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The most powerful WordPress theme for video-based websites. Built upon our True Mag theme, biggest video theme on market, VideoPro has more unique features which help you to build any kind of video websites. Whether it is about game, movie, news, entertainment, science… VideoPro can do it!

New: VideoPro 2.3.1 supports MyCred & Ultimate Membership PRO. Also support QuForm

VideoPro 2.0

Check out VideoPro’s full features list beflow

  • Submit Video/Post: allow visitors to submit posts
  • Various Video Network supported: use direct link from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitch, supports all kinds of embed link or direct link
  • Video Series: build a movie database with mult-episode series
  • Video Playlist: create a video playlist easily
  • Video Channel: setup channels of videos
  • Live Video supported: catch the future of live videos
  • Import Videos from YouTube, Vimeo’s channels: support WordPress YouTube Import, Automatic plugins
  • Floating Player: watch video while browsing other content
  • Video Actors: promote movie stars
  • Video Screenshots: view video screenshots before watching
  • Video Lightbox: watch video without opening new page
  • Multi-links: upload your video to several servers so users can choose where to watch faster
  • Support Social Locker: earn likes and shares for your content
  • Video Player logic: extend your video player functions, such as adding rolling Ads
  • Filter Videos and Advance Search feature: filter videos based on various conditions
  • Video Rating: allow admin and users to rate content
  • Watch Later: allow users to add videos to Watch Later list
  • External Link: promote affiliated content with External Link
  • Tons of video-related features
  • Customizable: change color, typo, background for every part of the page
  • Advertisement: offer various pre-defined locations to place ads
  • Membership features: Support MyCred & Ultimate Membership PRO. Also support QuForm
  • Community features: with BuddyPress integration
  • Download Video: a small button for a big job
  • Ajax search: instant search content
  • Support Age Verify plugin: verify your audience’s age for adult content
  • Cactus Landing page a simple plugin to manage Opening Soon or Maintenance mode
  • SoundCloud customization: customize SoundCloud player easily
  • Powerful shortcodes: Smart Content Box with 10 layouts and Posts Slider to support all post types
  • Hundreds of Theme Options
  • 5 widget styles
  • Ajax loading content, optimized speed
  • 3 Page Layout: wide, inbox, full-width
  • 2 Header Layouts and 2 Color Schemas
  • 3 Blog Layouts
  • 2 Video Layouts
  • Very detail document with advanced Ajax Search: Online Document

Child Theme for Poster Size included

VideoPro Poster Size

Cooking Demo

VideoPro Cooking

Convert from True Mag to VideoPro with the helper of a converter plugin

True Mag VideoPro Converter

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Release Logs

  • VideoPro 2022/12/03
    Include Cactus Video;
    • #Update: Support PHP 8.1
  • VideoPro 2022/11/03
    Include WP Bakery Page Builder 6.10.0; VideoPro-Shortcode 1.3.5; Cactus Badges 1.2; Option Tree; Video Thumbnails 2.12.5;
    • #Update: Support PHP 8.0
    • #Fix: Install demo data
  • VideoPro 2022/10/06
  • iInclude WP Bakery Page Builder 6.9; Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Cactus Rating; Video Thumbnails;

  • #Fix: rating icon
  • #Fix: missing author social icons
  • #Fix: orderby views in VideoPro Popular Posts
  • #Fix: only able to generate low quality video thumbnail
  • #Fix: fetching data from Vimeo
  • #Fix: missing actor social icons
  • VideoPro 2022/01/30
  • #Fix: ajax load more on channels listing
  • #Fix: ads_archive does not show when using ajax load more
  • #Fix: conflict ajax load more with top content sidebar
  • #Fix: SCB filter tab
  • #Fix: ajax load more when changing the order ASC/DESC
  • #Improve: badge feature, show bagde without image
  • VideoPro 2021/09/17
  • includes Visual Composer 6.8.0; Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Cactus-Rating 1.2.2;

