Add Theme on Bundle for NEX



This bundle includes all NEX-Forms add-ons for 70% less.

Included Add-ons

1. PayPal PRO for NEX-Forms

Easily receive and track payments via PayPal.


  • Multiple items (unlimited)
  • Field Mapping for item quantity
  • Field Mapping for item amounts
  • Static values for Item Quantities
  • Static values for Item Ammounts
  • Overall PayPal setup
  • Currency selection
  • Payment Transaction Tracking
  • Choose to send emails to all or any of
    • Before Payments
    • Payment Failures
    • Successful Payments
  • Sandbox and Live environment selection



2. PDF Creator for NEX-Forms

Export to PDF add-on for NEX-Forms will enable you to export form entries to PDF with a click of a button! Create your own custom PDF Designs and use dynamic form data to populate the PDF’s



3. Digital Signatures for NEX-Forms

Digital Signatures add-on for NEX-Forms will enable you to digital signature fields to your forms. Signature will be captured and displayed in your emails and saved to your submitted form data be viewed in your backend.



4. Super Select Form Fields

Use 1500+ Icons to create your own custom Radio Buttons, Check-boxes, Drop-down selects and Spinner selects. Absolutely Full Customization…use any on/off colors and any on/off icons for each option individually. Includes 70+ animations for selections made and the ability to attache the selection to other fields.

You will never want to use any other selection field again!



5. Form Themes for NEX-Forms

This useful add-on will allow you to select between 25 preset themes (color schemes) to instantly change the overall look of your form.

This will make it very easy to quickly and effectively fit a form’s design to your theme’s overall look and feel.



6. Conditional Content Blocks

This add-on gives you the ability to change content in its place using conditional logic blocks in emails and PDF’s. You can also use this to change email recipients or any email attribute based on what users select or input into your forms



7. Form to Post for NEX-Forms

Form to Post/Page add-on for NEX-Forms will give you the ability to create posts or pages from any form built with NEX-Forms. Includes WP page/post settings as well as setting featured images for posts or pages from a mapped file upload field!



8. Mailchimp for NEX-Forms

This add-on enables automatic updates of your MailChimp lists with new subscribers from forms built with NEX-Forms.



9. GetResponse for NEX-Forms

This add-on enables automatic updates of your GetResponse lists with new subscribers from forms built with NEX-Forms.



10. Shortcode Processor for NEX-Forms

Enables you to:

  • Run your own custom shortcodes anywhere in your forms
  • Run 3rd party shortcodes anywhere in your forms



11. PayPal Classic for NEX-Forms

Easily receive payments via PayPal.

  • Multiple items (unlimited)
  • Field Mapping for item quantity
  • Field Mapping for item amounts
  • Overall PayPal setup
  • Currency selection
  • Language selection
  • Sandbox and Live environment selection
  • PayPal response stored to database.
  • Sort items with drag and drop



NEX-Forms Features




Change log

NEX Forms v7.5.12

 ENHANCED: Drag and drop grid system. Now even more responsive and easier to use! ENHANCED: Backend styling an usability. Basically refined the styling on some sections. ADDED: Multi-step breadcrumb styling section. FIXED: Multi-step alignment issue when re-calling in the backend FIXED: Multi-step color issue when re-calling in the backend for dotted counter top text. FIXED: Multi-step re-call issue for percentage bar. FIXED: Print option for submissions in the NEX-Forms Dashboard FIXED: Image Uploader Validation Issues 

NEX Forms v7.5.11

 NEW: New Percentage Progress Bar for Multi-Steps NEW: Auto Advance to next step on single selection fields like radio buttons enabling quick forms for Multi-Steps FIXED: Styling issues from various theme interference 

NEX Forms v7.5.10

 NEW: Use field data tags in your submission redirects as URL parameters. UPDATED: Disabled double click on next and previous buttons. FIX: Various 3rd party styling interference as reported. FIX: Various 3rd party JavaScript interference as reported. 

