Restancy Theme Real Estate and Rental WordPress Theme


Restancy Real Estate and Rental WordPress Theme

Real Estate and Rental WordPress Theme from Zemez

Selling or renting real estate is always a profitable business. And to reach a certain level in this area, it is necessary to have a high-quality website. That’s why Zemez team presents a special Restancy Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme.

Restancy Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme is a universal solution from professional developers of Ukrainian team Zemez. This theme is created to help you create a profitable rental business. This WordPress theme will fully meet your needs if you are lease:

  • luxury homes of different types;
  • chalets;
  • hut;
  • a resort residence;
  • B&B and more.

Multifunctionality, accessibility, simplicity of settings, variety of advantageous functional features, and a serious design are the main characteristics of Restancy.

Powerful Functionality of Real Estate and Rental WordPress Theme

Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme Restancy is a clean and complete solution for all kinds of real estate agencies or companies that sell or rent real estate. This theme has more than 10 ready-made pages that you can add or change by yourself. Thanks to Restancy and its functional advantages, it is very easy to create a website for real estate sales or rentals.

This WordPress theme is equipped with many unique functional features. First, the main advantage of Restancy Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme is the page builder. Elementor is the best page builder, the functionality of which allows you to create a website without much effort. Secondly, Elementor is filled with a lot of Jet plugins.

The Jet plugins are designed specifically to help you enhance your Elementor experience with the new widgets and visuals available in Elementor itself.

Additional Benefits of Real Estate and Rental WordPress Theme

Design is the main advantage for WordPress themes. After all, the design leaves the first impression of the website and interest or, conversely, discourages customers. Thanks to the professionalism of designers’ Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme, we are pleased to announce that Restancy has a stylish and sophisticated design. The ratio of colors, in which the theme is created, is the best way to emphasize the originality of your website. Moreover, beneficially complement the uniqueness of your agency and will attract customers. And then, this theme is equipped with special Jet plugins to customize the design. These plugins will help you make additional settings and diversify the design of the website.

Also, note that Restancy Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme :

  • Professionally pre-built pages;
  • Modern Retina ready design;
  • 100% Responsive;
  • Fully documented;
  • Image and video portfolio;
  • Guest reviews;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • SEO Optimized;
  • No coding knowledge is required;
  • Professional Free Support.

We didn’t just specify for support. Restancy WordPress theme is easy to customize and you will be able to customize the website yourself according to your preferences. Moreover, you will be able to understand all the processes of creating a website on your own, without any special knowledge. But if you have any difficulties, the technical support service from the Zemez team is always in touch and ready to help!

Check out the demo version of the best Real Estate and Rental WordPress theme and see how technologically advanced this theme is. This is your chance to reach the next level today! With Restancy you will be a success!


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