  • #Fix: Pagination does not work on Series Listing template
  • #Fix: Author subscription
  • #Fix: correct open/close search button on mobile
  • #Update: allow having blank at copyright
  • #Fix: fix fatal error when publishing/updating actor
  • #Improve: submission form
  • #Update: Some PHP warnings
  • VideoPro 2021/08/20
    includes Visual Composer 6.7.0; Cactus-Video;
    • #Fix: Twiter meta tag
    • #Fix: Background page when optimizing background size
    • #Fix: Update buddypress notification clickable
    • #Fix: Get rid of PHP warning
  • VideoPro 2021/04/02
    includes Visual Composer 6.6.0;
    • #Fix: tpl blog listing
    • #Fix: JS error
  • VideoPro 2021/01/13
    includes Visual Composer 6.5.0; Cactus-Video;
    • #Update: tpl video listing
    • #Fix: correct typo
    • #Fix: author.php
  • VideoPro 2020/11/23
    ncludes Cactus Actor; Videopro-shortcodes; Visual Composer 6.4.2; Cactus-Video;
    • #Improve: Slick to 1.8.0
    • #Fix: some css minor issues
    • #Fix: some css minor issues
    • #Fix: Breakcrumb appearance
    • #Fix: relocate cactus-actor folder
    • #Fix: Category and Sẻies hỉearchy for Breadcrumb
    • #Fix: JS eror on WP 5.5
    • #Fix: Showing search suggesting on mobile
    • #FIx: BuddyPress Fatal error on Legacy Template pack
    • #Fix: Issues on page editor
    • #Fix: Post slider layout in range 1200px-3600px
    • #Fix: JS deprecated warning, php warning
    • #Fix: Template tag
  • VideoPro 2020/08/18
    includes Cactus Actor; Videopro-shortcodes; Visual Composer 6.3.0;
    • #Improve: Add Instagram to Social Accounts, allow select background for custom social icons, remove unused Google+
    • #Fix: Widget be compatible with WordPress 5.5 (migrate jQuery)
    • #Fix: Warning message
  • VideoPro 2020/08/10
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor;
    • #Fix: Auto next not working
    • #Fix: Actor URL in dropdown section
    • #Fix: Update for breadcrumbs
    • #Fix: Font awesome class code
    • #Fix: Open social link in new tab not work
    • #Fix: Youtube start time parameter does not work on single
    • #Fix: Not exclude channels for non-logged in users
    • #Fix: Canot upload video in submission form
    • #Fix: Support Elite player
    • #Fix: Breadcrumbs
  • VideoPro 2020/05/03
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Unyson Backup Extension 1.0.5; Visual Composer 6.2.0;
    • #Fix: warning when create channel from front end
    • #Fix: content top sidebar on actor listing template page
    • #Fix: Syntax error
    • #Improve: allow create Channel on profie page of BuddyPress
    • #Improve: add option to Submit video title in Submission
    • #Improve: add filter for BuddyPress compatibility
    • #Improve: Add option selecting IDs actor for Actors listing </shortcodes
    • #Update: sample data plugin and disable session from Unyson</shortcodes>
    • #Update: filter
  • VideoPro 2020/03/22
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro Shortcode;
    • #Fix: Dark schema setting in front page
    • #Fix: Add video file
    • #Fix: Filter bug of Smartcontent Box shortcode
    • #Fix: plugin video thumbnail
    • #Fix: Like button in Single video page
    • #Fix: Warning when active Unyson Sample Data
  • VideoPro 2020/01/20
    includes Cactus-Actor; Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Video; Advance Search Form; VideoPro Shortcode; VideoPro Unyson backup Extension 1.0.3; Visual Composer 6.1;
    • #Update: Smooth scroll library
    • #Update: Vidoe Thumbnail plugin
    • #Fix: archive layout for single series page
    • #Fix: pagination for single series page
    • #Fix: Meta data for post slider layout 7
    • #Fix: Add header tag for 404 page
    • #Fix: Add widget logic for recommended plugin
    • #Fix: warning in cactus ads plugin
    • #Fix: Add custom social account
    • #Fix: shortcode series listing and channel listing
    • #Fix: watch later issues when using custom order for playlist
    • #Fix: Channel/Actor lisitng widget show incorrect number of videos
    • #Fix: Warning in videopro shortcode plugin
    • #Fix: using offset in Smart Content Box
    • #Fix: Warning on PHP 7.1
    • #Fix: Always requires update Cactus Ads plugin
    • #Fix: Warning Advance Search form plugin
    • #Fix: Warning for Unyson backup
    • #Fix: Cactus Ads when auto play video
    • #Fix: Warning undefined index for series in single video page
    • #Fix: Dropcap shortcode on Dark Schema
    • #Fix: Share video on Facebook, unable to play directly
  • VideoPro 2019/10/01
    includes Cactus-Actor;
    • #Update: Video Thumbnail plugins
    • #Fix: Icon cart on header
    • #Fix: Install recommended plugins
    • #Fix: Upload branding logo image
  • VideoPro 2019/09/02
    includes Cactus-Video; Vissual Composer 6.0.5; VideoPro-unyson-backup-restore 1.0.2
    • #Fix: Single actor bugs
    • #FIx: Conflict with WpDisuz
    • #Fix: Fix Ajax loadmore
    • #Fix: Lost Edit profile in Log in menu
    • #Fix: Read video using HTML5 Video JS player
    • #Fix: Compatible with the latest Elite Player
    • #Fix: z-Index on Category mobile menu
    • #Fix: z-Index for more video on Ipad Pro
    • #Fix: Import v1, v2 for Sample demo
    • #Update: Sample Data plugin
  • VideoPro 2019/07/19
    includes Cactus-Video; Vissual Composer 6.0.4
    • #Fix: Jquerry function
    • #FIx: Lightbox issue with FVplayer
    • #Fix: TGM plugin for required and recommendation plugin
    • #Fix: Channel/Playlist on
    • #Fix: Slider issue on Category with Mobile view

