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Prestige is a minimal and colorful portfolio WordPress Theme based on different color menu tabs. Tabs are presenting content of the pages. Each page is a single tab.

The Theme contains blog with comments, working contact form, slider, build-in gallery lightbox with video support, latest tweets, plenty of social icons to choose from.

Latest Version: 26.08.2021 v6.1. Check the changelog

Extended Features List

  • jQuery Powered
  • Unlimited Number of Tabs / Menu Positions
  • Tab Background Colors Defined From Colorpicker
  • 7 Different Page Transitions Available
    • Expand
    • Scroll
    • Directscroll
    • Fade
    • Crossfade
    • Cover
    • Uncover
  • Touch Event Support for Page Transitions
  • 20 Predefined Tab Icons
  • 10 Predefined Social Icons
  • Fully Customizable
  • Blog Template
  • Build-In Portfolio with Lightbox
  • Build-In Resume Implemented with Shortcode
  • Build-In References Implemented with Shortcode
  • Build-In Google Map Shortcode
  • Working Contact Form with Configuration Page
  • Latest Tweets
  • Font Face Fonts
  • Valid XHTML Code
  • Documentation Included

This Item is Supported

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  • Yanone Kaffeesatz By Yanone, SIL Open Font License, 1.1


All icons by QuanticaLabs. Icons are an integral part of this template, please do not use it separately for other purposes.


All images under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic for commercial use.
No Derivative Works or Share-Alike conditions waived by permission of copyright holders.

  • Sample Image: Olesya By Danila Panfilov,
  • Sample Image: Olesya By Danila Panfilov,
  • Sample Image: Olesya By Danila Panfilov
  • Sample Image: Lavender By Vincent van der Pas,
  • Sample Image: Halle Kearney EXPLORE By Robby Mueller,
  • Sample Image: plainsong By Robb North,
  • Sample Image: Falcon on Rue Drolet By Flat-Black 66,
  • Sample Image: Bekohlicious! By 55Laney69,
  • Sample Image: New kitchen radio By Johan Larsson


  • Activate and Import dummy-content
  • Add new tab/page
  • Add slider


26.08.2021 v6.1

  • New ‘Send From’ option added under email config.
  • Minor code improvements.
comments.php comments-functions.php contact-form-options.php form-functions.php functions.php header.php prestige-content.xml shortcodes.php style.css js/main.js js/prestige.js js/prestige_admin.js js/prestige_comment_form.js js/prestige_contact_form.js js/script.js languages/ languages/default.po --- new files --- js/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1-packed.js --- removed files --- js/jquery.carouFredSel-6.0.4-packed.js js/jquery.min.js

31.12.2020 v6.0

  • Fix for animations easing issue.
  • Minor code improvements.
header.php js/jquery.easing.js js/jquery.fancybox.js languages/ languages/default.po

19.08.2020 v5.9

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.
  • Security improvements.
  • Minor code fixes.
comments.php comments-functions.php functions.php header.php style.css theme-options.php js/jquery.blockUI.js js/jquery.fancybox.js js/jquery.nivo.slider.js js/jquery.qtip.min.js js/main.js js/prestige_comment_form.js languages/ languages/default.po style/jquery.qtip.css

04.01.2019 v5.8

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
  • Minor code fixes.
form-functions.php functions.php meta-box.php shortcodes.php widget-most-popular.php languages/ languages/default.po

22.03.2017 v5.7

  • Email send function changed to wp_mail().
  • Minor code fixes.
form-functions.php functions.php meta-box.php screenshot.png shortcodes.php style.css theme-options.php --- removed directories --- phpMailer/

20.07.2016 v5.6

  • Fix for Google Maps component Google API key is now required.
  • Minor code fixes.
blog.php comments.php comments-functions.php footer.php form-functions.php functions.php header.php meta-box.php pagination.php portfolio.php prestige-ajax.php references.php resume.php screenshot.png shortcodes.php theme-options.php widget-most-popular.php js/prestige_contact_form.js languages/ languages/default.po

17.02.2014 v5.5

  • Fix for email template option in contact form options panel.
  • Update of jQuery blockUI plugin.
contact-form-options.php js/jquery.blockUI.js

30.10.2013 v5.4

  • Navigation tabs fix.
  • Contact form fix (when using settings: Animation: expand, Ajax: no).
index.php js/prestige.js

02.08.2013 v5.3

  • WP 3.6 compatibility.

14.06.2013 v5.2

  • Twitter widget update (API 1.1 compatibility).
header.php functions.php theme-options.php js/main.js js/prestige.js --- new files --- libraries directory added -- removed files --- js/linkify.js

10.04.2013 v5.1

  • Improvement for displaying browser bar page title.
  • Small improvement of contact form.
functions.php js/main.js js/theme.js

23.10.2012 v5.0

  • 7 page changing animations added.
  • Ability to disable ajax.
  • Touch event support for changing pages.

12.10.2012 v4.1

  • Fix for Twitter feed issue.

06.10.2012 v4.0

  • Url structure improvements.
  • SEO improvements.

29.05.2012 v3.0

  • Blog full width template.
  • Fix for slider and portfolio item border colors.

22.05.2012 v2.7

  • Bug fix (blog post has been displayed on current page, when linking to it, instead of on blog page).
  • Bug fix (blog post image container has been displayed even if the featured image hasn’t been set).

16.05.2012 v2.6

  • Issue fix in references template.

15.05.2012 v2.5

  • Styles improvements.
  • Blog template improvements.

14.05.2012 v2.0

  • Comments feature for blog added.
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