NEX Forms v7.5.9

 UPDATED: NEX-Forms DB table - ENGINE MYISAM (resolves large forms saving issues) UPDATED: NEX-Forms DB table - CHARACTER SET utf8mb4  (resolves large forms saving issues) UPDATED: NEX-Forms DB table - COLLATION utf8mb4_unicode_ci  (resolves large forms saving issues) FIXED: File uploader validation error messages FIXED: Form Import 403 issue FIXED: Various styling interference as reported NEW: 18 NEW Built-in Templates 

NEX Forms v7.5.8

 FIXED: Fontawesome 5 missing icons FIXED: Save Form Progress default field value conflict ADDED: Using URL parameters to populate hidden fields and use in conditional logic ADDED: Using hidden fields in conditional logic 

NEX Forms v7.5.7

 FIXED: File import Issue on some server configurations. FIXED: Some Reported CSS Issues 

NEX Forms v7.5.6

 FIXED: Grid option hidden in backend. FIXED: Some Reported bugs FIXED: Font Awesome 5 icons not showing. NEW: Extra Save Form Progress Settings NEW: Use conditional logic to Skip to step, show/hide Entire Steps   

NEX Forms v7.5.5.1

 FIXED: Field Data Tags button on TinyMCE Editor 

NEX Forms v7.5.5

 ENHANCED: Overall Back-end Usability ENHANCED: Code Optimization on entire Back-end to increase speed and performance ENHANCED: Front End output usability and styling ADDED: Auto save form progress ADDED: Super Selection Form Field Add-on Compatibility ADDED: WPML Compatibility FIXED: TinyMCE -> WP5.x -> Forms not saving issue FIXED: Thumb Selection Styling Issue  

NEX Forms v7.5.4

 ADDED: 800+ New Font Awesome Icons. There are now 1500+ Icons to use in Fields and forms. ADDED: New Icon Select Field compatibility ENHANCED: Overall performance optimization ENHANCED: Redesigned dashboard for better usability and control ENHANCED: Reporting Section REFINED: Overall front-end look and feel of forms REFINED: Field Validation FIXED: Multi-step height  issue ENHANCED: Various field settings 

NEX Forms v7.5.3

 NEW: Interactive Tutorials! Building a Contact form, Using Conditional Logic, Using Math Logic, Creating Multi-step forms NEW: Admin Tours: Every aspect of the admin side is now covered with tours to help you know exactly where and how to make use of the entire package. NEW: Google analytics tracking for form submissions. ENHANCED: Back-end builder overall usability, look and feel to a much more solid experience. FIXED: Various reported styling compatibility with 3rd party plugins. 

NEX Forms v7.5.2

 FIXED: Some styling issues. FIXED: Column layout for multiple checkboxes and radio buttons. ADDED: File upload Settings for the server. ADDED: File attachment Settings for emails. ADDED: New Multi-step Settings. ADDED: Extra security on form field validation. 

NEX Forms v7.5.1

 FIXED: More WP 5.x issues like plugin registration. FIXED: Double image tags when using thumbnail fields FIXED: Field Data tags in On-screen success messages FIXED: Multi file uploader issues FIXED: Plugin WP user rights 

NEX Forms v7.5

 FIXED: WP 5.0  tinyMCE Compatibility issue 

NEX Forms v7.4.1

 NEW: Re-register license option. You can now re-register a license on any site without having to ask support to free up your license! FIXED: Conditional Logic checkboxes issue ENHANCED: Overall Multi-steps look and feel. FIXED: Some styling issues 

NEX Forms v7.4

 ADDED: Automatic updates via WordPress Plugins Page. After this update, you can simply update from your WordPress plugins in the future. No need to go to Codecanyon Downloads making updating the plugin a breeze! 

NEX Forms v7.3

 FIXED: Digital Signature issue ENHANCED: Live field validation styling and overall usability ENHANCED: Onscreen Success message styling ENHANCED: Sticky Forms styling ENHANCED: Popup Forms styling ENHANCED: Thumb/Image Selection Styling and usability ENHANCED: Overall Form design to a more modern look and feel ENHANCED: Optimized Conditional Logic ADDED: Compatibility for the NEW Short-code Processor Add-on 

NEX Forms v7.2.3

 FIXED: Chrome auto-fill for chrome version 65+ FIXED: Digital signatures in chrome FIXED: Popup overlays ADDED: Popups from any custom trigger. Just provide an element class name to make it a popup trigger. 
 ADDED: Show logged in WP User details in fields. Add the following to field values:  {{nf_user_first_name}} , {{nf_user_last_name}} , {{nf_user_name}} , {{nf_user_email}} , {{nf_user_url}} 

NEX Forms v7.2.1

 FIXED: A few reported styling issues. FIXED: Some JS issues. UPDATED: Changed from the old legacy API to the new Envato API FIXED: Digital Signatures drag and drop issue FIXED: Digital Signatures PDF Export issue FIXED: Digital Signatures PDF Email Attachment issue ADDED: Width and Height settings for Digital Signatures ADDED: Compatibility for new PayPal Pro Add-on ADDED: Compatibility for new features in Form To POST. The feature enables form field values in POSTS or PAGES content body. 

