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“This theme is beyond superb and what makes it even better is the top notch customer service. You will not be disappointed!”
– bmsharp (bought 1-9 items)

“The theme is great but I want to give a sincere shout-out to Lucy on the technical support team. Lucy responded at the speed of light and quickly handled something I was struggling with. 6 stars. Thanks again!”
– magnusone23 (bought 50-99 items)

“Had a support question and was helped. Great job.”
– jpuser15 (bought 1-9 items)

“The ThemeSLR team is amazing! Reached out with a few little odds and ends that I could not find in the long list of other already answered questions on their forum (which has a lot of solutions already there if you take a few minutes to look for them) Learning a lot about the theme. Excellent theme with lots of flexibility.”
– WoundedWarriors (bought 1-9 items)

Are you in search for a political WordPress Theme? Tired of testing and evaluating themes? Now, with PoliticalWP, you can choose one and get all. PoliticalWP is a piece of art, a handcrafted WordPress Theme perfect for any type of political, election, donations website.

Areas list where PoliticalWP theme can be used as website for: Political Website, Candidate

A Political WordPress Theme containing huge list of core features:

  • Online Documentation Available
  • Redux Framework Theme-Options Panel
    • General Settings
    • Unlimited Sidebars
    • Styling Settings
    • Header Settings
    • Footer Settings
    • Contact Settings
    • Donations Settings
    • Blog Settings
    • Shop Settings
    • 404 Page Settings
    • Social Media Settings
    • Demo Data Importer
  • Services
    • Services list;
    • Single Services page;
  • Members
    • Members list;
    • Member types (Pastor/Regular members, etc…);
  • Testimonials
    • Testimonials list;
  • RTL Ready The theme is fully RTL ready (Right to Left), for Arabic Languages & Other
  • The theme comes with multiple header variants
  • One-click importer
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Icons instead of images
  • Well documented
  • Various Custom Widgets and much more
  • Eye-catching CSS Animations
  • Permanent updates
  • Excellent Typography
  • Optimized for high speed
  • Gunteberg Custom Styling for blocks

Change LOG

=== Released v2.1 08-MAR-2022 ===

 [NEW] - WooCommerce default pages automatically being set now after completing the demo import; [NEW] - WordPress 5.9.x Compatibilities (checks and improvements); [NEW] - WooCommerce 6.2.x Compatibilities (checks and improvements); [IMPROVED] - SEO: Removed H1 from logo and improved headings structure; [UPDATED] - The .pot translation file from the theme; [UPDATED] - Bundled plugins; [FIXED] - Home page not being applied after completing the demo import; 

=== Released v2.0 10-OCT-2021 ===

 [NEW] - Header location & phone links are now opening in new tab; [NEW] - Social media links are now opening in new tab; [NEW] - Google Plus social media account/option; [UPDATED] - The .pot translation file from the theme; [UPDATED] - Bundled plugins; [IMPROVED] - Back to top button; [IMPROVED] - Translations; [IMPROVED] - Theme Panel UX; [IMPROVED] - Calendar Widget footer; [IMPROVED] - Burger navigation icon position (header); [FIXED] - An error from ThemeSLR Framework plugin causing a blank space on the dashboard (above menus); [FIXED] - Sidebar position on index/home blog page; [FIXED] - Missing sidebar on single blog post on some situations; [FIXED] - Spacing issue on comments reply form (single post); 

=== Released v1.9.1 02-DEC-2020 ===

 [NEW] - Shop page title instead or Archive and description; [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins from the theme; [UPDATED] - The .pot translation file from the theme; [IMPROVED] - Translations; [FIXED] - Theme Panel -> Page Preloader Variant shown as HTML (Caused by the newest Redux major updates v4.x); [FIXED] - PHP Notices in PHP v7.4.x; [FIXED] - Header search form scroll issue on click; [FIXED] - Archive issue with the position of the sidebar (sometimes shown under the posts);  

=== Released v1.9 12-JUL-2020 ===

 [NEW] - Mega Menu Columns dropdown under Appearance - Menus (Easier way to set menu menus); [NEW] - Donation Button is now listed on mobile devices; [NEW] - Navigation menu: untoggled by default, with icon-buttons to toggle the submenus; [IMPROVED] - Speed (Theme Weight + Scripts and styles optimization); [IMPROVED] - Header top - text line heights; [IMPROVED] - Header navigation - spacing, user experience; [IMPROVED] - Spacing on mobile devices; [UPDATED] - The .pot translation file from the theme; [UPDATED] - Demo Importer; 

