on font usage.

You can control all of the font sizes through the Theme Customizer.

Did we mention, we love support?

We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase, if you have a question about how to do something or think you have found a bug, head over to our support system and we’ll get back in touch.

MeanThemes Support

Full feature list

  • Gutenberg editor support
  • Show homepage hero
  • Show/hide back to top
  • Show/hide related blog items
  • Switch sidebar on/off
  • Google Maps API v3 integration
  • Switch sidebar to left or right
  • Turn menu on/off in sidebar
  • Control all font sizes
  • Enhanced Author biographies
  • Fully responsive design
  • Built mobile first
  • All templates are HTML5 compliant
  • Child theme supplied
  • Full control of colours
  • Carousel on/off for sticky posts
  • Square or circles for sticky and related posts
  • Minified JavaScript files for increased performance, we provide un-compressed versions of the 2 core files if you want to tweak functionality.
  • JavaScript Analytics code paste in
  • Show/hide plain text logo
  • MeanThemes Social Widget built-in via MeanThemes Tools plugin
  • MeanThemes “About You” Widget built-in via MeanThemes Tools plugin
  • Sharing on/off on posts
  • Share via twitter including your username
  • Change footer credit, logo text, logo alt all from Theme Customizer
  • Control excerpt length on blog
  • Auto excerpt on blog
  • MeanThemes Tools plugin included
  • Logo upload
  • Retina logo upload
  • Apple touch icon upload
  • Favicon upload
  • Contact 7 Form support and styling built-in
  • Localisation support with provided .mo and .po files
  • Custom Menu
  • Featured image support
  • Shortcodes for columns and buttons, toggles and tabs
  • Shortcodes for social icons including: Twitter,, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, Zerply, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Dribbble, Github, Instagram, Flickr, Behance, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Good reads, RSS
  • Shortcode for quotes including quote source and ratings
  • Shortcode dropdown straight from the content editor
  • Fully responsive (optimised for iPad and iPhone with retina graphics)
  • Zilla likes support
  • Extensive documentation

Update History

## Version 1.1.1 - Fix - for legacy Google Analytics settings migration  ## Version 1.1.0 - WordPress 5.1 update. - Add Gutenberg editor support. - Updated TGM Plugin Activation - Updated footer copyright year to display current year automatically. - Removal of Google Analytics settings as they are now in the MeanThemes Tools plugin (please update MeanThemes Tools to 3.1.0+ - you will be prompted to update once the Theme Update completes). - Small tweaks.  ## Version 1.0.9 - Fix - For duplicate function causing compatibility in WordPress 4.6.  ## Version 1.0.8 - Fix - CSS for sticky carousel post title not wrapping when truncation is off. - Tweak - To homepage carousel to put a slight load delay on it whilst it builds.  ## Version 1.0.7 - Fix - for sticky carousel amount being set incorrectly in 1.0.6, sorry about that! - Fix - for sticky posts position when homepage hero is off but fixed header is on.  ## Version 1.0.6 - Fix - for top meta not always being centered. - New - option added to control the main navigation size through theme customizer. - Updated translations.  ## Version 1.0.5 - Fix - for auto excerpt "read more" not being centred.  ## Version 1.0.4 - New - Big update! You now have greater control over your featured images. You can turn these off globally via the Customizer or on a page / post basis. Please make sure you read the updated documentation. The new options will be highlighted the next time you go to Appearance > Customize. Fix - for home hero height not applying. - Fix - for max-width on WP Caption. - Tweak - Hero load and scroll improvements. - Tweak - Removed underlines from linked images. - Updated documentation. - Updated language files.  ## Version 1.0.3 - Fixed sticky posts volume not applying on homepage sticky posts area. - Updated TGM Activation class for XSS vulnerability fix. - Removed WP updates plugin due to lack of third party developer support. [Read more on this blog post about the new update process](  ## Version 1.0.2 - Fixed theme options bug not applying accent color to heading borders and read more link.  ## Version 1.0.1 - Fixed bug when using the homepage with sticky area on not setting the pagination correctly on the non-sticky posts. - Fixed padding issue when sticky posts was on but hero wasn't and vice versa.  ## Version 1.0.0 - Initial release.
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