NEX Forms v7.1.5

 FIXED: A few reported styling issues. FIXED: Checkbox labels show instead of values in Interactive Forms FIXED: Checkbox labels show instead of values in Emails FIXED: Reported Divi theme compatibility issue returning 0 on submit. 

NEX Forms v7.1.4

 ADDED: Compatibility for new ADD-ON called Conditional Content Blocks ADDED: Disabled field settings ADDED: Thumb and multi-thumb selection size settings. FIXED: Some Styling issues FIXED: Submission Reporting Issues 

NEX Forms v7.1.3

 FIXED: 3rd party script interference. 

NEX Forms v7.1.2

 FIXED: Saving Preferences issue FIXED: Add media button on TinyMCE editors on Emails and PDF Creator FIXED: Some Styling issue FIXED: Input name change on check boxes 

NEX Forms v7.1.1

 FIXED: Registration issue 

NEX Forms v7.1

 OVERALL: Basically a full redevelopment of the builder and still have backward compatibility on forms built with earlier versions. NEW: Switch forms to Material Design NEW: Switch forms to Bootstrap NEW: Switch forms to jQuery UI NEW: Switch forms to Browser Default (theme styling) NEW: Multi-step Breadcrumb with 5 variations (Basic, Triangular, Rectangular, Dotted, Dot Counter) NEW: Overall Form Styling NEW: Overall back-end look and feel 

NEX Forms v6.7.3

 FIXED: Multiple forms on single page conditional logic FIXED: Multiple forms on single page multi-step back button ENHANCED: Overall performance ENHANCED: Validation error messages styling  
 FIXED: Math logic JS error FIXED: Headers already sent errors 
 FIXED: PHP 7.1+ compatibility issues 

NEX Forms v6.1.5

 FIXED: PHP 7.x compatibility issues FIXED: PHP warnings when config.php wp_debug was set to true  ENHANCED: Optimised the plugin to half of the original size. Was 3.4mb and now only 1.7mb 

NEX Forms v6.1.4

 ADDED: Interactive Forms 

NEX Forms v6.1.3

 ADDED: Compatibility for Form to Post add-on. 

NEX Forms v6.1.2

 FIXED: Template forms saving and recall ADDED: Popup form on Exit intent ADDED: Time based popup - Have a form popup after a specified time  ADDED: Page scroll popup - Have a form popup when a users scrolls to a specified depth on your page ADDED: Decimal math setting - Specify total decimal places for math logic ADDED: {{nf_form_data}} to PDF Creator - Show data table as per in emails ADDED: WP User levels - Specify what level of user can access NEX-Forms admin area ADDED: Hidden fields were missing in dropdowns like mailchimp field mapping CHANGED: License Deactivation - No longer will a license be freed up when deactivating the plugin on an unused site but from the push of a button found in the admin panel (Edit->License->Press button) 

NEX Forms v6.1.1

 ADDED: Multi-File Uploader. ADDED: Max file size restriction per file and custom error message ADDED: Max file size restriction for all files as a whole and custom error message ADDED: Upload limit of total files allowed and custom error message ADDED: New preferences for new validation messages FIXED: Styling issues on a few installs. 

NEX Forms v6.1

 FIXED: Icons in fields FIXED: Import/ Export forms FIXED: Image upload settings FIXED: Stylesheet troubleshooting option saving ADDED: New dynamic hidden field selection 

NEX Forms v6.0.9

 ADDED: Integration for the new PDF Creator add-on (previously know as Export to PDF) FIXED: Email port when using SSL + SMTP settings with PHPMailer 

NEX Forms v6.0.8

 ADDED: New field settings  ADDED: ADmin Color adaption  ADDED: New troubleshooting options for javascript  ADDED: New troubleshooting options for stylesheets  ADDED: GetResponse integration  ADDED: Ability to reset your license to re-use FIXED: WP Mail method FIXED: Mail format  FIXED: Import/Export for forms 