=== Released v1.8.1 12-APR-2020 ===

 [NEW] - Instagram feed engine. The integrated instagram feed from the theme stopped working because of the Instagram API limitation. From now the theme will include the Instagram Feed Plugin.; [IMPROVED] - Theme Size, for faster theme upload; [IMPROVED] - RTL: Header navigation direction; 

=== Released v1.8 13-MAR-2020 ===

 [NEW] - WooCommerce 4.x Compatibility; [IMPROVED] - Improved translations; [IMPROVED] - Styling across single blog post headings; [IMPROVED] - Improvements in ThemeSLR Framework plugin; [UPDATE] - All bundled plugins; 

=== Released v1.7 11-OCT-2019 ===

 [NEW] - RTL. The theme is now fully RTL ready (Right to Left). for Arabic Languages & Other; [FIXED] - Duplicate breadcrumbs area on WooCommerce Cart, Checkout pages; [UPDATED] - All WooCommerce templates from the theme; 

=== Released v1.6 02-SEP-2019 ===

 [FIXED] - sprintf(): Too few arguments while install the plugins; [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions; 

=== Released v1.5.2 13-MAY-2019 ===

 [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions; [UPDATED] - All bundled outdated WooCommerce templates; [NEW] - WooCommerce v3.6.x compatibility; 

=== Released v1.5.1 14-MAR-2019 ===

 [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions; [IMPROVED] - Gutenberg blocks styling(backend / frontend); [IMPROVED] - Translations; [IMPROVED] - Theme Docs (Online/Offline docs) 

=== Released v1.5 07-JAN-2019 ===

 [NEW] - WordPress v5.x compatibility + Gutenberg Editor Styling; [NEW] - WooCommerce v3.5.x compatibility; [NEW] - Widgets are now moved to ThemeSLR Framework plugin(WP 5 requirement); [NEW] - All bundled plugins are now installed from a remote server to make the theme faster(they also come in the main package of the theme for offline installation); [UPDATED] - ThemeSLR Framework plugin updated to v1.5; [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions; [UPDATED] - All bundled outdated WooCommerce templates; 

=== Released v1.4.2 19-SEP-2018 ===

 [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions;  

=== Released v1.4.1 23-JUN-2018 ===

 [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions;  [UPDATED] - All outdated woocommerce files from the theme;  [NEW] - WooCommerce v3.4.0 compatibility added; 

=== Released v1.4 20-APR-2018 ===

 [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions;  [UPDATED] - ThemeSLR Framework plugin to v1.4;  [IMPROVED] - Theme Panel -> Fixed problem of not showing the Home Local Government on certain hosts; [UPDATED] - Demo data files; 

=== Released v1.3 12-FEB-2018 ===

 [NEW] - Added Fully Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.3.1; [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions;  [UPDATED] - The .pot language translation file has been updated to assure a perfect translating process of the theme; [UPDATED] - All WooCommerce outdated templates are now updated; [IMPROVED] - All Theme functions. For better Child Theme template override. [FIXED] - Sticky Header Theme Panel broken option has been fixed; 

=== Released v1.2 02-NOV-2017 ===

 [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest versions;  [IMPROVED] - Minor Styling improvements;  

=== Released v1.1 MAJOR CHANGES & FIXES 09-OCT-2017 ===

 [NEW] - The possibility to remove an applied logo on a particular page; [NEW] - CSS Editing; [UPDATED] - FontAwesome icons to latest version (v4.7.0); [UPDATED] - ThemeSLR Framework (for demo importing feature); [UPDATED] - All bundled plugins are now updated to their latest version; [IMPROVED] - The One Click Install importer has been improved(ADDED: Auto widgets import + auto navigation menu set up); [IMPROVED] - Admin Panel visibility to improve the UX; [IMPROVED] - Sidebar widget titles styling; [IMPROVED] - Donations fields from latest plugin update; [IMPROVED] - Widgetized Areas when used inside Visual Composer editor. Now Widgetized areas from Visual Composer has the same Look and Feel as the one from Blog / Archive sidebars. [FIXED] - Header/Footer responsive issues when Boxed Layout is enabled; [FIXED] - Top header gets cut off on responsive / mobiles / tablets; [FIXED] - Fatal error caused by the missing vc_map() function when no plugins are installed; [FIXED] - Missing Remove logo icon when you add a custom logo for a particular page; [FIXED] - Single Donation cause fields positions; 

=== Released v1.0 25-JUN-2017 ===

 [RELEASED] - v1.0; 


Fonts Used: Arvo / Open Sans Google Fonts
Images: All rights reserved! (Images not included in the theme-package)
Icons: FontAwesome, Line Icons

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