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Our Latest Project

Credits: Jared Nickerson


 Version 2.0 - 20 June 2015  Changes:  Updated pretty photo to last version 
 Version 1.9 - 17 May 2015  Changes:   Google Map Updated, users don't need the API key anymore   Users can change Map Marker now   Since Contact Form 7 is our primary method to use the contact form, contact setting section in admin panel has been removed   Flex Slider Updated to version 2.3   Contact Form Widget Added   Some Responsive issues has been solved   Users can have up to 40 Portfolio gallery items now   Google Font Package added to theme setting   Dummy Data updated for new domain address   Secured against add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() vulnerability   Plugins updated 
 Version 1.8 - 10 September 2014  Changes:   Updated revolution slider   Fixed an issue with instagram icon on linux servers  Files that changed:   style.css 
 Version 1.7 - 23 July 2014  Changes:   Improved portfolio thumbnail functionality   Added instagram to social icons   Shortcode generator issue with WP 3.9 is fixed   Portfolio detail functionality is improved   Copyright bar added to footer  Files that changed:   lib/theme-support.php   loop-portfolio.php   style.css   article-contact.php   article-intro.php   lib/admin/defaults.php   lib/admin/forms.php   lib/admin/importer/dummy-settings.php   admin/importer/importer.php - removed   tinymce/scripts/popup.js    tinymce/plugin-mce4.js - added   tinymce/mcewrapper.php   lib/utilities.php   lib/theme-scripts.php   jquery.cycle.lite.js - removed   jquery.cycle2.swipe.min.js - removed   lib/admin/defaults.php   lib/admin/importer/importer.php 
 Version 1.6.1 - 06 March 2014  Changes:   Fixed pop up background issue  Files that changed:   style.css 
 Version 1.6 - 18 November 2013 Changes:   Added Contact form 7 support    Updated Revolution Slider   Updated Layer Slider  Files that changed:   utilities.php   theme-sidebars.php   style.css   dark_skin.css   light_skin.css 
 Version 1.5 - 13 August 2013 Changes:   Added PSD file   Updated Revolution Slider   Updated Layer Slider  Files that changed:   - 
 Version 1.4.2 - 21 July 2013 Changes:   Dynamic CSS bug is fixed  Files that changed:   theme-dynamic-css.php 
 Version 1.4.1 - 15 July 2013  Changes:   Dynamic CSS functionality has changed.     Files that changed:    theme-scripts.php   functions.php   theme-dynamic-css.php added   options.php removed 
 Version 1.4 - 11 July 2013  Changes:   Custom part position will now automatically change in Sticky Navigation and intro menus   Portfolio load more button permalinks bug is fixed   Floating logo functionality improved   Shortcode generator pop up bug is fixed    Files that changed:    custom.js   admin.js    article-line_menu.php   article-circle_menu.php   article-rectangle_menu.php   article-intro.php 
 Version 1.3 - 03 July 2013   Changes:   Apostrophe bug is fixed   Page's update button bug is fixed   WPML compatibility is improved   Menu's hover bug in admin view is fixed     Files that changed:    custom.js   wpml-config.xml   utilities.php   theme-page-meta.php 
 Version 1.2.1 - 27 June 2013   Changes:   Fixed "theme-scripts.php" on some servers    Files that changed:    theme-scripts.php 
 Version 1.2 - 25 June 2013   Changes:   YouTube video shortcode bug is fixed   Home button bug in pages is fixed   Banners bug (more info section and intro section) in Safari is fixed    Removed page meta (author and comment)    Files that changed:    style.css   single-portfolio.php   page_content-single.php   page.php   theme-scripts.php   shortcode_template.php   
 Version 1.1.1 - 20 June 2013   Portfolio parallax title bug is fixed     You can now change tagline font size   Blog detail home button functionality improved   Improved a few CSS files 
 Version 1.1 - 18 June 2013:   Parallax background functionality added   You can now change google fonts from control panel   Blog detail home button issue is fixed   Custom part position is now customizable 
 Version 1.0 - 11 June 2013:   Initial release  
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