NEX Forms v6.0.6

 FIX: Activation problem 

NEX Forms v6.0.5

 FIX: TinyMCE button in the WP editor 

NEX Forms v6.0.2

 FIX: Various minor fixes 

NEX Forms v6.1.6

Change log

NEX Forms v6.0.1

 FIX: Plugin Activation FIX: PHPMailer problem 

NEX Forms v6.0

 NEW: Back end design NEW: Conditional settings (includes advanced and simple logic switching for each rule) NEW: Menu accessibility to easily navigate to anything for forms and global settings NEW: Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, you can now save a form with CTRL+ALT+S and many more useful shortcuts. NEW: Interactive backend tour NEW: Built-in documentation NEW: Built-in tutorial videos NEW: Styling toolbar. Point and click to style form elements with the new styling tools. NEW: Taskbar. Work on multiple forms at the same time! NEW: Thumb rating Field NEW: Smiley rating Field NEW: Star rating field with icons and not images. NEW: Tags input Field. Good for replacing comma-separated fields NEW: Color picker Field.  NEW: Preset fields NEW: Paragraph form element (HTML enabled) NEW: Divider form element NEW: Field replication by the user. Allows users to replicate a field to enter more of the same thing like, names of attendants, etc NEW: Signature field (requires Digital signature for NEX-Forms) Signatures are sent in your emails and saved in your received form data. NEW: Multi-Step settings. Switch between steps to focus your step design. NEW: Full-screen mode.  NEW: Preferences. Setup your default field layouts, email setup, validation messages, and other overall settings. NEW: Notification history. NEW: Custom admin Layout. Create your own admin layouts that work best for you to create your forms. NEW: Preset admin layouts. NEW: Export forms. Forms are exported entirely with everything from conditional logic to email setup and not just the form HTML. This can also now be done from a Form menu. NEW: Import Forms. Import the form entirely as per export. Not just the form HTML NEW: Dynamic hidden fields. Now you can add server variables to hidden fields. NEW: Overall field settings. NEW: Maximum and minimum values for text fields and text areas NEW: Form Validation redesign.  NEW: Grid settings Hope that is all of it <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" /> 

NEX Forms v5.3

 FIX: WordPress 4.5 compatibility 

NEX Forms v5.2

 FIX: NaN in email headings  FIX: Decimals with math logic problem  FIX: Emailer problems FIX: #### Displaying after form submissions  FIX: Popup bottom position problem  FIX: Conditional logic save and recall  FIX: PayPal items save and recall  FIX: All Global settings  FIX: Various styling conflicts with some specific themes NEW: Language settings for Image uploader  NEW: Math logic field (pre-populated math result tag)  ENHANCEMENT: Auto close sticky form when another sticky form opens 

NEX Forms v5.1

 FIX: The word "Array" displaying in emails  FIX: Export to CSV headings (comma problem) FIX: Multi-step next and prev buttons  ADDED: Show/hide panels, html, paragraphs and headings with conditional logic  ADDED: Tags/value placeholders for emails  ADDED: New rich text editor for emails  ENHANCED: Namespaced AJAX calls to avoid 3rd party conflict. 

NEX Forms v5

 NEW: Total redesign of the backend NEW: Total Code re-write. This optimisation of code increased load speed to under 1.5 sec! NEW: Conditional logic. All new conditional logic enables you to have unlimited rules and each rule to have multiple conditions and actions. Logic is not set per field as in old versions but per form! NEW: Color pickers. Easily set colors with the new color picker with new features like opacity! 

NEX Forms v4.6.1

 FIX: Scrolling problem FIX: Height Problem with Multi-Steps FIX: Array problem with CSV exports FIX: wp_scripts error FIX: z-index issue with color setting for spinner fields ADDED: Ability to use placeholders in from address (reply-to address) 

NEX Forms v4.6

 NEW: 75 Animations for form elements! NEW: Auto-fill fields from POST and GET NEW: Set field Id's NEW: Date file placeholder setting FIX: Multi-step issues FIX: Problems with autoresponder on some specific servers FIX: Various small issues 

NEX Forms v4.5

 ADDED: New API mail method. This is a guarantied method to ensure mailing.   ADDED: New security measures throughout NEX-Forms for your ongoing full protection. 