    • #Fix: Icon with custom social
    • #Add: Welcome page
    • #Add: New backup file for one click installation
  • VideoPro 2019/06/05
    includes Cactus-Actor; Cactus-Rating; Easy Tab 2.0.2; Vissual Composer 6.0.3
    • #Fix: PHP 7.3 warning
  • VideoPro 2019/04/16
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor;
    • #Fix: Counter issues
    • #Fix: Show search results
    • #Fix: Error for update recommend series when update post
    • #Fix: Option re-order series
    • #Fix: Actor listing thumbnail size
  • VideoPro 2019/02/19
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro Shortcodes; Vissual Composer 5.7; Cactus Badges 1.1; Cactus Rating;
    • #Fix: Video-series
    • #Fix: Badge in edit post sidebar
    • #Fix: Cactus count views
    • #Fix: Cactus increase view
    • #Fix: Autoplay vimeo with video play thumbnail
    • #Fix: Missing video series for classic editor
    • #Fix: Button sidebar z-index
    • #Fix: Embeb video width/height = 1
    • #Fix: Search page issues
    • #Fix: Missing series box in classic mode
    • #Fix: Series dropbox z-index
    • #Fix: Series box height when got many items
    • #Fix: rating start
    • #Fix: PHP warning
  • VideoPro 2018/12/12
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor; Vissual Composer 5.6;
    • #Fix: Option post select
    • #Fix: Sart backward multi link option
    • #Fix: Theme Option issue
    • #Update: Compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • VideoPro 2018/11/16
    includes Cactus-Video;
    • #Fix: Single video z-index layout
  • VideoPro 2018/11/12
    includes Cactus-Video;
    • #Fix: Submit video button > stop hide email fields
    • #Add: Include Option Tree on Theme package
  • VideoPro 2018/10/26
    includes Cactus-Video; Visual Composer 5.5.5;
    • #Fix: WP Editor for post front end editor description
    • #Fix: Show/hide author, date for search content
    • #Fix: Dropdown magemenu overlow text
    • #Fix: Imporve remove email field when user logged in (contact form 7 for user submit video)
    • #Add: Social link target for Theme Option
  • VideoPro 2018/10/01
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro Shortcodes; Visual Composer 5.5.4;
    • #Fix: Next Previous for single Video Playlist
    • #Fix: Facebook, Google api script issue
    • #Fix: Next Previous page button
  • VideoPro 2018/08/27
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Cactus Landingpage 1.0.1; VideoPro Shortcodes;
    • #Fix: Watch-late warning issue
    • #Fix: Pull-left, pull-right element
    • #Fix: Widget category show all
    • #Fix: Single actor ajax loadmore video
    • #Update: Allow custom playlist video order
    • #Fix: Ajaxload for custom order playlist
    • #Fix: Gallery missing icon font
    • #Fix: Smart content box order by rating
    • #Fix: Warning PHP
    • #Fix: Cactus landing page
  • VideoPro 2018/08/10
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Visual Composer 5.5.2;
    • #Fix: Amp-iframe for embed video
    • #Fix: Allow video channel order DESC or ASC
    • #Fix: Improve watch late
    • #Fix: Show added watch late in first loading video
    • #Fix: Allow reclick to remove from watch late
    • #Update: Amp-src for embed video
    • #Update: Render amp as self-hosted
    • #Update: Amp-iframe for embed video
    • #Update: Videopro category widget
    • #Update: Hook video submission
  • VideoPro 2018/07/12
    • #Fix: breadcrumb author page
  • VideoPro 2018/07/04
    includes Cactus-Video
    • #Fix: fatal error (ct form 7 not activated)
  • VideoPro 2.3.5 2018/06/09
    includes Cactus-Video 2.3.5; Cactus Ads; Cactus Actor
    • #Update: support Video Streaming using VideoWhisper plugin and RTMP servers (such as Wowza). See doc
    • #Update: option to show notifications when someone subscribed your channels
    • #Update: option to limit User Upload Video feature for only Admin
    • #Fix: dark schema style
    • #Fix: support BuddyPress 3.0
    • #Fix: some minor bugs
  • VideoPro 2018/04/27
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor; Advance Search Form; Cactus Ads
    • #Fix: some minor errors and CSS including Font-Awesome icons
    • #Fix: cannot click on Delete video after ajax-loaded
    • #Fix: hide “Layout Switcher Toolbar” for search results page when option is turned off
    • #Fix: cannot save channel Social links from front-end
    • #Fix: users can see Edit icon for other users’ channel page
    • #Update: [Cactus Ads] support Youtube Short URL
  • VideoPro 2018/03/30
    includes Cactus-Video 2.3.4; Visual Composer 5.4.7
    • #Fix: some minor errors and CSS
    • #Fix: cannot use Control Bar on Video File on Lightbox
    • #Fix: “Auto check ‘Do Not Fetch’” option does not work correctly
    • #Fix: conflict between Elite Player and Bz Player
    • #Fix: Off-canvas menu opening issue
    • #Fix: layout is broken if using FV Flow Player and JS Player in Video Header Thumbnail mode
    • #Fix: cannot load image when uploading from front-end in a multisite
    • #Update: add “Back to primary Video” for multi-link video
    • #Update: Users can edit Channel Social Accounts from front-end
  • Full release logs: Click Here
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