NEX Forms v4.4

 READDED: WP Mail method for outgoing admin and confirmation mail  READDED: Normal PHP Mail method for outgoing admin and confirmation mail  NEW: Zero conflict admin panel. Script and styles from 3rd party plugin and themes will never again affect NEX-Forms admin panel!!!  NEW: WordPress Admin colors are adapted by NEX-Forms admin panel to fit your chosen color scheme for that personal touch.  FIXED: Emailing problems with some selective servers 

NEX Forms v4.3

 NEW: Import and Export Forms NEW: PayPal Add-on compatibility 

NEX Forms v4.2

 FIXED: Various JavaScript issues FIXED: Overall Styling Issues FIXED: Recall settings for form fields FIXED: Export to CSV FIXED: Form saving issues FIXED: Not able to edit field FIXED: Not able to delete a field FIXED: Not able to change default select option FIXED: Admin menu display problems FIXED: JavaScript bug with modernizer.js ENHANCEMENT: Form field validation has been redone. ENHANCED: Made admin interface responsive (scalable) to even use with a Tablet ENHANCED: Overall speed and performance ADDED: Preset fields with preset validation. Build a contact form literately under 10 seconds! ADDED: New overall styling settings for field inputs 

NEX Forms v4

 ENHANCED: Overall redesign and reprogramming NEW: Math Logic NEW: Material Design Fields with different effects NEW: Classic Fields NEW: Overall Styling NEW: Add custom CSS NEW: Rich text editor for admin and user emails (TinyMCE) NEW: Customize admin email NEW: Placeholders for server data in user and admin emails NEW: Save Forms as templates for re-use NEW: Show/hide panel headings NEW: Resize grid system (using bootstrap grid) NEW: Resize field label and input containers (using bootstrap grid) NEW: Start a new form instantly, no need to create it before you can add fields. NEW: Live documentation from the nex-forms admin page 

NEX Forms v3.4

 FIXED: HTTPS problem with loading styles and scripts  FIXED: UTF-8 issue with mail methods that sent garbage characters in autoresponder emails and admin emails FIXED: Autoresponder not retrieving saved data ADDED: Password Field ADDED: Date format settings for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field) ADDED: Language selection for date-picker (save form or preview to see the effect on the field) ADDED: Ability to have same name labels but different field names vie new field name setting ENHANCED: Conditional logic. Panel/grid selection is now possible as well as single field selection for targeting 

NEX Forms v3.3

 NEW FEATURE: Export to PDF via new add-on FIXED: Saving new form issue FIXED: Saving Autoresponder issue 

NEX Forms v3.2

 NEW MAIN FEATURE: Sticky Forms - Add sticky paddels to hide and show forms (top, left, right and bottom) Found in widgets section. NEW MAIN FEATURE: Thumbs Single Selection Field - Add images (ie: product) to be used to select in a form. NEW MAIN FEATURE: Thumbs Multi Selection Field - Choose more than one thumbnail selection. NEW MAIN FEATURE: Email Setup - Configure emailing with SMTP, PHP Mailer, WordPress Mailer or straight PHP mailing function. SMTP includes optional authentication settings NEW MAIN FEATURE: Form entries page - View and export all form entries from all forms NEW MAIN FEATURE: Global settings page - Configure various settings NEW FEATURE: Add unlimited hidden fields NEW FEATURE: Custom form action or ajax NEW FEATURE: Custom form method NEW FEATURE: Javascript Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue scripts in case of javascript conflict with 3rd party plugins or themes. NEW FEATURE: Styling Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue styles in case of display interference from 3rd party plugins or themes. NEW FEATURE: Admin Config - Includes settings involving nex-forms admin inclusions like widgets NEW FEATURE: Form duplication with a single click NEW FEATURE: Popup forms for widgets NEW FEATURE: Popup forms button color selection (bootstrap style) NEW FEATURE: Forms selection for view and export NEW FEATURE: Ajax pagination for Form entries NEW FEATURE: Ajax Column sorting for form entries ADDED: Date Time display for forms entries - Shows date and time the form was submitted ADDED: User field for form entries - show the username if logged in when completing a form ADDED: User IP field for form entries - Shows IP address ADDED: Page field for form entries - Shows where the form was submitted from ADDED: Form name field for form entries - Shows the form name that was submitted ADDED: Bath delete form entries ADDED: Modal popup display for form entry data ADDED: Tabbed selection for settings ADDED: Ajax saving for global settings ADDED: Thumb Size selection ADDED: Icon selection for thumb selection ADDED: Column selection for thumbs display ADDED: Drag Handel to field on form canvas FIXED: Popup displaying when tabbing on none required fields FIXED: Overall grid-style display ENHANCED: Optimised DOM to make use of minimum output ENHANCED: Optimised scripts and styles for page load performance ENHANCED: Page load - YSlow raking = 89/100 with 10+ forms on a single page!, YSlow raking = 94/100 with 1 form on a page!! ENHANCED: Admin load speed - no external calls are made 

NEX Forms v3.1

 ADDED: Custom Background image up-loader for form fields and bootstrap panels ADDED: Background settings: background-position, background-size, background-repeat ADDED: Instant preview for form themes add-on to try before buy ADDED: NEW HTML Field - Embed HTML into forms ENHANCED: Back-end usability with a few styling changes ENHANCED: Overall speed and performance and CSS.  FIXED: Multi-step forms functionality - next and previous buttons that sometimes skipped steps FIXED: Multi-step forms styling - next and previous buttons that were vertically offline FIXED: Auto-populate countries, USA states, and languages FIXED: Auto-populate allowed file type extensions for file up-loaders FIXED: Grid styling when it comes to panels, steps, and extreme nesting FIXED: Label to top (bootstrap class col-sm-12 not col-sm-10) FIXED: Checkbox issue only submitting one value instead of an array FIXED: Some styling interference from themes 

NEX Forms v3.0.1

 FIXED: Default bootstrap styling issue regarding grids 

NEX Forms v3.0

 FIXED: "Form title can not be empty" bug FIXED: Overcome styling interference from themes FIXED: Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibility ENHANCEMENT: Overall performance ENHANCEMENT: Added compatibility backbone for "Form Themes for NEX-Forms" add-on REMOVED: Splash screen...load time is fast enough now so no need for this NOTE: Skipped to version 3 from 2.4 as NEX-Forms is in a new era now with add-on capability 

NEX Forms v2.4

 FIXED:  Form entries CSV export path 

NEX Forms v2.3

 FIXED: Styling compatibility issues relating to a few reported themes FIXED: a few JavaScript compatibility issues regarding a few themes 

NEX Forms v2.2

 FIXED: AJAX URL for form submissions FIXED: a few JavaScript compatibility issues relating to a few reported themes 

NEX Forms v2.1

 ENHANCEMENT: Complete re-write of AJAX form submissions. ENHANCEMENT: Form preview. ENHANCEMENT: More code optimization to increase performance ADDED: Multiple forms on a single page/post 

NEX Forms v2.0

 ENHANCEMENT: Includes a complete redesign of the back-end to increase usability ENHANCEMENT: Overall code optimization to increase performance ENHANCEMENT: Reduced plugin with more then a 3rd of version 1.2 making it feature-packed and yet light ENHANCEMENT: Increased form load speed to be exponentially faster by rewriting user interface output ADDED: Module popups for forms ADDED: Multistep Forms and extra button control ADDED: All new form manager to enhance user control over existing and new forms ADDED: Field filters to ensure quick access to all fields FIXED: Some JavaScript validation issues FIXED: Reported back-end bugs FIXED: Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibility FIXED: Numerous small JS issues FIXED: Numerous small styling issues 

NEX Forms v1.2

 FIXED: UTF8 Character encoding in emails FIXED: Java-script validation issues FIXED: Styling issues relating to ensure overall theme compatibility ADDED: Extra control over field editing and deletion 

NEX Forms v1.1

 ADDED: New Feature - Conditional Logic FIXED: Back-end styling issues 

NEX Forms v1.0.6

 Fixed: WordPress version 3.9 "insert into post" problem 

NEX Forms v1.0.5

 Fixed: Auto-responder single line placeholders 

NEX Forms v1.0.4

 Fixed: Styling issues in chrome/web-kit. All Cross browser styling now resolved! 

NEX Forms v1.0.3

 Fixed: Front end compatibility issues. forms are now not affected and do not affect any other styling on themes) Fixed: Email autoresponder problems Fixed: Back-end icons not showing Added: Email Attachments: File uploads are now sent as attachments Added: Default admin email: Specified email addresses receive a default email containing all form values as well as the attachments. Added: Redirect to URL after form submission. Display message or redirect to a thank you page  (submission are saved and emails are sent either way) Enhanced: User Confirmation mails to be sent to users after completing the form Enhanced: Overall back-end details. 

NEX Forms v1.0.2

 Fixed: Safari compatibility issues Fixed: Form visibility (in some cases did not display in relation to form animations) 

NEX Forms v1.0.1

Fixed: Styling issues Fixed: Check boxes (back-end) Fixed: Multi-select (back-end) Enhanced: Admin panel responsiveness 

NEX Forms v1.0

First release 



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